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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October gardens and delight in the small things.

It is good to walk into the gardens after being away at shows.Even after 3 weeks of neglect, they reward me with their stalwart stalks topped with jolly petals

 and unexpected colors for this time of year. I think the butterfly is an American Painted Lady...don't you love that?

 This fellow was nearly thrown away with the weeds, but I saw him just in time. 
 He will be quite stunning in a few weeks. I believe it is a Swallowtail?
The last of the berries!

I am delighted with this Lavender, named "Phenomenal". These 5 plants are the only variety that survived this year, 20 other Lavenders expired. I will never, ever plant any variety other than "Phenomenal" again.

The potted succulents had a revival this year, I really thought they were goners after last winter.I find cacti and succulents to be the comical characters of the plant world. 

They just make you smile. Look at all that personality!

We are thrilled over something you may find silly...but.. we actually have a new grocery store in our area.  I've been here 25 years and the only "stores" we had were 2 tiny, expensive grocers on either end of this old town. To purchase food, we traveled to Knoxville 45 miles from here.
But wowie! A BIG, NEW, REAL grocery store opened, a mere 12 miles away, yet still in the countryside. Hurrah! It has  a deli, a bakery, a flower shop and a pharmacy, HA CHA! We're like real city folk now...only not.  There was an enormous American Flag flying outside the store, which I loved.
 (I never dreamed I would be photographing a grocery store, how weird.)
 In celebration of their opening we purchased from them,  12 Autumn Bloomers, MUMS, to plant along the walkway in the front yard garden border. 
The store had a special deal for $3 a pot, really nice plants.
Normally, I don't care for orange, hot pink or red flowers, but.....
Mums are pretty common, and nothing bursts into bloom better in the Fall of the year than these boisterous ladies... and in the Spring, they return!

 Another silly delight I found was an ugly $10 quilt, whilst antiquing in Indiana. I can't show you the complete quilt, because as soon as I got to the hotel, I cut it to bits.
 Here is why: it was fashioned of 10" squares of Antique upholstery fabric and velvet. I thoroughly washed the bits and dried them on the clothesline when we got home.
 This vintage fabric has just the right look to create pincushions...

 You see, it has already been turned into a lumpy pumpkin! 

This wonderful fabric will also provide many little vests, topcoats and trousers for  my Hopalong Hollowfolk.
My next critter will be Sir Percival, from my illustration in "The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom"
His jacket may have to be orange velvet instead of red.
I will need to find some PAISLEY fabric for his pants.
 Firstly, must finish this little squirrel lady...she needs stitching on paws and a tail.
 .I REALLY like her.
PLease Meet:

Thank you Debra, for the darling little acorns at her feet!
 Till next time,
 Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri


  1. JERI LANDERS! How are ya?????? So fantastic to be here and share the joy with you! First of all, I have another question for you, my country lovin' friend! I purchased for the first time, some mums. They were not yet open, and I expected them to open after a few days. THEY STILL are closed up! I have been watering them, they are getting the care I think they need. What's up with that?

    NOW.....that fabric. You are genius. The texture of older fabric is just what your critters need to give them even more of an old, authentic feel and character. What better way than to take an old quilt???? LOVE IT! Again, your world enchants me, whisks me away. And I hear ya about the new grocery store. After leaving Los Angeles now 30 years ago, when we first moved to the North Shore of Boston, I thought I had landed in some far off land. I had to drive miles through unlit backroads just to go to the market which was far, expensive and understocked! We've been back to that area ever since we moved here to Minneapolis, and they finally have a "proper" supermarket!

    Enjoy this lovely fall day.

    1. Anita! Good to see you here, my blog post was not showing up on the reading list and I didn't think anyone would even see it. Your question on the mums, give them time, they will all open up bit by bit, the blooms will stay a long time and you won't believe how FULL of flowers that plant will be... but don't over water them, once a week should be enough.

  2. What another great post from you dear Jeri. What a great find in that quilt and the many ways in which you will use the squares.

    I'd have a hard time getting rid of Millicent too. All of your created critters are dear.

    Congrats on the new grocery store, it will make your life easier.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

    1. RAINEY, I love my new grocery store.... silly but true.

  3. Greetings dear friend,

    I have never seen this variety of lavender here...(Phenomenal) I must see if it is available. What color are the blooms? I saw a new variety here that actually had pink blooms.. That sure was a surprise..
    Lavender has always been one of my favorites, but have had such a time growing them in this area.. It is so blasted hot, you think they would love it..

    Love your find of fabric. Yes, it will make beautiful clothes... I can see why you intend on keeping Millicent. She is extraordinary...And I am excited to see your next piece, Sir Percival.
    Your Shasta Daisies look so lovely... And I am so happy you now have a grocery store close by..That will be a real time saver.

    1. Hi Penny, The lavender blooms are indeed Lavender colored. Those plants were only 5" tall in the spring, they are amazingly lush and full. We get so much rain and humidity here, this plant seems to be bred for just such conditions.

  4. The pin cushion is gorgeous! Aprons are also a good source for vintage fabrics.
    I love seeing the change of seasons in your gardens as well as the changing blog banners.

    1. I never thought of using old aprons, the fabric would be so soft...great idea.

  5. Can you send me an email at - info@paracletedesigns.com. I would like to talk further about fabric as I believe I have some that needs to reside in your studio!!

  6. Jeri, welcome back home and congratulations on getting a grocery store. I don't think it silly at all to be happy about that! A grocery store that we used to walk to closed this week ---nice for exercise to pick up a few things we could carry. Oh well we will have to get into the car for grocery shopping for a few items from now on. Your mums are going to be lovely when all ablaze in color soon. What a lovely basket weave brick patterned walkway. And a great pin cushion you have made from that fabic and of course your critters are charming in every way. ♥

  7. Only you would look at a quilt and see pincushions!
    I can see why you are thrilled with your new store, we have shops a plenty but I envy you your space.

  8. Jeri, grand to see that your garden gave you a beautiful, flowerful welcome home, with butterflies on the side.

    You've a very good eye for finding antique items that others might pass on by. That quilt has much treasure in its squares. Your little creations are going to be very elegantly clad.

    And...the punkin pin cushion is a winner, too.

    Hoping you are also getting a bit of rest after your traveling. xo

  9. Wooow ! Millicent, you are a so cute lady squirrel ! What pretty flowers in your garden, Jeri ! Nimble fingers you have ! I like your pumpkin pin cushion, I love Autumn and I like cucurbits, not only are they beautiful, but we can believe they come from the land of fairy tales, ah Fall !

  10. it is so lovely to see your garden and every thing blooming.
    we are far past that season here with leaves falling and colors galore.
    your little squirrel is adorable as is your painting.
    the mums look gorgeous planted there, so nice that they come back, i wonder if they would here in snow country.
    i planted a Phenomenal this year, it barely grew, same with my other tiny lavenders. I suppose i do not have it all right yet. I will dig them up next year and try to do better by them.
    sweet autumn to you and congrats on the grocery store.

  11. I always LOVE LOVE my visits to your blog! SO glad you like the acorns too....Your lovely gardens are an inspiration, really! I love your new sweet furry 'person.' I am making some foxes too. Sorry for the random comments here! Glad about your new store!

  12. Thanks for another fun-filled visit to Hopalong Hollow! The hollow looks wonderful all dressed up with mums for fall. I have taken note of Phenomenal, for my lavenders never make it through the summer. Miss Millicent is quite dear...hopefully, she will be kind enough to show the sly Sir Percival around the hollow :~/

  13. Your flowers always looks so lovely. With the drought we experienced a lot of my plants had a hard time. Great idea with the old quilt. I don't mind cutting up the ones that are too far gone or are just ugly. I know what you mean about the grocery. That was one of the hardest things for me when I moved to this area. Thankfully there is a decent one now!


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