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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dashing through September....loving acorns

  We have been so busy I've barely had time to count the acorns that are now dropping from our huge Oaks.  We have three shows in a row; We're off to Indiana tomorrow for show #2, home 3 days, and then on to Louisville for another 3 day show.
Therefore, due to lack of time and In honor of my favorite little nut, I re-post one of my favorite writings from a post I did in 2011...

There is just something about those little acorns that drives me nuts! I love them. When I stroll through the woods, instead of enjoying the towering trees adorned in their Autumnal filigree of  brazen reds, bronzes and coppers,    my eyes are scouring the ground, searching for ACORNS.
What a happy little nut is the acorn! Why does it appear so jolly? WHY are there acorn images all over my house?!!!

 I feel inspired.....
to honor the ACORN.

Ode to an Acorn
(Humor intended)

How do I love thee, little acorn?

 Let me count the ways,

I love thee on teapots,


 I love thee
Acorn finial,
Inside the potting shed,

 I love thy perky patterned cap
Atop your acorn head.

From the artists perspective
the acorn is respected,
(While  walnuts and filberts  are woefully neglected.)
Of all those in the nut world, 
Tis the acorn most adored 
While peanuts and cashews are vehemently ignored!
Indeed little acorn,
all artists sing your praises,

The potter takes his sculpting tool to carve your little faces .

Your image has been cast..
in IRON,


and WOOD

An even cast in concrete,

In paint, clay, or stonework,
No nut doth compare.
To the innocent acorn,
 So charming and fair.
And though, to the human,
  Your taste is quite bitter,
Just the mention
of your name,
Makes tree-folk twirp and twitter!

In acorn stews, and muffins too, 
No ordinary nut will do.
Acorn souffle, acorn pie
Acorns piled way up high!!!

For breakfast, supper and afternoon tea,
scouring the grounds neath the old Oak tree,
They gather you acorns three by three
and stash you like gold,
or honey to the bee.

And so, humble nut,

So tried and true

From the depths of my heart...
 I honor you.
(Okay, so it's not Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Shakespeare..... but it's REALLY, REALLY close.)



  1. What a great post!

    Hope your next show will be good, can't believe three in a row. WOW!

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. you sure are busy! i have always loved acorns! they are like natures jewelry.

  3. I wish you a wonderful Autumn, Jeri, Very beautiful, your ode to the acorn.
    I like so much the acorns, they are simply beautiful, and a symbol of Autumn...Like you, I search acorns in the countryside...

  4. Bonjour,

    Un bel hommage aux petits glands !... En ce moment ils tombent sur le toit de mon atelier ! Ils attirent de nombreux écureuils. Je les aperçois du coin de ma fenêtre...

    Très très jolies photos.
    Je vous souhaite un bel automne.

    Gros bisous ❀

  5. teeeheee......teeeeeheeeeee

    OH that was FANTASTIC! BRAVO! Well, I know a chubby little squirrel and his entourage here in my yard who is singing your praises, Jeri! YEP, good old HO CHUNK our resident squirrel has been gorging on something....not sure what it is but it's a round, green thing that he cracks open for the meat inside. He has left PILES of numerous of these things on our doorstep! I watched him one day eat copious amounts and then laid down with his muzzle all stained...and as he laid there, he looked sick and had the expression as, "I overdid it!" teeeee


    1. Holy Cow, lady, I tried to pop in on your and KaZAMM...you are gone! I have a hard time keeping up on everyone with all the traveling we are doing and this came as quite a shock, I will email you.

  6. Very nice!
    A vintage silver plated pattern fork I found years ago has an ornate acorn design. Its packed away. When I find it, I'll send you a photo.

  7. I am another acorn fan...these little bits of natural beauty have inspired so many artists over the years. And still do. xo

  8. I love them too, and I also would rather look at the ground to find little things to 'pack rat' home with me! I have some old, old wooden and tin acorns-they are life sized. I can't imagine what they were for-just decoration? They are strung on a wire. I'd be happy to send them to you if I can find them in my nest here....send me your address in a comment I will not publish. If I can't find them, I'll let you know....

  9. P.S. I found them! I forgot to say how much I loved your ode to the acorn. And I would be honored to send you these little treasures-they belong with a collector who will love them! there's 6 of them and they look quite old.

  10. Dear Jeri,
    You can never have enough acorns! I love this post... And to think such a tiny nut can be an inspiration for such beautiful artwork.

    I viewed Beverly's post and there you both were! How nice to be able to meet face to face.
    I see you had a very good show.. Oh happy day!
    Wishing you the best on your 2nd show, and safe travels.

  11. Well, i'd say you give Elizabeth and William a good run for their money and they didn't even have illustrations to go along with their offerings.

    I have a collection of acorns that I squirreled away a couple of years ago to use to make a candle ring. Now I just have to find the ring that I covered with spanish moss to use as a base for the acorns and then ran out of steam on the acorn part. Story of my life!

    A number of years ago I had picked up black walnuts to use to make dye from the hulls. So there they were sitting in the garage. Not too long after, I noticed a squirrel going back and forth, back and forth from the drive way area to the maple tree in front of my window and so I went outside to see what was going on. Sure enough he had found my loot and thought that he had found the mother lode and was taking full advantage of his opportunity to cash in.

    1. Good story Vic, those little squirrels know a good deal when they see it!

  12. Jeri-I got your address-thank you! You may be disappointed by what I am sending you-I think it's a wooden nut with a gold colored tin cap-but they are surely acorns. And they are very old. I found them in some old things I got from my grandparents. Will send them out this week.... :)

  13. Hi Jeri,
    Did you make a quick stop at home before the next show? I hope it went well for you.
    My you have been a busy lady!
    It was so nice to see you had come for a visit... I did not expect to see you for a while with all the show sacked one after another... Thank you, dear friend.

    To answer your question about the drawing...I used pencil... I am so happy you enjoyed it.
    Your friend always,

    1. Yes, its been a busy busy month, just had 3 days at home and now we are off again in the morning!

  14. Hello Jeri, I am enjoying seeing all the Autumn treasures in your home. I see you love acorns, me too! That wood piece with the carved acorns is beautiful.

    Thank you for your thoughts on my pet peeves post. It's nice to hear some the pet peeves that my blog friends have so we can learn from one another. What I was talking about the comments was..........there are some blogs that I visit regularly and comment, and they don't ever return the favor and visit or comment. It just gets a bit annoying. It was interesting to hear about someone putting your blog on their side bar and taking it off again. The only time I've ever done that was when they haven't posted for months, so it seems they're not blogging any more, and I want to put someone else on there that posts frequently. Anyways, thanks again, for joining in on the conversation. I appreciate it. You have such a delightful blog.


    1. Sheri, I understand what you mean, same thing here. I hope I am not guilty of that myself.

  15. Oh how I loved the Ode to the Acorn Post!!! All the acorn imagery is just so desirable!! You have some of the neatest acorn stuff!!
    I know what you mean about being attracted to the nature's floor, and I think that there are probably acorns in every coat pocket I own!! Hee!! (And there are probably some hickory and chestnuts in there too)!!
    sending love to the Hollow, Linnie

  16. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you for visiting Milo...He was a joy to create.
    Funny how our tastes change... You tossed the candy corn out of your bag as a child, and I loved candy corn as a child, now, not so crazy about it.
    Have a great week Jeri.


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