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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bring out the power tools...

Part 1 
Your ever changing Garden
There is a constant and amazing metamorphosis taking place in yours and my garden, each and every day.

We are treated to a changing palette of color and form each week. In fact, you must keep on your toes in case you miss something; the little pink primroses that were here last week, may have completely gone to seed this week. The Peonies that burst into an exuberant mass of bloom will soon be dropping their sweet scented petals all over the tiny Dianthus that have just begun to open  up in 20 shades of pink. And best enjoy the foxglove  whilst they last, they are fleeting beauties.
 It is all so exciting!
Part 2
Power tools; Building something COOL
This week, I put away my needles, wool and thread and pulled out my wood and power tools. I am a woman with a mission.
This is an old nesting box that has been up in our barn for ages. 
I am going to reinvent it  
  I started by turning the 4 compartments into 8 compartments, adding a shelf in the center of each.
Each section is a spacious 10'x10' and the interior is re-painted white.
 Next, I cut piece a of wood to enclose the front completely.
  Using my Bosche jigsaw I cut doorways, 8 of them.
I sanded all round each doorway, giving it a smooth surface and a bit of age.
Next, I made little corbels and "porches" for each doorway;
painted them and securely screwed corbel to porch. (  I put to use James's flea market find, the antique vice!)
   Somehow, I ended up with 2 extra corbels, I will keep them...just in case.
After painting the front GREEN< my best color, I attached the landing porches beneath each door. By now I am sure you know this has something to do with a rather large bird.
 Green paint... a red tin roof, a bit of trim...
 It is not the most elegant DOVECOTE,
 in fact it is a plain Jane,
 but my carpentry skills are quite limited AND
 there IS a method to my madness...
 Remember this from 2 weeks ago?
James built it for me, and I asked my readers to guess it's purpose.
He needs only to roof it.
 The English Reed thatch, (underneath Aretha and the bee hive roofing),
will be layered on the roof. James will add 3 shelves beneath the roof.
My Dovecote will be on the top shelf right beneath the eaves....nice perching areas for these:
Adult morning doves - they like the bird seed in the pan on the ground but I've seen them at the feeder, too 
 (Photo courtesy of Pinterest)
 It is my fondest wish that the Mourning Doves that visit our place will use these apartments to nest.
(I just changed the White paint on the trim and porches to "Belgium Waffle" it is more of a cream color.)
Tomorrow, I am building the item that goes on the second shelf.
When it all comes together, you will know why I made such a simple Dovecote.
 Until then, happy Gardens to you!

 Here is a nice article that was written about me this week in a Pennsylvania Gazette:


  1. Oh, now I'm excited to see if your doves move in. I love them, too, and would be so happy to see a baby Mourning Dove. Nice to see Aretha. Give her a hug for me. Deb

  2. Jeri, I loved reading the article because I learned even more about you and your amazing projects in progress. The Dovecote will be a wonderful addition to your garden. I'm eager to see just how many mourning doves you attract. I know we have them on our property because I hear their plaintive call.

  3. Oh Jeri, I love your new dovecote and the project you and James have been working on. Can't wait to see it finished. I didn't know about the illustrator you mentioned, Anton Pieck and after seeing some of his work, I definitely see how his work has influenced yours.

    Sweet Aretha - is she by chance named after my favorite female singer, Aretha Franklin? I myself have a 1950 Nash Metropolitan convertible named Aretha. She has substantial round curves, just like Aretha Franklin and she makes beautiful music too when I drive her around.

    I look forward to your posts more than any other blog I read. Just this moment as I type, there is the tiniest little winged insect (looks like a wee housefly only about 1/8" long) sitting on my screen watching me type. I think he enjoys your posts and artwork too!

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

    1. Indeed Diane, my kitty is named after THE Aretha. Your car sounds great! I witnessed a swarming of termites today,thousands of them flying from an old log...I was relieved they weren't coming from our house.

  4. Jeri, your dovecote is charming. I'm sure all the mourning doves in your area will want to lease there. We always have them here, but no fancy digs for them. We had a nest once in a coco basket lined planter. They hatched 2 doves that grew at an enormously fast rate. What a nice article about you. I enjoyed learning more about you! ♥

  5. I can hardly wait to see this all put together. Your skills are certainly more than rudimentary. Power tools really scare me and I give them a wide berth.

    Your garden is looking lovely. It is amazing how quickly things come and go and it's hard not to wish that some would linger just a little bit longer.

    1. Vic, My power tools are on the smaller scale than husbands, I even have a mini circular saw. I leave the major jobs to James, there are certain tools I find very intimidating.

  6. Oh Jeri, I am green with envy. I have always wanted a dovecot. And, that it is so cool and you made it yourself. What more can a gal want. Can't wait to see it in all its glory. That was a good article too, though I doubt you have to sell yourself much. Your art sells itself.

  7. Good morning dear Jeri ~ Power tools, scare me. Hubby used them, so I didn't have to, now I'd like to know how and not be afraid.

    I love your dovecote and if I was a dove I'd want to move right in. You did a wonderful job with it. It looks perfect for Hopalong Hollow.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the article about you. You keep inspiring me and I am thankful for you.

    I have all three of your books and my favorite is 'Mamsey Bear and Mopkin'. :-)

    Happy Living at Hopalong Hollow ~ FlowerLady

  8. Do you know what I look like right now? My mouth is hanging wide open in YET MORE AMAZEMENT at your skills, MISS JERI LANDERS! I WANT ! I WANT! I love it. You and I both are women on a mission! OK, first of all, that you even feel comfortable with a saw as such is impressive enough, but to stick to the task of creating each little corbel! And the result is a stunning town house for these precious friends. Jeri, this is wonderful!

    YOU have much to do. And yes, our gardens are so delightful! Every late winter I gringe when I see my beloved boxwood hedges a bit tattered with a little brown. But sure enough by now (oh you should see them), they are puffy, fat, feathery neon green balls of delight. And our ramblin' red rose climber is PROLIFIC and we only planted it in late April!

    The garden has many surprises for us, and WE too have many surprises for it. Our little wren is loving her birdhouse and she sings every day for me. She either sits in the house and pokes her little head out the hole, or sits on the top of the wooden gate Ruben made. I feel as if I have a pet bird, but we have the best of both worlds. I can enjoy her without constraining her to a cage. She can view me going in and out from under HER arbor!

    Oh Jeri, YOU ROCK THE GARDEN!!!!! Anita

  9. your carpentry skills are better than mine! i can't wait to see this completed! i have lots of morning doves here.

  10. If those mourning doves have any sense of beauty at all, they'll move into the apartments you created for them. They're wonderful! And I'm enjoying looking around your blog. What fun and a delight! Following along now.

    1. Thank you for becoming an Honorary Rabbit-folk. I find your blog very interesting and am following along with you as well.

  11. Jeri, your Dovecot is very charming indeed! I am sure all the rooms will be occupied at once.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the completion of the projects.
    I really like your jigsaw, very slimline compared to mine... You really did a great job, and I love the colors..
    Really enjoyed the article about you in the Pennsylvania Gazette , and great photo too Jeri. How wonderful..
    My roses are looking a little sad right now... Water restrictions and heat are not a good mix,
    but I think they will be ok. Your garden looks beautiful!

  12. Dear Jeri,

    What a great way to repurpose something, and what a blessing you are to the doves! I do hope they move in, too, they're such beautiful creatures.

    I always love coming to visit and seeing what you and your garden are up to; it's such a nice escape!



  13. I LOVE your blog! It's always such a happy place to visit:) I'm constantly amazed by all of your talents. Not only are your illustrations beautiful, your garden stunning, your animals charming both the real and the ones you make, your blog is a visual delight.

    Thanks for making such a great place to visit.


    1. Laurie, Thank you for such warm compliments!

  14. Wow, you are talented with power tools as well. Beautiful dovecote. Wishing doves many happy nesting days!

  15. Doves will flock to such a lovely home!!!

  16. Jeri, I think that your woodworking skills are very impressive! It's great to see how you went about transforming one facilty into another. I do imagine that lots of doves will be gliding in soon.


  17. NOW THAT is just TOOOOOOO COOOOOL!!!!! Soooooo cooool!!!! I LOVE to see this and am sooo very excited for what you are doing!!! (My jaw is in awe) !!!
    I have been missing out on lots and lots of good good stuff!!!.....wow love the way the dove cove looks, everything every detail!! :-D
    Going to read the article now and the catch up!!!
    xxo Linnie
    "Help I've fallen in the garden and can't get up" !! ;-)

  18. I so enjoyed the paper write up !!! :-D

    1. PS That is a very beautiful photo of you in the article! :-)

  19. Gotta love a woman that knows power tools! Very nice!

  20. Very clever! Any doves moved in yet? We have so many doves where I am right now, and I always hear them cooing. :)


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