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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Greetings and a hearty honk honk from the Hollow!

Hello from the Hollow, I've had a hectic 2 months!
By now, the Country Living Fair and the Fiber fest are behind me, and I can relax a little. Well, if you can call it relaxing to pull weeds, haul stones, plant trees and lay walkways. I can!
Firstly, the Fair was GREAT, AFTER the threat of tornadoes passed!
 I met a few blog readers who were kind enough to make themselves  known to me and we sold plenty of art, books and  oh dear... Fuzzyfoots and Featherweights.
Many little folks found new homes... I will miss them! A few larger Fuzzyfoots departed and All but 2 of the smaller buns were adopted.
I worked on these 2 ladies in the hotel room as they were not quite together; needing a stitch here, a button there, and whisker or two.
I knew they were being adopted on Sunday at the Fair and wanted them to look their best.
Their new mommies were pleased to meet them!
I know they will be well cared for and loved.
 There were little people on every shelf and table, this table was packed tight, but thinned out quite a bit Not everyone found a new home, but that is fine by me...
I just get to keep them longer.
 When we arrived home, the gardens were bursting at the seams!
 This section of the  potager is going strong, just look at those marvelous colors.

The "Goat garden" which I completely renewed last summer is coming into it's own,
The side garden is beginning to flourish, even the slope plants are about a foot tall already, as are some weeds; I know what I will be doing this week...
 Mathilda the goose is sitting on her (and her best friend Alice's) NINE eggs. She has nested in this corner in the Potager, right off the walkway, where she is disturbed daily by any number of strolling ducks, dogs and chickens. She chose a busy thoroughfare, I'm afraid.
The lovely Hettie Pepper has chosen a nest as well, as I discovered 2 of her eggs in this garden,
Ouside my potting shed... which is now a small Mercantile.
 Can't wait to show you what I have done inside this little building.
  On a more solemn  note, I would like to pay tribute to my dear little friend, Peepers, who quietly passed away last week.  
I painted her portrait when she was 3yrs old, giving her a tail she never had. For she was born without a tail as were 7 of her kittens.

  No condolences are necessary, she was lucky to die of old age, here at home, age 18yrs.  She had 2 litters and a good life here in the Hollow.
I still have 2 of her daughters, they are 16 yrs old. Cats are stoic about death, and seem to accept it quite peacefully, in fact, she was purring much throughout her last hours. We can learn much from felines.
 Good bye sweet girl.

Below is her daughter Sasha, who will be gardening with me all summer.
Since I have a good deal of time off from shows, I plan on bombarding my blog with lots of garden posts and videos, hope you'll be on board!
Until then, Cheers and Happy gardening!


  1. Oh how nice a new post. Glad to hear that your fuzzy folk were a hit, although how they could not have been was extremely unlikely. I bet they are adjusting to their new homes and fitting in just right.

    I'm looking forward to gardening posts. Spring has definitely sprung around here and you are a lot farther south than we are so I can imagine how your beds are full to overflowing. It's amazing how quickly things come up and start growing after just a few extended days of sunshine and warmth. The plants are as anxious for spring to come as the gardeners.. Except they know they are down there and the gardener, after such a hard winter, often has some doubts as to their continued existence.

    1. It always surprises me still, the way the plants just burst forth with such exuberance, It has nothing to do with our skills or lack thereof, they just do it! Ain'l it grand?!

  2. Happy gardening to you too, Jeri, Welcome home and congratulations on a great show! It must be very hard for you to adopt out your creations! Your garden is looking wonderful--and great lovely ladies have chosen interesting spots to nest! Enjoy your time at home. ♥

  3. Glad you had a GREAT show!!!

    I look forward to reading about and seeing pictures and videos of your gardens this year, and what you have done inside your little shed.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  4. It's always good to come home. Reads like it was a good sale at the fairs. I'm
    glad you got to bring a few critters back home with you though. They must have had their fingers crossed in hopes that they would not sell....hehe. Everything is looking lovely around your farm. Blessings to you and yours friend ♡

    1. I had mixed feelings about selling them, that is for certain!

  5. You have much ahead of you Jeri, even though it all look perfect already. I want to see pics someday of your booth. I'm sure it looks beautiful. Big hug to you girl.

  6. Jeri, thank you for this very full post.

    It's grand to learn about your success at the fairs. It must be quite wonderful to actually meet the folks who will be giving good homes to your creations.

    Your garden seems to be calling you now. From within my tiny apartment, I send you my wishes for wonderful gardening weather. Wish I could help you with the weeding!

    I am sorry to hear that your veteran kitty has passed away, but very much appreciate your thoughts about cats (even if I am more of a dog person) and know you and Peepers offspring have many more years to share.


  7. Lovely post! Glad your critters found good homes and you still have some to enjoy. Love seeing the gardens and nests!

  8. I'm sorry to hear of Peeper's passing. She lived a good long life there in the Hollow and I'm sure she'll missed. I think cats just don't show their feelings like dogs do.

    I'm glad your creations have found good homes. That must be gratifying. I'm looking forward to seeing inside your shed and more of your garden. It is coming along very nicely!

  9. Prayers for you loss.
    Congratulations on the success of your shows and meeting blog readers. That must have been a real treat. And your chives...Wow! They look beautiful.

  10. Bonjour,

    Je suis tout de même désolée d'apprendre la disparition de cette jolie minette Peepers.
    Elle aura eu certes une très belle vie auprès de sa fille Sasha, des paons, des oies et de tout votre joli monde animalier que vous créez.
    Votre jardin est un enchantement... J'aime les plantes aromatiques. Cette année, nous avons déplacé beaucoup de plantations autour de la piscine pour ne planter que des plantes aromatiques.

    Je suis très heureuse d'apprendre que beaucoup de vos adorables personnages aient trouvé des familles adoptives. Mes sincères félicitations et bien méritées.

    Gros bisous ♡

  11. Good evening Jeri,
    Wow oh wow! How grand all your fuzzyfoots look all gathered on the table... I am thrilled for you Jeri. I knew they would find homes... I am glad, however, that you were able to keep a few...
    I love your painting of sweet Peepers.. She certainly did have a full life..

    You have turned your potting shed into a small Mercantile ? Do tell. I can't wait to see the inside, and I absolutely love that part of your garden.. Is that Lemon Balm I see?
    I am looking forward to more of your garden videos... Don't wear yourself out now... I know how you get in the garden...
    Love and blessings,

  12. Oh Jeri, first of all, my heartfelt greetings to you on this day, somber as it may be after having lost your precious little mate! You captured her well in her portrait, and you have her daughter as a memory!

    YOU ARE as prolific as your garden! JERI LANDERS......YOU ARE unbelievable! To see all of your creations lined up in a chorus line puts things into grander perspective here. Again, I scratch my head in wonder asking, "How in thee ---- does she do it?"

    So glad to know the tornadoes passed you, happy to hear you are hauling and moving the earth as you should be, and to know you are still and always will be making a difference in peoples' (and animals!) lives. Your inspiring energy and wit, creativity and drive will always be a feature of Hopalong Hollow. And Matilda is soon to be a momma and a goosemother! theheheeheeeeee


  13. What cute little fluffs ! Really, you have nimble fingers, Jeri. And your garden is a pearl, with adorable little eggs of experctant mothers !
    I am sad for Peeppers...
    I wish you a nice afternoon, Jeri

  14. What a wonderful display of the fuzzy critters awaiting their new life of being LOVED!! Congratulations on their success!! Two very pretty ladies are now very happy with their wonderful new friends too!! I can see how hard it must have been to not just keep them all!!!

    Your garden looks WONDERFUL!! And all the good mommies, spring is a marvelous time! :-D
    We have a stub tailed kitty Mr Stubbs! RIP to your pretty Peepers, she was blessed to have lived her life with you!!
    Glad you are home safe and in your element once again! Sending warmth, and love, Linnie Lou

  15. Dear Jeri-catching up on the posts I 've missed. Your buns on the concussions were so adorable. Sounds like your sales went well. Congratulations on your successful endeavors. No question your needle felted friends would be very hard to pass by. I am sorry about Peepers. No matter what age they are-it is hard to say good bye. Will definitely be checking in to view those garden videos. Take care and do not work too hard in the garden. Hugs!

  16. so happy for you with all your market successes and great homes for your charming creations.

    your garden is bursting! wow, spring is so much slower here. plus you have moms sitting on their eggs, your family grows and one kitty leaves... life is full, rich and ever changing.

  17. Sounds like the show was a wonderful success. How could it be anything but with all those wonderful critters and art. So glad the tornadoes went away. How scary. Hugs for Peepers. What a long and happy life she had in the hollow.

  18. I knew your wonderful little creatures would be a great success! and oh my, the garden looks amazing!!! i look forward to your gardening posts every year - wishing that I could see them in person. I've realized I'm seriously a garden voyeur! lol :))))

  19. Your fuzzy folk are just adorable!

  20. Garden chores = best relaxation ever. For me too!

  21. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    Glad you had a wonderful time at the Country Living Fair in Nashville! Your booth must have been the most charming one there!!! What lovely gardens you had to return home to!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe


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