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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stone Mountain Country Living Fair!

 Just a quick post. If you are near Atlanta, Georgia, please drive a bit farther and visit the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain this weekend. This will be our 3rd Country Living Fair this year, and the closest to home... thank goodness. We are simply worn out. I will be in Booth A 198-200.
When I get home on Monday, I will do a post on that antique broom closet that I Chalk-painted and Distressed, it looks wonderfully aged in a very interesting way.
Here is a sneak peek..

And a peek of AFTER:

 I will show you how I did this, step by step.
 Till then, see you at the Fair!


  1. Good evening, JERI LANDERS! Your broom closet is looking fabulously shabby! I sure wish I could just leave the work behind and go visit your booth. One day maybe, if you are ever in a show out here in Minnesota, I will RUN OUT THERE to meet the woman behind the most intricate and enchanting illustrations. How I cherish your books dearest Jeri!

    Have a safe trip and an unforgettable fair experience! Anita

  2. Jeri, I can tell I'm going to love that broom closet. Take care and hope you have a good show. Those are hard, but I'm sure worth all the work.

  3. Have a good show dear Jeri. If I lived closer I'd go.

    Love what I see so far of your broom closet, looking forward to reading all about it when you are back to your home sweet home.

    Love and hugs ~ Rainey

  4. Dear Jeri - I can't wait to see your broom closet. In the meantime hope your Country Living Fair goes well. Maybe you can get some well deserved rest when you get back home! Hugs!

  5. I'm looking forward to the broom closet reveal, Jeri. Have a great show and hopefully followed by some needed rest. Sure wish I could meet you at Stone Mountain. Our son used to live in Atlanta and I know the area well. ♥

  6. Looks like it's gonna be good! (said in a melodic voice) :-D

  7. I came by your booth Jeri but you were really busy with some customers so I didn't want to interrupt. You have SUCH lovely creations! Hugs!

  8. Dear Jeri,

    A Country Living fair would be as much fun as a Mother Earth News fair (we just came from one!). I do wish we could get down there and meet you. Someday I won't have little ones that hate long car rides!



    p.s. Can't wait to see the broom closet creation!

  9. The texture is fantastic and that rusty knob is the perfect finishing touch!


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