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Monday, March 3, 2014

The Garden show

Oh I do love a good GARDEN SHOW!
The booths are filled with herbs, perennials and trees;
gorgeous pussy willow "whips". I was told that each  bunch of whips, if cut up and rooted properly, will yield about 75 plants.
Perennial border ideas.

 This is a lovely combination of Hydrangea and  white Canterbury Bells, and Tulips.It is a stunning idea. I'm not so sure I would "waste" my red roses by putting them in a chair seat, I would rather keep growing in the garden.
  But,  the theme of this show was wine and roses.

Fairy houses, tiny sedum and succulents are lovingly displayed to set your imagination spinning, ""Hmmm, where could I put this darling little thatched  cottage and the stone bridge and some mini creeping thyme? Along the dry creek, of course."

Angel vine? Sweet. I think it would look perfect planted in Hypertufa troughs and along a perennial flower bed, don't you?

     Some people just KNOW how to display beautifully, this is Kathy's fantastic booth full of her own delightful designs which she then has manufactured so that they are reasonably priced for anyone's pockets. We have set up across from Kathy at the Country Living Fairs and it takes her and hubby 2 days to set up their booth.

The interesting willow "hovel" was perfect to hide in.. or just quietly sit with a good garden book.
This booth was spritely and springlike. Everywhere was the scent of Hyacinths!
Is this a great basket or what??!

I had a really choice location with a lot of light and open corners.

I use antique seed boxes to display my small paper gardens

People often want to purchase my seed boxes but they are props... props are very important when setting up a pleasant booth.

We always sell more books than anything else, and that is just the way we want it.
 I didn't purchase  much, ( I'm saving my money to buy more mohair for critter making) . I only got 4 bunches of Pussy Willow to plant along the creek bank and pond.
4 different kinds here, they are so sweet. I have loved these since I was a child, but never planted them before.

The wonderful rusty birds came in all breeds! They have little screw holes so as to be attached to your  fence post or atop a gate. That's what I plan to do. I went back to buy a crow as well, but the artist had already dismantled her booth and left;  an ice storm was on the way and many left early.
 And last of all, I bought some little vintage style chick peas, covered in cotton batting and old yellow velvet, respectively.
And last but not least, fellow blogger Christie, came to visit us at the show.
Do you know Christie? If not, visit her at Grammy's House blog: christiegrammyshouse.blogspot.com
So, we had a good show! But I miss my critters when I am gone and spoil them all with tasty treats, upon arriving home. The great pyrs got turkey breasts and bones and all the barn folk got extra grain.
 I am ready do some gardening, How about you?


  1. Your booth looked awesome! You're right it's all about the props. I took my quilt charms to a show Saturday. I used an antique velvet crazy quilt. Everyone wanted it!
    Our show had a lot of early quitters due to a winter storm warning, and then it never materialized!

  2. what a loverly garden show Jeri ~ love the faerie gardens especially…your booth was beautiful! Wishing you an early Spring my Friend ~
    Blessed be,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  3. That place looks like heaven on earth to me! Everything looks so beautiful. I love how you set up your display - there's definitely an art to setting up an appealing booth..thank you for sharing these photos. I would love to go next year.

  4. What a lovely garden show ! I love yours creations, books of course, but seeds boxes and paper gardens also. This show makes me want to start buying perenials and shrubs, for shrubberies, but Spring is not here yet, I saw on TV that the U.S. still suffered a storm of cold. I love the pussy willows, it will be very nice, where you will plant them. I love hydrangeas too, I have several in the garden, blue and white.
    I wish you a nice weather, Jeri, and a nice Springtime, It's coming soon !

  5. Your garden show booths are pure magic!

  6. Good morning JERI LANDERS! WOW! Those white chairs with the red rose "seats" ARE GLORIOUS ! What a wonderful place to be, and I bet the scent of the flowers just energized you! I know they would me, because we are still having the most horrid winter ever. SO GOOD to see Kristie here! I have missed her, for she came out on the scene about 2 years ago, and I know she got busy with her illustrating and publishing. So good for her.

    You inspired, always. You look so beautiful with your long hair, and I too am letting my locks grow long...it's fun!

    Happy day my beautiful muse! Anita

  7. It looked like a ball Jeri. I loved the way your booth looked. You have nerves of steel. I'm afraid I would have spent all that I had made there. I have a little fairy village to set up for the grandkids when spring finally gets here.

  8. Hi Jeri,
    This is my kind of garden show! I sure wish I was close enough to come.. So many beautiful booths, and yours looks spectacular! your paper garden display is fantastic! I am happy to hear the show went so well.

    I really love the rusty birds, and the sweet chick peas you brought are just adorable...
    You and Christie look so beautiful, and I love the Hopalong Jack backdrop!
    Thank you for the virtual tour..

  9. your words and photos are so inspiring
    spring is around the corner
    our corner is very big
    with a fresh foot of snow
    but temps now that are melting it.... slowly
    thank you for sharing Jeri!

  10. There is a lot of beauty displayed here Jeri...
    I have not been on our blog much and I miss every one. Edie Marie has been holding down the fort one would say ...LOL...
    How are all your wonderful creatures Dearest? Mine are loving the Spring we are having...well they were up until today when it turned from 80 to right at freezing.
    With that
    I would like you to pop on over and celebrate Mardi Gras with us. It will be fun.
    Happy Mardi Gras,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  11. Absolutely love this post! I love these kinds of garden shows too. A feast for the eyes. Pussy willows remind me of when I was a child. We lived in the city and could not have pets. I would have loved to live on a farm. I used to pick pussy willows and pretend that they were my little bunny rabbits :) Thank you for sharing. Just lovely.

  12. Oh my ! looks like I would have had a field day there! Yipeee! :))))
    Always good to get back home to the furry family though! I think absence really DOES make the heart grow fonder! :))))

  13. Dear Jeri - what a beautiful garden show and your booth takes the prize in my opinion and your friend looks like such a sweetie - will visit when I am through commenting. I am so ready to garden but unlike Tenn. we are still in a deep freeze. Seeing some signs of spring though. Take care and as always I had a delightful visit.

  14. Thank you, Jeri, for all the garden show photos. We thought about going to the Maryland Garden Show last weekend, but it's a bit of a drive for us and we didn't rouse ourselves out of our late winter stupor. Now I wish we had. I could use a dose of Spring flowers and fresh air! Your booth looks filled with interesting things to look at. I like those metal birds you bought, too. Perhaps it was good I stayed home. I think I might have been in the mood to overspend.

  15. Jeri, is this what once was the antique and garden show. Oh so many years ago when I lived in Nashville it was a must to attended. I always found wonderful antique prints. I do hope you had a successful weekend. Bonnie

  16. Nice pictures. Yes I am ready to garden! We had an ice storm early this week and set us back some. But Spring will come. She's just taking her time! Have a great day.

  17. Thank you for sharing this refreshing foray into Spring, dear Jeri!
    Your booth is so beautiful...wish I could visit! :)
    Since we don't have land, only a balcony, I'd like to do a tabletop fairy garden this year...lots of pretty inspiration here...
    I have loved pussy willows since I was a child too!
    So glad for you that the show was a success...(I can imagine the amazing fragrance of the place!) The little birds and chicks you brought home are darling...
    Have a splendid weekend...time to relax a bit, yes? :)
    Hugs and blessings,
    - Irina

  18. Thanks for visit and comment Jenny. Glad you liked Beastley Hall. Your illustrations are amazing. I like the village scene at the show. You certainly have some great hobbies. The paper craft in previous post is amazing too.
    Well the kettle is on so come on over!!!

  19. Message for Dimity Dorrmouse

    Your help is needed in Nowhere... Tea Rat needs help in the kitchen!
    Love Bebe

  20. Jeri Landers and Dimity Dorrmouse! You came to the rescue in Nowhere! But Tea Rat HEARD what you said about key lime pie....that rat has very good hearing and a big belly to boot!

    Thank you also for coming by Castles. I am thrilled that I am PUBLISHED! Yay! One goal down. I had said to myself that I wanted to get published in print before I turned 60 and I made my goal 4 years early! Now to get good at it.

    How are the animals? I hope your spring is ready to hatch, and I look forward to seeing what will be new on the farm! HUGS! Anita

  21. Hi Jeri,
    Well, I must say that you are my inspiration in many ways, but talk about a fence... I wish I could create one like one of yours. I love the twig and branch fence, and your wooden fence with the handmade wooden tops... Now that is my cup a tea.. But I thank you for you kind words..
    Good grief! You have had a full day outside... I honestly don't know where you find the energy..
    Relax and enjoy your evening .
    Sending you a warm hug,

  22. Hi Jeri! I've been "camping out" on your beautiful blog today. Oh, how lucky you are to have been able to visit a Garden Show. And thank you for sharing so many lovely images! A Garden Show would have done my heart good earlier this month considering the difficult winter here in my new home (eastern WV). But alas, I don't know of any garden shows nearby here. I adore pussy willows, too! And I did not know there were so many kinds. I actually had a great bunch once upon a time that I purchased at a Garden Show in my previous location in VA. It was a curly pussy willow and I had fun decorating with it! Never thought about trying to root it though, but I imagine its not too difficult. Evidently you know something about that! I have a friend from Richmond - Cackie of Glittermoon Cards and Wreaths - who just started doing the Country Living shows. I sure would love to go to one of those someday! Your booth is beautiful! Perhaps I will go some day and we can meet in person. I would love that!

    1. Cynthia, If ever you get a chance to go to a Country Living show, the one in Ohio is my favorite. I just planted those pussy willows, there were about 50 sticks. I just poked em in the ground about 6 inches in my wettest , boggiest areas and I will cross my fingers to see what happens!


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