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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Off to the Nashville Garden Show with Pretty Goodies under glass.

I've spent the last week replenishing my Paper Garden inventory for the Nashville Garden Show this weekend. You've seen me making these before and know that it requires a good deal of "gardening" to get a paper garden to bloom.
Little garden creatures are cut from my own patterns which I'll use over and over again.
 I like lots and lots of birds in these gardens... and chickens, ducks and geese.
One must prepare the foliage by free-hand-cutting row upon row of stems and leaves and grasses.
Little flowers are  assembled after having been cut into bitsy pieces. Paper punches are great for perfect circles and heart and clover shapes. I put the blooms together with glue and handle them with straight pins and the tip of my exacto knife.
 Birds need a branch or two for perching and preening.

 After producing all the tiny birds nest's, skeps, cottages,bird houses and picket fences, needed for a cottage garden "  I'm free to do the fun part, LANDSCAPING!
  Using cardboard tubes and cut out discs and toothpicks and anything that works to assemble the gardens, they begin to take shape and flourish.
Streams flow and cattails grow.

Cows and sheep begin to graze amid the lush beds.
 and bunnies leap through the Virginia Bluebells.
 The 5 images  above are from ONE Paper garden, the only one I DID NOT finish in time to take to this show. That's because it will fit in a 14" tall cloche and I started working on it at the last minute. But I was able to finish 8 little gardens for the Nashville Garden show.
 My photos did not turn out so well. I'll take more pics tomorrow at the show AND I 'll show you some of the best booths here!  I hope I don't spend all my profits on garden goodies..If you are in the area and want a boost to get in that gardening mood, come to the show at the State Fairgrounds in Nashville, starts Feb 27- March 2nd.
.. ANYWAY, I will be here with my books, my artwork and my newest bird print

See you later, garden lovers!


  1. Those are beautiful. Such tiny work.

    Good luck in Nashville!

  2. Paper + Jeri = Magic!

    I love where I live but I wish I could somehow transport myself closer to enjoy your lovely imaginative creations firsthand. I guess I should be grateful for the web otherwise I'd never know what I'm missing!

  3. I love your works with paper, an enchanted world! You will have fun, best wishes!

  4. YOU blow my mind. Jeri, I've worked with paper and cutting it and so forth, and of course, never to this extent. But I know enough to say that what you do is miraculous for your perseverance and skills are magic. LOVELY TO SEE YOU BACK!!!!! Anita

  5. Dear Jeri ~ You have such wonderful talents. These paper gardens of yours are so stunning, so detailed. Well all of your work is detailed, but the work involved with these luscious gardens is really amazing.

    I hope you do well at the show. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it.

    Your bird print is very pretty.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  6. Good luck at the fair! You always put so much work into those beautiful gardens, I wish I could see them in person!

  7. I wish I were a little paper doll ~ then I could walk among your beautiful creations ;)
    Blessed be,
    Lori from Notforgotten Farm

  8. You are so talented and your working is stunning! Have a great time!

  9. Jeri, though I love everything you create, I think these little gardens are a favorite. I would so love to go to that show. Have fun!

  10. Good luck in Nashville Jeri. I love your little gardens underglass and those paper weights are so pretty too.

  11. I love to do garden scenes, too. Mine are so different from yours but how I wish we lived near enough to drive for a visit and snip and paint together! Oh, what fun we would have!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful show this weekend. May they all sell like hotcakes, and fuel the fire for more creative work ahead!

  12. I love these! What beautiful and intricate work! Wish I could go to Nashville!

  13. I am speechless, Jeri...really.
    You are extraordinary....I will say it over and over.
    Enjoy, I hope the show is a HUGE success!!!
    - Irina

  14. Holy cow, really! I Love the cow in your paper garden. You do such amazing work.
    Now this new bird print.. Exquisite! Will that particular print be available on your website?
    Wishing you the very best at the show...
    Take care, and travel safe

  15. Good morning, Jeri darlin'!

    How nice of you to stop by since you have been such a busy bee! I am so happy that you saw Penny's work and mine come together. I was thinking of you and had hoped you would hop on over to see. Ruben and I are SO PLEASED and tickled with our dynamic duo of Tea Rat and Rattus. I photographed Tea Rat two weeks ago and put him on Nowhere, and was just waiting to get Rattus so I could stage another situation. It is unreal how perfect Penny gets our illustrations down to the core of their BEING! teeheee

    I have such a craving to be on a farm. I want to play with or at least observe the animals. We are still having the worse winter yet, and all I want is to see my wild rabbits, see the white squirrels (yes, we have black ones too!) and hear the cardinals sing to me in the morning. Enjoy your day, and you are such a pal! LOVE! Anita

  16. Dear Jeri - just one word - stunning. Hope you have a great week-end in Nashville. I so love your bird piece. Take care and have a lovely day.

  17. How wonderful it was to see you, my dearest kindred!! I curled up in bed last night, with Mamsey and Mopkin and fell in love with their cozy abode. I sat at my table this morning, painting, and adoring my "cut garden" ....I am now in the mood for spring, with fresh pots of violets in my garden window and the scent of my new "Back Porch" candle (from Watermelon Moon Farm...were your ears burning, last night, as Emily and I were singing your praises!!??)
    We must get a plan made for a visit...and if it isn't soon...the visit last evening will carry me miles and miles.
    Much love, kindred sister of mine,

    1. Christie, that was such fun! It wasn't enough time though; we need to have a real visit, maybe this summer we can work it out. Give Tim a hug for me and keep painting!

  18. Message for Dimity dormouse...
    Your presence is needed in Nowhere when you return home..
    Rattus is home from the hospital.

  19. Dearest Jeri, first of all, thank you so much for taking the time to visit me!
    And please know, that I believe in healthy, lively discussions when it comes to the important things in life...(art being a biggie, of course!) ;)
    I completely understand and respect your point view. Please, never feel that you need to censor your comments...I want everyone to be real!! :)
    For me, expression is extremely complex. My taste in art is vast..sometimes it's what a work makes me feel, sometimes it's how much a work makes me think, etc. etc.
    What YOU create is genius. It's pure genius, and puts me in a state of awe. It evokes so much joy, and your gift for bringing entire worlds to life is a blessing from God. Your work stands the test of time, and will be treasured for generations to come.
    I, too, believe that details are of utmost importance.
    My response to the later works of Matisse, (as well as many other contemporary artists), is purely emotional. So when I look at the "window" painting, for example, it simply feels good. Not very intellectual of me! ;)) Visceral only, but I sometimes I need that...

    I hope the Garden Show is going great!
    Love and blessings,
    - Irina

    1. Irina, Bless your heart, I was actually worried that I may have offended, I am so glad I did not! Yes, I understand your views too and respect them. I have a serious "pet peeve" about some types of art... maybe it's because I make my living creating art and feel like some artists are trying to dupe the public. But I just love a lively art discussion!

    2. Good Morning Jeri!
      Thank you so much for writing back! :) I absolutely agree with you that the artist should bring beauty to the world...and you are a master of this!!
      Have a blessed Sunday, friend...
      Warm hugs,
      - Irina

  20. Miss Jeri Landers! Tea Rat here...thank you Madame, for trudging through snow and ice to step into Witsend cottage! As you can see, I took out my broom and cleaned up the goose poop before Rattus could see it; you see, he was in hospital, where Dr. White performed the greatest of feats: extending his arms.

    My plan of attack worked. We got Rattus to thinking he was going mad as he started to think that I had the goose for many years (when I just rescued her!) teeheee.....

    Oh what fun we have had. I HOPE YOUR SHOW WENT WELL! So many hugs and thanks for coming over, Jeri!

    1. So THat is what the hospital visit was all about, now it all makes sense!

  21. Jeri, I'm still very much enjoying your paper garden I won last year! I know, close-up, just how much work you put into it. It is nice to see the process here of how you do it. Thank you again!

    1. Cathy, that's right, You did win a garden! It was quite a sweet one as I remember.

    2. It is, indeed! I love that mine has a little bird house with birds and flowered vines growing up it!

  22. Hello dear friend!

    I hope your show went well... I wanted to thank you so much for coming over and leaving such kind words for my little mini Anita... I really enjoyed making her. Anita and I had such fun in the process.
    Nowhere.... Was that a HOOT or what... I loved what Anita had done with Rattus and Tea Rat.... I tell you, I laughed myself silly over the banter between her and Ruben, aka Rattus and Tea Rat... those two just crack me up... I thought you would enjoy...
    Bless you Jeri,

  23. Ok,. It is official... I have completely lost it... I came over to thank you for your kind note about my Anita doll, and here is a thank you above from 11am today.
    But you just left the note.. Do you suppose I have a little ESP? teeeeheeee.
    Well, thank you again.
    Your question re: her face... Yes, it's wool.
    My second photo down.. I just keep adding wool and sculpting with the needle. I had to practice a lot!
    So happy your show was a success!
    Get some much needed rest.
    Your friend always,

  24. Hi dear Jeri,

    I am beginning to think of you as a national treasure. Honestly, you are one amazing artist. Thank you for sharing the paper garden. LOVE the tree with birds, but love it all.

    thanks for your visit. I did wonder who that was.

    Sending love and gratitude for a world with a woman like YOU!


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