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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pioneer Appalachia

While my mother was here, we visited the Museum of Appalachia, (which I have posted on before) We spent a few hours  walking the grounds of this marvelous place on a warmish winter's day.
This is Mom.
With  silhouetted cedars and pine trees backing the antique log structures of this historical treasure we toured the grounds where many feet have trod over the past 50 years since the "museum" came together. "This unique collection of pioneer buildings and artifacts was amassed over a half a century by John Rice Irwin. He traveled the back roads, collecting untold thousands of everyday items from the colorful and interesting mountain folk of Southern Appalachia."
 For me, this place is a wonderful  inspiration for ideas in fencing, stone walls and structures for our farm.
This is the wild bee tree.

 I love, love , love the weight on this gate... it is a cast iron tea kettle!
I am going to do this at home.  I have the cast iron kettle, AND the cedar posts. I just need James's help to pull it all together.
 The weight of the kettle closes the gate.( Goats CANNOT open this gate!)

The log structures are all historically authentic and have been dismantled and rebuilt, here, in East Tennessee.
 It is the pastoral views, the dozens of log structures and 1000's of items that make this place so special. It is a recreation of life in the mid 1800's in pioneer Appalachia.
Peacock, sheep, goats, polish hens, huge workhorses and guinea  hens roam the grounds... come to think of it, feels just like Home.
 Each cabin is filled with the necessities of life including bits of wisdom.

Trundle beds and ladder-back chairs are Tennessee staples, and I own several myself.

Look at this great chair!
 Homespun blankets and quilts, feather mattresses on a rope bed with a trundle underneath are not quite what we are used to these days This looks terribly quaint but awfully uncomfortable..( oh how I love my memory foam mattress pad!)

 I love the Violin hanging on the wall!

I wish you could feel that stair handrail, it was as smooth as velvet against my palm. Only Years and years of use  could produce such a patina.

I fell in love with the Polish Chickens and now I want some. Look at those fuzzy heads and foosies!
  So many charming vistas, so many split rail fences and rusticity.

 So many ideas to take home and use in the Hollow.

My girls are eating the Christmas tree and send you wishes for a promising new year full of tasty treats, good books, and countless blessings. BAAAAAAAAAA!!


  1. Good evening dear friend,

    Your mother is so lovely, and what a great photo of the two of you..
    I still can't believe they patted your mom down, and twice... This is just wrong!

    This would be a place I would love to see in person.. I love old wood, and that chair is wonderful! You know, I think Willow has Polish chickens, at least they look like this one.. They are so fluffy! I love them..

    Thank you for sharing this most enjoyable post Jeri.
    Love and blessings,

  2. Now that place is my kind of place!
    It must have been hard to part with your Mom. You two look so sweet together, such a blessing, you pretty ladies you!
    I just LOVE those fluffy chickens!!

    Many Blessings Linnie

    PS I am painting away and loving it :-)

  3. She is a beauty Jeri. Would that I could look like her at her age. Glad you had the wonderful experiences with her. The embroidered picture said it all.

  4. Thank you for another delightful post. You and your Mom our two lovely ladies. I am glad you were able to spend this time together.

    These photos do remind me of Hopalong Hollow and I look forward to seeing your new cast iron gate weight. :-)

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  5. Good morning dear Jeri!

    You are going to have so much fun here....you have been inspired by some of the most authentic American décor you will ever see. My first cousin on my mother's side has been doing some geneology research and found that on HIS father's side, he has cousins out in this very region of Tennessee! The Leonard clan goes all the way back to before he Civil War, and my cousin, who is 3/4 Mexican but 1/4 Scotch-Irish, found a cousin with the same last name, and who share the same great grandfather. His photos are much like these here, where he visited his folk and enjoyed learning about this 1/4 part of his life.

    That tea pot is such a great idea for your gate! Unless you have super-duper strong goats, there ain't no way on this green earth they'll open that gate! And the interior décor, so warm and inviting!

    Your mother is beautiful, just like you, and thank you for bringing the magic to my world. ENJOY THE DAY! Anita

  6. Sweet picture of you and your mom. Have a great week!

  7. Jeri, I have visited this museum. What a special treat to be able visit it with your mother. I love the picture of the two of you. Tennessee holds such a special place in my heart. Both my parents were born and raised there. My husband, daughter and I lived in Nashville for nine years, and I would move back in a New York minute. Such a wonderful state. Hugs! Bonnie

  8. You and your mom are both so lovely! I'm sorry she lives way out in Colorado! Our next planned vacation is to the Smokey Mountains (Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, etc.) I wonder if we could visit this place on our trip? I'd love for the boys to see it, and I'd love to see it too. Must Google this to see if we can swing it. Thanks Jeri!

    1. Starr, Your kids will love Pigeon Forge, there is a lot for the young to do... But YOU will love the Museum of Appalachia. I recommend you fit it into your trip!

  9. You sweet thing you! Thank you so much for your most encouraging words about my lady... I have seen Needle Felt Artists create people, and I have to say, they are really amazing! I thought I would give it a try..

    Your girls are making a quick lunch out of that tree... Oh Jeri, their wool is so beautiful!

  10. A lovely post! Lots of inspiration at the museum....So glad you did that with your mom-what a nice memory to have now. Hope you are staying warm and toasty!
    Love, Debra

  11. Dear Jeri,

    Your posts are absolutely charming! Thank you so much for bringing such pleasure and delight to me. I will surely be back for more...

  12. The rocking chair and beds remind me of Little House on The Prairie :)


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