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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sewing with mom... and Hopalong Jack

      Mom has been staying with me for a few weeks. She is 87 years old and still sews a mean stitch.
We pulled out 2 sewing machines, one which James had purchased for $15 from a Goodwill .(He searches second-hand stores for speakers, I don't know why he wants so many speakers...) When he brought home this little Singer, I wondered what he was thinking as I was quite fond of my old Kenmore I'd had for 30 years, and did not have a use for 2 machines.But this week, mom and I were able to put them both to use.

 Dueling Sewing Machines
I wanted to make cushion covers for my outside porch wicker chairs using fabric from "Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies", my first book. There have been 3 things I always wanted to see my artwork applied to: Good quality fabric, nice puzzles and Tea SETS. I have the fabric and puzzles, but no tea sets as yet.

I've been saving this fabric for years knowing that one day I would find just the right project for it.
At the time of the fabric's release, I acquired a bolt of each pattern. It is quilt material made by Northcott and is very soft and beautiful.
The fabrics came from the pages of my book.

Choosing which patterns to coordinate and use, is going to be fun. I am excited about sewing with my own fabric for the first time.
 I am constantly on the lookout for floral cushions which DO NOT feature tropical flowers (which is all I ever find for outdoor furniture). I want COTTAGE garden flowers on my cushions.
This is my favorite pattern and we'll use it for 2 seat-covers. It has Foxgloves, Dianthus, Daisies and Coneflowers, all old-fashioned cottage garden flowers.

The Morning Glories pattern will be perfect, too.
The basket weave came in four different colors. We used the green and the  pink for the ruffles.
And we made the slipcovers reversible so that I could have several options to mix and match.
 How lovely these will be when I am able to put them out in the Springtime. Fresh new slipcovers for the porch.

 Since the sewing machines were already out, and I had an OLD ripped quilt that had seen better days, we decided to recycle it as cushion covers for the porch's wicker couch.
This was one of those inexpensive Wallmart quilts (king size) that has given me many years of service. I don't feel guilty about snipping into it. I would never cut up an antique quilt or a  hand-made artist quilt.

We got 7 slipcovers out of this king size quilt! Sewing with my mom was  lovely. I learned to sew when I was quite young, on her 1955 singer. I loved that little machine.I used to make many of my clothes in high-school because we couldn't afford department store clothing.  Hmmm, maybe we should make some summer blouses while we're  at it. NAH! Give mom a break. Thanks mom!
Wishing all of you a remarkable NEW YEAR!


  1. Oh Jeri, What fun to be sewing with your Mom! You must be having great time together!! Your fabric looks wonderful!! I love the ruffles .
    I am a proud owner of one of your puzzles and the Grandiegirls and I had a great time assemlbeling it!

    I am so glad to be back on line again I will be able to visit you often now!
    I have missed so much!
    Your BOOK!!!!
    I will be getting one very soon!!
    Well, I am going to catch up with your other posts, and go visiting
    other friends!!
    Happy New Year and MANY MANY BLESSINGS to you and your Mom and James and ALL the HOLLOW ANIMALS, Linnie

    1. Jeri, I have an extra "Cranky Cast Iron" Grinder that I will send you if you want it! But you will have to paint it!
      I'll send you a picture


  2. You and Mom have made some really beautiful slipcovers!! And how very clever you are to go ahead and make them now so you will have them when you need them. The fabrics are beautiful!

  3. Jeri, I thought I'd seen it all. Will wonders never cease? My best to you and your Mom and your time together.

  4. When I think of ALL the years you spent working, refining, planning, composing and sharing your work, I can see NOW how all of these bits and pieces of process have culminated into this treasure, Jeri. FABRIC? OH YES! YES! And I can see your work on tea sets.....and if that happens, I need one of your sets in my HOME!

    I have very fond memories of sewing with my mother. She really was the pro, sewing Barbie clothes for me, clothing for my teddy bears and my dance costumes. But it wasn't until I got married that we would get together on weekends and sew pillows - a very special time.

    God bless you mum, God bless YOU and James and the rest of the inhabitants of Hopalong Hollow for all of the joy you give us! You have been a great friend to me and I sincerely look forward to more jaw-dropping magic in 2014! Love, Anita

  5. Dear Jeri ~ You never cease to amaze me!!! And your Mom going strong at 87 is absolutely wonderful.

    How cool is it to have your artwork put to fabric. Wow! You are such a dear inspiration.

    Have a fantastic 2014 ~ FlowerLady

  6. How sweet! Is the fabric still for sale and where can I find it? What a wonderful memory to have of your mom. Happy New Year to you and all the critters.

    1. Carol, The fabric came out around 6 years ago, so it might be tricky, unless you try ebay or online quilt shops.

  7. The time shared with your mother sounds perfect. I knew nothing about your fabrics. You are such an inspiration. Have a wonderful New Year!


    I didn't think I'd get any more comments tonight with people at parties or with family, but THERE YOU ARE, just making me smile. May tomorrow's new date roll out a year of grand success for you, many more stories, rescued creatures, and more smiles. Penny and I spoke fondly of you the other day, just talking about your books in our homes. Thank you dear Jeri, for YOUR LOVE! Give the creatures a big hello for me! XOXOXOXOOX Anita

  9. Such wonderful things go on here Jeri , creativity is always at your fingertips!
    How wonderful that your mom still enjoys sewing as well. .
    Happy New year to you and yours .
    Wishing you all the very best .

  10. Dear Jeri - your cushions are going to be so beautiful. I love the cottage garden look - in my living room I used to have all antique wicker and covered the cushions many times....looking at yours makes me wistful for that look again. I am so glad too that you have your dear mother to sew and spend time with. Hope you have a lovely New Year. Thanks for sharing the video too....loved it.

  11. Dear, dear soul...I just saw your comment, and I'm a comin' via email! But again, your header is a welcome to a very special place that I am so grateful for having found. Off to email now...Anita

  12. Dear Jeri,
    I have been without my computer since the end of the year... All fixed now, sent you an email.

    I am in fabric heaven here! What a beautiful job you and your mom did on the porch covers! Please tell me there is some of this beautiful fabric from your pages for sale? My mind is just spinning... I love it!

    The music... This is my favorite Artist that sings this song... How lovely it was..
    I just visited my blog and read your kind comment... Thank you so much Jeri, for always being so encouraging...
    Love and blessings,

  13. hello Jeri,
    your art is entirely beautiful as fabric! talent and creativity overflows you!
    so lovely to see!

  14. Jeri, I was thrilled to find a Hopalong jigsaw puzzle at the quilt fest this year! Sewing sounds just right now--too cold to work outside or in the garage--but wicker cushions ready for springtime would be as welcome as the first robin :)

    1. Roxie, I am so glad you found one! I never put one of my puzzles together till Christmas, and then we attempted the one called "Samuel and Lottie". It was pretty tough!

  15. oh my! those fabrics are delicious!! I especially love the wicker trim!
    You are a gem to all of us old fashioned girls at heart <3
    denise of ingleside


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