Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Goin nutty....

Or goin nut huntin..



The treefolk have been busy

 And so have I.....
Between puppy training..

  laying out a rustic OLDE courtyard, using old bricks and broken concrete,

 and painting dozens of little nut gatherers, all less than an inch tall,
for this illustration.

 I haven't had much spare time.
There are about 2 more days worth of painting in this piece.
Remember Esther? She made an appearance in this illustration.
I miss that lil gal. I fancy that she is the same starling currently building a nest in our eaves.

Hope you have a good weekend, maybe the weather will be Spring-like and lovely?
I long to garden, don't you???
Three Cheers For Nuts!

 Hopalong Hollow Gazette News Flash!!!
 Lewis and Clark have finally discovered what it means to fall in love...
with Gwennie and Gretchen.
 And the Agents have grown at least 5 inches!


  1. Jeri darlin'!

    I am longing, at this very moment, for dirt on my hands. I want to go outside and smell the musty promise of green shoots poking their crowns out from the ground, I want to see a band of rabbits in my yard, and I want to sit on my porch. But we still have tons of snow on the ground and lots of ice to deal with!


    Have fun dearest, and you will get that painting done, I know it! Anita

  2. Oh, the sweet muddy puppy!!! :) I can't wait for Spring weather! Right now we have several inches of snow trying to melt off. But the blue jays are fighting with the chickadees in the tree outside my window right now, so it cannot be far off!

  3. that is the cutest muddy puppy pic! your drawings are amazing! we are expecting a big storm this weekend!

  4. I absolutely love your site, always checking for what new is happening in your world. The pups made me laugh out loud, especially since I was blessed with two corgi pups last November and I know all the trials you are going through. But oh how they make you laugh and smile with their antics. The "mud" picture is priceless, just says it all!

    Can't wait for the new book to be completed, have so enjoyed watching all your talent emerge in the hollow. Continue on dear lady, you keep us smiling!!!

  5. I love your patio, isn't it fun doing things like that? Recycling is great!

    Your paintings are so detailed and wonderful.

    Love your cute agents, and how neat that love is in the air/water.

    I see that the post above mine is a piece of 'spam'.

    I have been working in my gardens, one of the bennies of living in FL in the winter. Summer is when we more or less hibernate.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh yes clapping wildly at all of it I am. The illustrations takes my appreciation applause but the mud puppy takes the cake lol I too posted one of our boxer puppies this week ...our litter must be growing at about the same rate ...busy you must be with ALL this going on ~ the puppies alone keep me out straight but I do love it , and them so.

  7. So many wonderful things to see in all of your photographs. You have been busy! Yes the garden is where we long to be, but I will not complain, our southern summer heat will be upon us in a blink of an eye. Love the look of the courtyard. It is giving me an idea of how to correct a great big crack in my patio. Enjoy your weekend. Bonnie

  8. Thank goodness you posted, I was worried that the stormy weather last week had blown you away! I am so glad to see your brood both the real and the almost real ones happy and healthy!

    Am taking your advice on the garden rooms and will keep you posted on the progress, meanwhile I am LOVIN my papercut gardens...

  9. Thank you for visiting and the lovely comment on the tree drawing. They are compulsive subject matter aren't they. I do like the details of your work, so fine. I also have to say I don't envy you trying to keep those two white and stain free...beautiful though they are.

  10. those are tiny squirrels!
    and so many. we don't have acorns, but our squirrels are busy as can be with tiny pine cones!

    so lovely to see what you are up to busy woman!

    your pups are so cute and they do grow so very fast!

  11. What a beautiful and enchanting post..I love your magical realm here and your gorgeous art..you are super talented! What sweet pups..I am smitten!

  12. Oh what fun you have been keeping busy at!

    Love that muddy puppy picture.

    We are to have a palm Sunday snow storm, up to 6 inches! The daffodils will be buried.

    Beautiful paintings!!!

  13. I love your ingenious patio! It looks like something you might see in an old enchanted village. You're so clever to be able to turn broken bits of concrete and brick into something unique and beautiful. Makes me want to lay that walkway I've been thinking about for years and years. Happy weekend! Spring will be here soon - I hope!

  14. Hi Jeri,
    I just LOVE your courtyard, and I so love broken concrete... It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together... I just love the old world feel of it...

    Nuts and squirrels everywhere! This is fantastic Jeri.. Your imagination has no boundary. I am so happy you put dear little Esther in there..

    I see spring truly is in the air.. Good for Lewis and Clark, it's about time, and your agents are going up so fast.. The mud puppy photo is priceless!
    Enjoy your weekend..
    Bebe sends her love to Dimity!

  15. LOL! What darling little puppies Jeri. I have been trying to train a new one too and there are some days I think why in the world did I ever think I needed to do this again at my age. LOL! But they are worth it. I am so loving your new court yard in the works. It just looks like old world meets new world. So pretty.

  16. Your muddy puppy made me laugh and groan at the same time (reason #321 why I like snow better than rain). Then I realized he was trying to disguise himself as a chocolate easter bunny--very clever pup you have there. Gonna make a good guard dog/secret agent someday, Jeri!

  17. Hi Jeri,
    I am so happy you enjoyed the virtual tour in Temecula.. I just love it there.. We lived there for about a year while looking for a home here.. I really miss it, but is close enough to zip over.
    Front street is just lovely... I think you would really enjoy the quilt show, and also the street painting with chalks. If I remember this summer, I will try not to miss it and take photos... The artists are amazing.

    Oh! Thank you for sending Mavis Mudd over to help out in Nowhere.
    Was that a HOOT or what?

  18. The drawings are amazing! I especially love your last drawing! And your puppy photo was laugh out loud funny!!!

    The patio looks amazing and yes, I can't wait until our snow melts in Massachusetts to get out into my garden!!!

    Have a wonderf week & Easter!

  19. How I love your tree trunks, woven baskets, oak leaves and acorns,
    not to mention the squirrels, wise bunny rabbits and darling Esther. What else could you expect from Pups called Lewis & Clark? Inquisitive, adventurous and exploring the details of
    the Hollow.... That picture of the great muddy one himself is
    precious. Bless you for my smile and delight for the day....
    as we await No,3!!!!
    Love you ~

  20. Dear Jeri- I am sure you are going nuts not only with the precious painting but the two precious agents...I know I am nuts with just one I can't imagine two (LOL) - do they live indoors with you? If they do that is even more work my friend. Yes I am more than ready to garden. Have a delightful day and be sure and take a little break and enjoy those little agents.

  21. Dear Jeri,

    What a bundle of sweetness! I love the muddy pup (I bet that was fun to clean up), the ducks, the work-in-progress, and of course the illustrations. Soon you'll be finished; hooray!



  22. Admirable artwork and lovely dogs.
    Nice week-end and Happy Easter Jeri !

  23. I really love your work. Almost every day I take a peak at your work and discover something new! So wonderfull. And your lovely stories about your animals, so much fun.
    The more that I see, the more I realize I finally want to make my dream come true. Make a children's picture book. Not to sell ( I don't know if I'm good enough) but just to see if I can do it. It must be an amazing feeling to see all your hard work and art made into a book. And after years of thinking about it, I think I have to jump.
    Thanks for all your inspiration and have a very happy easter.

    1. Annemarie, I see you live in the Netherlands where my favorite artist of all time was from, Anton Pieck. I wish you much success on your journey! Book illustration is a wonderful profession, you will love it!

  24. You are AMAZING.
    That is all :)))

    Love all of the fur babies...precious!!!
    Hope it is warming up for you, dear Jeri...
    It's happening slowly around here...but things are melting! :)

    Blessings this Easter to you!
    Love and hugs,
    - Irina

  25. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    We enjoyed your industrious squirrels and chipmunks at work, hunting for nuts! What a lovely remembrance of Esther you have illustrated in a bonnet! How delightful to think that Esther has come home to have a family!

    What a muddy little lad you have! Mud season is in full swing as the snow melts and the frost goes out of the ground. I have muddy paws aplenty running through my kitchen!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant


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