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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The winner in the egg basket....

Mavis and the girls were kind enough to donate 36 eggs for the "egg roll" contest. You recall that I was putting your names in the egg basket for the drawing of The Good Earth" lithograph.... and I wasn't kidding.

  Here are the eggs

 Here is the egg basket.

 The judges arrive to make sure that all is on the up and up.
 Since not all eggs are created equal, the judges insist we eliminate the large duck egg and the itty bitty eggs that SOMEONE is trying to pass off as contenders in the Great Egg Race.
That HUGE duck egg has an unfair advantage, what with all it's excess weight, it can pick up a lot of speed, and those teeny little things.. not a chance of those rolling a mere 2 inches down the racetrack..er, slope. (And I would sure like to know who the heck is laying these miniature eggs anyway??!)

All names are entered on like-sized eggs....
After all.
   everyone needs a fair shot...

the judges have chosen a nice slope,

and a ramp to give an egg a bit of a boost... so to speak.
One by one, the eggs will be rolled down the ramp, and the egg to travel the farthest is the BIG WINNER!
(Hey, we just like to have a bit of nice clean fun around here.)

  Here is the finish line.
 HEY! Someone is messing about with the finish line, knock that off!!!

and now, we are off to the races!!

The egg races, that is. 

  Hey! that was quick. Is it over already??!!
 MY GOSH< most of you didn't even cross the finish line before pooping out...

And the pressure must have been too great for a few of you, you just seemed to crack up...

Then there were those bottle neck curves that caused several pile-ups!
 But,after all the dust settled and the excitement was over there was an egg that shone!
Good job DEB!!! you went at least 24 inches PAST the finish line!

2nd and 3rd place go to :
 OOOH, you gals look a bit cracked up yourselves....ouch!

So thank you all for being such good eggs.. I mean good sports.

And now the gals are going to clean up the racetrack.

Winners of the" Good Earth" print are:

DEB of "Just Cats"

MARQUETA of "Sweet Felicity"


" Corgis in MY Garden" 
 E-mail me with your mailing address at:   jeri@hopalonggreetings.com  
Your lithograph will be on it's way!


  1. That was the most unique way to pick a winner that I have ever seen!
    So great!

  2. Oh, hee hee ha! That was the most entertaining contest that I ever lost!! Hee Hee !!
    Congratulations :-D the ones that did win!!

    Blessings Linnie

  3. Oh Jeri, that is too funny! You have a wonderful wit:-) Congratulations to the winners, what a treasure!

  4. Oh Jeri, that is just fabulous. I am so happy to be one of the winners of this amazing give-away. Thank you so much. I know just where it will go and I promise I will post a picture. I've had a bad week and you have just lifted my spirits. Thank you so much. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  5. Jeri, you crack me up--or should that be quack me up?

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  6. WAS that fun or what! I laughed myself silly Jeri. Now that's entertainment. Congratulations ladies!!!! LUCKY, LUCKY...
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Absolutely loved participating in the egg race! What a huge amount of fun! Thank you, Jeri :) And my congratulations to the winners!

  8. TEEEEHEEEEE!!!! GEEZE THAT WAS DARN FUN! I love a good race and I ran it well.....got a few bumps and cracks doing it, but a job well done not only to the EGG RACERS, but to the crew, the judges and the creators of THE GREAT EGG RACE!!!! CLAPP CLAPPPPPPP!!! Oh Jeri, you have a GREAT MIND!!!! Oh, I wish I could have a farm...I mean really, the fun that comes out of your mind thanks to the shenanigans these creatures create! HEY! I SAW THREE TURKEYS ON MY STREET YESTERDAY!!!!!!! What in the world...we live in the city!!!

    CONGRATES TO THE WINNERS!!! That was so fun. Anita

  9. What a great egg race. You do enjoy having fun and I enjoyed it also.

  10. You guys know how to have fun at Hopalong Hollow! Congratulations to all of the LUCKY DUCK winners. In fact everyone benefited from the drawing, a buffet for the gang was a real treat! Have a great weekend Jeri...

  11. Dear Jeri,
    As Xavier would say, "those are some scrandled eggs!!"
    I bow to the queen of fun!!! You've raised the bar so high...how could anyone ever just pull a name out of a hat after that incredible race! And such extraordinary judges...nope, nope, nope...nobody does it like you, Missy;))
    Have a lovely day!

  12. Dear Jeri,

    Yay, yay, and double yay! Even though I DID get a big cracked up in the process, I'm so grateful to have come in second.

    Thank you for the fun, and for your great big heart. Your print will grace our walls forever at Birdsong Cottage.



  13. So nice idea for find winners ! :) And judges are so cute ! Congratulations to Deb and Marquetta !
    You are a fairy !
    Happy Week-end !

  14. I'm tellin you- ya'll live LARGE at the Hopalong Hollow! What fun! Always enjoy my visits here! Hugs to all!

  15. That was so creative! I'm sorry that I didn't win, but congrats to the ones who did and thanks for having such a fun giveaway. I am having computer problems again and am not able to even get on my computer. (This is my husbands.)

    It is sunny and beautiful here and I hope you have the same this weekend.

  16. You beautiful woman you....you will knock 'em dead in Paris with a hat and darling sundress...come and do take a stroll with us. EVEN RUBEN IS POSTING FOR IT...the only MAN! He is brave!

    Oh how I love your post. DO YOU KNOW or did I already tell you that there were THREE WILD TURKEYS ON OUR STREET THURSDAY????? What fun.


  17. Teeeeeheeeee Beatarix looks as if SHE is ready for Paris with that darling red-ribboned chapeau!

    COme one come all! Anita

  18. YOU KNOW.......two of those Turkey Boys were wearing straw hats but one was staggering a bit and had straw sticking out of his bald head! I DID SENSE A BIT OF AN ACCENT! OOOOOOH! They came up North to see how we live in Minnesota! I got wind they were heading East towards Wisconsin....I shall put out an alert to our Canadian geese folk and have them redirect them home where they are sorely missed and loved! THEY WERE MUNCHING on my neighbor's astilbe and LOVIN'IT! That was sooooooooooo wild! AND...we had a WOLF in our neighborhood too...with a fox as well in the ally! There is never a dull moment here at Rabbit Hill!!!! Anita

  19. Too durn cute, Jeri! Clever, fun & lucky winners!

    Have a lovely weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  20. LOL! Now that was so cute Jeri. I never could run or rock & roll. LOL! Congrats to the winners.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Sorry.. Bebe posted her comment on the wrong day. We moved it.

  23. What a cute way to pick winners.

    Congratulations to the three who rolled the farthest.



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