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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Collections, collections

 I have to confess, I am a collector. It is a lifelong addiction. I blame my mother. She .too. is a "collector" Of course, I do discriminate... I do not collect just any old thing.... but I do collect OLDE things.  When I was around 13yrs., mom, who slammed the brakes or  swerved the car into the shoulder of the road at the merest hint of a sign reading "ANTIQUES", bought me my first piece of antique furniture... to restore... by myself.  It was a funny little "armoire" from the 1890's with lots of drawers and a  small, secret door.Since then, I have restored, polished, dusted ,repaired, cherished, and traded many old things. Sometimes, I have given away or sold them. But others will probably remain with me for the duration and eventually, as all do old things . end up in the home of another "COLLECTOR" and so on and so on.. Allow me to share with you some favorite collections, starting with teapots.
Pewter, Brittainiaware and enamel ware teapots and coffepots are so very lovely, of endless shapes and designs and useful as well. You can still aquire them for reasonable prices . This collection started when the lord of the manor brought  me  3 elegant pots as a gift, and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.  I bought my mother 2 of these, and now, she is collecting them as well.

I often notice this type of pot while watching Period Films and I'll say, "Hey, That's my teapot!"

 Sheep, miniature baskets and teeny, weeny stoneware.
Where this obsession with sheep came from, I know not.  Little plaster sheep, composite sheep, British metal sheep. sheep on wheels, puzzles,and so on. 
But these are  favorites,
a block puzzle with a sheep and a wooly little pull toy. .
. I mean really, sheep are just sweet. I know this is true because my girls told me so...


and Margaret. And my girls never tell tales.

 And when you have sheep. you need spinning wheels.

 A flax wheel
 A walking wheel, there is one just like it in Shaker Village, Pleasantville, Ky. In fact, I found this one just miles from Shaker Village at a church bazzar sale. I won't tell you what I paid for it, because you will be very jealous.... it was a steal!

 Some of these wheels are so rickity, One of them is nearly 200 yrs old. I am an amateur spinner, because I never practice and because, well. I 'm sure my yarn wouldn't be so lumpy if I actually bought a new wheel; one that doesn't jump around and dance a jig as it is peddled. Maybe I could take lessons from Gramma Hopalong.

 And I could take weaving lessons....

from Mother Hopalong.

 Now, you probably think I collect rabbit stuff too, just because I illustrate and write books with  a few rabbits here and there, right? Wrong! I do not collect rabbit stuff.... or. hmmm.. maybe I do....

I see a few marching across the mantle,

 and gathering in the Beatrix Potter corner,

and all lined up in the hoosier waiting to used to make chocolate bunnies.... along with the doll heads.... and the pysanki eggs.... and the bug collection. You see! I just can't help myself!

 I am hopeless,
   But I will never stop, because collecting things is fun...especially old things. And you can always tell a fellow collector when they visit your home. They are either very enthusiastic and want to see everything (fellow collector of olde) OR they are very quiet as they think to themselves, "Poor dear, it is such a shame she can't afford anything new. Why. look at these tables! They are so scuffed and dented and the paint is chipping off, what a pity!",( non- collector).  Isn't it funny?

Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think these little teddies are beautiful.
 How about you?



  1. Jeri ~ You have some wonderful collections. I used to collect, now I just enjoy what I already have. Teddies, baskets, teapots, stained glass, paintings, boxes, glassware, carvings, books, books and books. I would love walking around your home ooohing and aaahing and enjoying all your goodies. Collecting is and addiction, and our little cottage is stuffed. :-)

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Cute collectibles. I used to collect, but have been simplifying for years, and lately will do lots more. I enjoyed all your treasures and your photos, take care Jeri.

  3. Rainy, Yes, things can get a little crowded,, it is a good thing we have tall ceilings aroung here!
    Gina, so good to see you here!

  4. what great collections,
    we don't have that in common either at all...hihihi
    I collect since I was a little girl, I've got it from my grandmother Anna...
    I got a great deal of her colletion
    she died 14years ago...

    Wauw and what lovely bears, I collect them too, the ones you can see that they where hugged very much, I love the most!!!
    Love and hugs, Anna

  5. We share a common love, of collections and animals and olde.....
    I just love your teapots, and spinning wheels, and teddy bears, and rabbits and sheep, everything and anything !
    Isn't it just the BEST feeling in the world to 'happen'across a new treasure, and add it to your collection.
    I can only imagine the atmosphere inside your grand home, utterly delightful!

  6. Sheep are my weakness...along with bunnies, of course!

  7. Jeri dear!!!! Oh, this is a rich post....so much fun and fancy here! YOUR TEA POTS ARE EXQUISITE...I have never personally seen anything like them, in such old pewter! AND YOUR SHEEP COLLECTION! They are such sweet creatures...your own sweet ladies are adorable..hey, I have a dumb question. Why are their pupils rectangle???:) I love hooved animals....Everything you have is neatly arranged and beautifully displayed. I collect Steiff animals and my favorites are the wire haired fox terriers. I also collect crowns and my home is full of them!!! I am illustrating more these days; hop on over to NOWHERE where Penny, The Dutchess, Patrician, Jackie, my husband Ruben and I get silly! My illustrations are under the posts by Castles Crowns and Cottages. Enjoy your weekend that is coming up! So good to see you post...Anita

  8. What lovely collections...teapots, sheep, and spinning wheels. The Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill was one of my favorite places to escape to. Another wonderful peek into your world.

  9. Jeri!!! How about another Creamsicle, on me!!! OH, thank you for the info on the horizontal pupils of these magnificent beasts....I had tried to look it up but I had no success! VERY, VERY INTERESTING form of evolution for the needs of these animals! Wow...how true; they need to have great vision to maneouver those mountaineous paths at night. They are so cute....I am a city gal, but I love animals and at our annual state fair, I milked a goat about 2 years ago. I bit too enthusiastic and rough, I pulled too hard and the poor thing nearly kicked me! What fun you must have watching your creatures! How is the new Fiona....everyone looks great!

    Thanks for the visit, Anita


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