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Thursday, July 1, 2010

We can fly, we can fly, we can fly!!!!!

      Peter Pan flight school had several graduates this week as all the wee BarnSwallow babes took to the skies!

 One by one, little birdsies held their breath and lept from the comfort and safety of their mud daubed nest and into the blue, blue skies; up, up and away! First there were 5.
 Then there were 3...
and 2...

 and 1.
But this little fellow wouldn't take the "plunge".
"I'm scared!"
Despite the encouragement of nestmates and parents and aunties and uncles, dear little birdie number 5 remains in the nest.
 "I am ever so lonely. Where oh where, did everyone go?"

 All of the young, new aviators swoop past  little Mr. Lonelyhearts nest, on the hour, admonishing him to:
"Come along, come along, it's GREAT up here in the vast, clear skies! You simply won't believe your eyes!!! There are things called trees, and bees and clouds and seas! Other flying things to eat, really crunchy, tasty treats!  Let's go!!!!!!"
 But little Mr Lonelyhearts just sits on the edge on his nest.

  This patient reporter will keep a vigilant eye and camera at the ready.... if and when birdie number 5 takes flight.

  Baby birdie 5 has flown the coop!  I must admit to feeling a bit of  the empty nest syndrome here. I have been  a constant  and fascinated observer from the very beginning, as Pinkie and Keziah BarnSwallow built their nestt within the comfortable viewing off my porch dining area.
But here is the good part. At around 8:00 each evening, all the wee ones fly back to this nest and spend the night cuddled up to each other!
I love them.


  1. I feel like that little birdie sometimes..or else like the first one who took off. All or nothing , precious post, Gina

  2. That poor little guy. Taking that first step is so scary sometimes. I hope he soon soars off into the heavens. Right now, he doesn't know what he is missing.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. I just tried to post and a msg popped up saying an error happened and my reply was gone. I'll try again.

    That poor little guy. The first step can be so frightening sometimes. I hope he soon soars into the wild blue yonder, feeling joy, joy, joy.

    Hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. the world can be a very scarry place...
    his nest is safe!!
    but he won't stay there very long, I think!!!
    you're a great reporter ;o))

  5. Oh how lovely, the dear wee birdie will fly when it is ready, I remember wanting to leave home at 18, but my parents said I was not ready, they were right, I did not leave home until I was 20,I was ready then. So when this birdie is ready it will soar into the skies, cheers Marie

  6. HE DID IT...wonderful...great pictures !!!!

  7. DEAR JERI! Oh this is exciting! I am watching my little robins take the plunge and mum is in a twist every time we open the door to get the mail! What a wonderful sight to behold, non? Come by and see some pics of my trip to California when you can! BISOUS, Anita

  8. Oh, you will miss them. I just do not know how they all fit in that nest LOL!
    Have a great weekend Jeri.

  9. Sweet story with exciting photos of the wee ones spreading their wings and taking flight. I'm so glad number 5 found his wings, too!

  10. What wonderful ending - your baby number 5 reminded me of the book called "Lazy Ozzie" by Michael Coleman who refused to fly. My little ones used to love listening to that story. Have you ever come across that one?

    Maybe baby birdie number 5 will feature in one of your own stories one day Jeri!

    Have a lovely holiday weekend :) Rosie

  11. It's incredible how quickly they grow up and learn to fly. Although I think Number 5 had the right idea about not rushing things :)


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