Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fireflies! Lightning Bugs!

---Bern Williams 
  It's time for fireflies, one of the joys of country life. Those entrancing, glimmering and rising, 
tiny whitish lights that fill the early summer sky. Before life in Hopalong Hollow, I had never seen these delightful little summer lights, Oh how much I missed!

    From our porch swing we are mesmerized and hypnotized by these little creatures.They rise and flicker for just a second..... hundreds of little lights against the black silhouette of pines and cedars. Here is a courtship dance in the summer sky for all to see. I can almost hear the song," Isn't it Romantic"playing in the background..... Oh wait, that IS the Boogie Woogie Bunny Band making music neath the stars and the amorous little bugs are taking full advantage of the mood. 

Sometimes a lone bug loses his way and flies into the bedroom window where his little light appears as more greenish than white. In which case, I will catch him and head him in the right direction. Poor little guy! Sometimes, it gets confusing when you are looking for your own true love, even in the bug world..


  1. Your blog entries are always a delight, an escape from the everyday worries, you are a blessing ! Gina

  2. 'Nature's little nightlights'

  3. Hi Jeri
    Fireflies must be magical.. I have never seen them.. I so enjoy visiting here.. I love your illustration.. Just beautiful!
    Warm regards, Penny

  4. You capture magic in your hands with your unbelievable art, and your take captive the imagination with your words....two great gifts that I hope to polish and share with the world. I love the magic of these creatures as well, only seeing them on camping trips! Have a fine day Jeri! Anita

  5. Jeri, you are so lucky to have fireflies right in front of your porch! They are the most mistyfying creatures ever! Unfortunately, I haven't seen any in a very long time, I suppose they're running to extinction where I am. :(

    Well, at least you created a lovely party for these merry rabbits! Gorgeous work, as always.. :)

  6. Would that I could send you all a mason jar of fireflies !

  7. Really like your description of the fireflies Jeri - and love your 'bunny band' illustration too. Lesley x

  8. The only fireflies I've seen are the ones at Pirates of the Caribbean. Seeing a real live firefly is on my bucket list!

  9. Thanks to you all!
    Pogo- not everyone can say they've been to the Pirates of the Caribbean! It is my favorite thing at Disneyland. But fireflies are really a joy to behold, and I hope you will put them on the very top of your bucket.

  10. Jeri dearest!

    I just saw that you visited Nowhere! The illustration of Bebe and Pierre is Penny's!!!! You will always be able to tell whose art work is being featured by seeing who posted. The artists are Penny, The Dutchess, myself, and occasionally, Patricia. I should be posting something in the next 24 hours, unless someone else beats me to it!!! We all have our specific and charming style, and if you ever have the chance, check out past posts. I do the illustrations of Tea Rat and Rattus. Thank you for visiting us!!! Anita


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