Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good cheer and happy news .....

     Here at the Gazette, we usually report on the comings and goings of the inhabitants of the Hollow. But when something extraordinary happens to a FORMER resident of Hopalong Hollow, we feel that salutations and congratulations are the order of the day. And so, in the spirit of happiness and pride, on this very fine day.... we say....
HOORAY! HOORAY! What a wonderful day!

It was quite a long journey you had to take....

 You had to read a whole lotta books....
A LOT more than these.
And study ALL the time..... for 8 years... that IS a very long time.

Sometimes, it wasn't easy keeping up with everyone.

And when you finally made it through the toughest part, you had to travel hither, thither and yon for interviews.

 But Hey! You made it... OH JOY!

Now you will pack up all your bits and pieces and travel way up NORTH with your lovely wife...  A new life awaits!

 The Lord and the Mistress of the Manor are very proud of you.

 And now I can say it... "My son, the Doctor."  ( E.R. Doctor)
 (Oh, You look so serious!)
May you and lovely Hara have a wonderful life!

 Love, MOM and Dad.


  1. Oh how wonderful it is when ones child's succeeds in the thing that they love to do,everything is in balance. cheers Marie

  2. Hi Jeri
    I am sure you both are just bursting with pride.
    Congratulations to your son and to both of you!

  3. Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating this milestone. Blessings on your son and DIL as they begin a new chapter :)

  4. Oh Jeri! HOW WONDERFUL!!! That is a huge accomplishment. You have to be sooooo proud. I finally finished my Masters K-12 in Education early this year, passing my thesis and talk about a lot of work, but a doctor? May he be blessed and bless others! I hope all is well on the farm and that all the creatures are giving you joy. Although I live in a city suburb, we have so many bunnies and birds and geese and ducks, that it is a joy to watch them from my studio window.

    Best wishes to you all! Anita

  5. Wow ! what an eventful life he has had so far ! My daughter finished law school last year , and it was so tough...she was a MUCH better student than myself...by miles and miles ! Love the picture of your husband and you too, what pretty long hair you have , you make a lovely couple, congratulations !! Gina

  6. Congrats to your son. I'm sure he and his wife are ready to start on the next leg of their journey in this life.

    I love that picture of your and your DH. I know you are both proud of your son.


  7. Congratulations Jeri - I know exactly how you feel mine graduates from law school in a few weeks time. Your photos are lovely - its good to finally put a face to a garden blogger I love to pop over to say hello to.

  8. Congratulations! Proud parents!
    Love the pictures!

  9. Congratulations to the Doctor and his lovely Hara ! What proud parents you must be, and a world of opportunity just waiting to be discovered.
    Love the paintings and illustrations !

  10. Oh Jeri, you are so right; I wouldn't want to be in my 20s, 30s or even 40s again....I am loving my 50s! Joie de Vivre....I do think you are living it! Creativity, creatures, creation, and expressing it the way you do.....what other way is there to express such a life? ENJOY!!!! And I might add, you and your husband are a beautiful pair and I LOVE YOUR GEESE!!!


  11. What a wonderful day and what fabulous artwork. The stuff of dreams. 'twas quite a journey for all.

  12. I love your designs and drawings. I found your Hopalong Hollow while looking for squirrels. I have a handicapped neighbor who loves feeding the squirrels and I send her a daily picture of squirrels. Thanks for a great site. Susie.

    1. Thank you,Susie, We love squirrels too, especially Bushky Bushybottom!


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