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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Garden, Baby, and a Potting Bench..

 I just returned from CA. where I met my first ever Grandson!
He's the finest little fellow a person could ever want!
 My new title is Gramsey...borrowed from my book "Mamsey Bear and Mopkin"

         One of the Gardens was in full bloom when I left town
 It was quite an overgrown mess when I returned.
Time to pull the daisies and poppies and plant the Peppers!
 It has been so dandy having the new Potting Bench James built for me using an antique cast iron sink, old windows and chunky old table legs.

He's a mighty good man!

oops! Now how did that picture get in there?!

This potting bench holds everything!
  The flowers have been growing so well this year, that a new bouquet is possible every few days>>>
 Penstemon, Canterbury Bells, Love in a Mist, and Foxglove.
 Flanders Poppies, Daisy and Primrose
Larkspur, Peony, Pansy, Allium, Rose and Sweet Pea.

oh my gosh...there's that baby again!

He must have heard me say Sweet Pea...cuz that's what  I call him

Larkspur, Queen Annes Lace,Forget Me not, Yellow Pansy.

There's been a lot of seed to collect already.

 It's going to be a wonderful summer!


It's going to be a wonderful life!


  1. what a darling sweet pea! i am dying over that potting bench...it's perfect!

  2. What a sweet little grandson you have!!!!! He is absolutely an adorable little sweet pea.

    Love your potting bench and all of your beautiful flowers.

  3. Congratulations! He looks like a keeper! What a cutie. I want your potting bench sink in my kitchen:-) Those are the best. Your flowers are gorgeous. My garden is in an in-between stage at the moment. Things are all green but past spring flowers and prior to veggie harvest. Lavender is just opening so I'll have that soon.

  4. Such a precious grand baby! I know you must want to be with him all the time.
    I hope you have better luck with planting veggies. My tomatoes were doing so well and now one plant is turning completely yellow. Maybe too much rain?
    I need a potting bench and would love to have one just like yours. So enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Sweet pea is a very fitting name for Mamsey to call this little one. And I adore that potting bench that James built for you! Fits right in on your porch!

  6. Good morning Jeri! What a joy it is to see things grow, from flowers to babies. HAVE FUN!

  7. Congratulations! He is beautiful!
    Love the potting bench

  8. Oh it is a wonderful summer Jeri and you can put a photo or two more of your sweet pea grandson in all your posts. Have a super day. Hugs!

  9. Your little sweet pea is beautiful... it is a grandmothers priviledge to show them off. Love your potting bench!

  10. Congratulations Jeri! He is a beautiful sweet pea!

  11. What a beautiful colourful blog. I love the scenes you show and that includes the sweet little new life. Congratulations and thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. What a delicious new Grandson. Enjoy.

  13. Oh my gosh! That has got to be the most adorable little baby boy ever!! Hope there are lots more pictures to come. and that potting bench! Wow! It absolutely puts my potting bench to shame. Makes me want to go work on it, right now. Everything around your place is beautiful.

  14. I just can't get over that baby. He is just too cute! Unlike so many babies who really do generally look a lot alike, he seems to have a real personality even at this young age.

  15. Hello, I just discovered your blog and loved it!!! You have an adorable little boy there but he is so far away. I hope you get to see him often. I read somewhere that grandchildren are the reward for not killing our teenagers. I am Lynn H. On YouTube. I was looking for a way to tell you that I own the Herb book and you're right, it is wonderful. There are two older books that you might want to look for, they're both by Phyllis V. Shaudys, Herbal Treasures and The Pleasure of Herbs. They are both month-to-month guides for growing and using herbs. I think you would love them if you don't already have them.

  16. Beautiful grandson! A treasure ! Love the sink on your potting porch. I enjoy you videos


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