Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Greens in the windows, but no where else.

Winter is upon us in East Tennessee, without the beauty of snow.
The solemn greys, browns and beige seen from our kitchen window allow me to view the landscape with a completely different perspective.

Barren trees in silhouette seem even more interesting and majestic somehow; Branches and tendrils and twigs reaching towards Heaven.

Birds that were scarcely noticeable in the lushness of summer appear more visible and numerous as they flit through the skeletal remains of the coneflowers and sedum.
 The world is a different place when GREEN is gone.
Very quiet, very still.... just resting and secretly renewing itself.
The only green we have now, are the  50 cent Kale plants I rescued from certain destruction at the Co-op,
 the basket of Holly from our bushes, 
 the Romaine leaves sprouting in small dishes

 and the Rosemary Sprigs I hope to coax into rooting. 
All in the windowsill...
  All looking out upon the Grey, brown and beige landscape of winter.

From here in Hopalong Hollow, we pray your winter and your New Year will be most bountiful, renewing and beautiful.

OOPS! I've just been haughtily reminded that their IS some brilliant color in the winter landscape...
5 of them! 


  1. I love the view from your kitchen, Jeri. Beautiful rendition of Auld Lang Syne, and I didn't know you could sprout Romaine! I love winter trees, but not winter brown. That's why I wouldn't mind living where there is snow all winter. Your peacocks certainly do brighten the garden--a mobile garden in winter.

  2. Cathy, When you cut the leafs from your store-bought Romaine, leave about 4 inches of the base, put in a saucer of water and in just a few days the lettuce will begin to regrow. Within 2 weeks you can pluck leaves for your salads and it just keeps going and going! We have some snow days here, just enough. I wouldn't want constant snow, too difficult to drive in.

  3. Happy New Year Jeri. Your window looks great- both the view and the greens, oh and your 5 reminders too 😉

  4. Happy new year Jeri. I have been enjoying the posts but not been much for commenting this last year, it has been a quiet and contemplative kind of time. Much happiness, colour and joy to you x

  5. Dearest Jeri,

    How marvelous are your musings. I find that the empty and cold landscape sans snow is a winter of reflection. Yes, the twigs and branches reaching up to heaven in praise or in protest....the interpretation is up to us, isn't it? That's where poetry begins, and perhaps not just the poetry that lands on the page, but the poetry of life, the poetry of making sense of it all, or just surviving another cold day.

    May each of your days be filled with warmth and light of the soul. AND.....I love your cardinal!

  6. Wow, 5 of those colorful beauties in your gardens! That is wonderful!!!

    Today it is cloudy and rain is coming which will be ushering in another cold front for us. Wed. Thurs & Fri nights are to be right around 40 and with the wind chill factor will feel like it's in the 30's.

    I've got indoor stuff to keep me busy. BIL and I will be starting work in the living room on the 13th and hopefully finish on the 20th.

    Love seeing the different greens in your home. I spy your sweet creations too, always a joy to see and what a great view out of your kitchen window.

    May you and your dear husband have a wonderful 2018 ~ FlowerLady

  7. It is beautiful to look through that window methinks. And so it goes... Hoping the new year will be a great one for you and yours.

  8. Happy New Year, to You & Yours, Jeri!

  9. I've always loved bare trees best. I didn't know about doing that with romaine-I'm going to try it. the kale is beautiful.
    Mr. Peacock surely knows he is a handsome bird!!!

  10. Dear Jeri,

    'Tis indeed the dreariest time of year! It wonderful to have greens inside the house, though, and you certainly have lots of them in yours! Your pretty peacocks must be a delight to the color-hungry eye in winter.

  11. Happy New Year Jeri! I've missed your Hollow!

  12. So happy to have found my way here from Monnie Bean! The winter trees are so beautifully stark against the gray sky. I call them tree bones when they are like this. I love them in all seasons but sometimes wonder if winter is not my favorite tree season.
    Your art is lovely. I will defintely be back here.

    1. Vicki So nice to have you visiting here. Those "tree Bones" really add a lot to the bleakness of winter, don't they?!

  13. Dear Jeri - your view from the kitchen window is so lovely even in winter. Your Scottish music just called to my heart. How beautiful. Hope you have a lovely start to 2018. Hugs!

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