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Friday, October 14, 2016

Final touches on "the bun"

Today I finished the Back Pack...
I used green strips of leather for the straps and attached a little buckle from an old wrist-watch on the front to secure to his waist.

I had needle-felted all these vegetables to use in his basket-pack...
and then decided against it. 
His pack was too deep to do justice to the veges.. they would not be easily seen or appreciated.
Instead, we chose these:
The acorns have a golden hue, just like the ones on his vest.
In this case, the caps are real, the nuts are not. We certainly do not want little bugs making their way into the acorns.
Next he needed a cap, a green one.
None of my green wool was compatible with the color of the vest.
 As gorgeous as these greens are, I want  a shade that's a bit closer to the fabric.

 That's when a wool carder comes in handy
 You can combine the wool colors on the carder and "WALLAH"!
a much closer match.
A needle-felted derby
 with a feather...or two,
makes a gentleman feel rather dapper.
Last but not least; whiskers and a tail... and I nearly DID forget that tail.
 He is finished and has a fine name...
He will introduce his fine self tomorrow at the online show. 
 I spent around 35 hours on this fella. We artists and crafts-folk often have the most difficultly in knowing what to charge for our work. Many of you know what I mean.
Here is what I take into consideration: Hours, material costs and professionalism.
Hours are self explanatory, how much do you think you should be paid for your time?
 Material costs: In my case, these include; armature,threads, stuffing, fabrics,glass eyes and wool, Vintage millinery, and Mohair.   Much of my wool is free because I have sheep...but I still have to shear the sheep and clean the wool.Mohair is unbelievably expensive, up to $150 per yard. Most of my other materials are fairly reasonable.
Professionalism: By this I mean, the years spent perfecting ones art. When I was a new artist, I did not charge nearly what I do now, for any of my work; that includes painting, paper-cutting,and stitchery. But after spending over 30 years as an artist, one has earned at least a little clout... maybe even a little respect as an artist, (at least one hopes)
With all that said, I've yet to settle on a price...( I told you it was difficult!)
I honestly do not know if he will sell, as this online show is a new venture for the group. 
If he doesn't sell, I am fine with it, frankly, I'd like to keep him around for awhile!
 Please check in again tomorrow, Saturday at 10:00 at the Early American Folk Art and trades Marketplace here:
 You can meet the Un-named bun in his entirety and learn his most excellent name.
Thanks to all of you for joining in the birth of a bun!


  1. For those of us not on Facebook is there no other way to see the show?

    1. Oh Dear! I thought you could look at the show even if you aren't on Facebook... I will ask about that. I will be posting my Bunny on this page, but I can't post all the other artists work, there must be a way for you to see the show.

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday New Bunnie!
    Congratulations on your new creature!

  3. Oh my gosh! He is absolutely 'dapper'.

    I'm not on FB either, but would love to see his intro and find out his name.

    This morning I opened my Bible randomly and this is the verse that was marked, and just for me at this time. Then I thought of you, and here is this post, so I'll share the verse here.

    Proverbs 31:13 ~ She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

    Pricing is very hard for me to do. I also try to keep track of hours as best I can. A lot of work (heart and soul) went into your dapper bun.

    You might be surprised, someone at this show just might fall in love with him and have to take him home with them.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Jeri, I've enjoyed seeing your process. Pricing IS difficult if you're selling to the general public. But if you're selling to a collector (and your work is definitely collector-worthy) then price will be no object to them (think Rockfellar's collection of folk art!) As always, I love your finishing touches--the clothing and accessories. Have you considered having a clothing/accessory line as one of your offerings? Seems they would take less time to make and sell very well, I should think!

    1. Cathy, It is often the collectors who purchase these from me. It is often the case, at a show, that a collector will purchase 2 or 3 at a time. And then, I may not sell another for the remainder of a fair. I don't think I could keep up with a clothing line in addition to everything else I do. Yikes!

  5. H O L Y C O W.

    Wait. Did you even make the little basket? Did you weave it?

    JERI LANDERS you are unexplainable. I can't fathom your energy!


    1. Hi Anita, Make the baskets from old hats, it is so easy to do.

  6. What a splendid chap this gentleman is! I almost expect him to start talking.

    Jeri, I would have guessed that the bunny's creation would have taken even more hours. There are so many layers to the process...let's not forget the thinking about his "character" before the physical bit begins.

    Best wishes on a fabulous success with this show. xo

    1. Frances, I probably speak to them more than they speak to me! They talk with their eyes.
      It probably did take longer than 35 hrs.when you add in all the little extras.
      Thanks for coming along for the ride. The rabbit sold in the first hour of the show!

  7. I love that backpack-another wonderful idea of yours-to use a hat!!!!
    (I'm sorry about your sheepie...my Titus is a tough old goose-she's holding her own-but I'm not used to her sitting most of the day....)
    Good luck at the sale dear-I know you'll do well!

    1. Thanks Debra, MY second rabbit is now up for sale... maybe a mouse tomorrow.

  8. Oh I love the Derby.And the backpack turned out great!
    I use my wool carder a lot. It sure comes in handy when you need a specific shade, right?
    Wow, love your needle felted veggies, I am sure you will find use for them with something else. Really like the acorns.


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