Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back to Painting

It's good  to switch gears every so often and I am happy to go from fiber and back to my painting
I made over 30 Hopalong Hollowfolk to take to this years shows.
They were pretty cute!
 The white rabbit was one of my favorites.
And the funny face kitties look pretty sweet since they got all their body parts.
This gal is about 6" tall and very light weight.
But this Puss
Is quite heavy and tall at 13".
Milo Is anxious about being adopted..he hopes to become a farm cat...because he is quite the mouser.
These and many more will be accompanying us this weekend for the Annual Berea Art and Craft show

Back to my painting...
I've  finally been able to begin painting all those illustrations for the garden book that I worked  on  over the winter.
Starting with this one:

Watercolor  and ink

For some reason,  I  love to paint vegetables

 I still have a lot more work to do on this piece!
..Hoping to finish this by tonight.


  1. Jeri, I enjoyed reading the Early American Life that you sent me. I saw you were listed in two categories and was surprised they did not include a photo of your critters in the Toys & Doll category also. It was quite a well-deserved honor to be included with all the many exceptionally talented artisans. Little Trudy Tippipaws is adorable!

    1. Cathy, glad you enjoyed the mag. The critters will be featured in the Christmas issue.

  2. Jeri~ I admire your attention to detail. In fact, I would say your art inspired me to do that with my own art. I know I could be very impatient while drawing or painting-but something in me changed. I LOVE your detail.
    The furry animals are exquisite and beyond words-I will sound as if I am trying to flatter you-which I'm not. They too have the attention to detail and fine workmanship.
    May I just say 'thank you' for your hard work-and for the love you put into your art, whatever form it takes.
    All the best to you!

    1. Debra,I'm always drawn to detailed work,and happy that I may have inspired you. It never bores me to spend hours painting moss or feathers, I just become engrossed in it!

  3. All of your needle felted critters are just amazing with such personality, Jeri. I'm looking forward to your gardening book. Your fruits and veggies are delicious. ♥

    1. Thanks Martha,They do become quite real to me. The garden book will take many more months to complete, hopefully,by early 2017.

  4. Oh Jeri, the fibre babies are all just precious. I do hope that show is indoors. I love the painted illustration too and it made me laugh to see your notes to self. It is hard to stop. Have a good show.

  5. Oh Jeri, they are just adorable I love Lilith Lemonbalm! I know she will be very loved in her new home..
    I too, really enjoyed reading the magazine you sent me.. I must purchase the Christmas Issue to see your critters featured.

    It is good to switch gears every so often, and I have switched mine once again. Your illustrations for the garden book are coming along so beautifully.. I love your color choices, and of course your never ending attention to details.
    Wishing you the best at the upcoming show..

  6. I love your illustrations so much, dare I say, even more than your fuzzy critters. I love the colours that you choose and the detail that goes into them. -Jenn

  7. Jeri, Your work is beautiful!
    The carrots in the basket look perfect for baking.

  8. Jeri Landers, you've done it AGAIN!

    You have shown us that you are multi-talented and a MASTER OF MUCH! You defy the idea of Jack of all trades, master of none....whatever you put your mind to, it does NOT take long for you to own that skill to a degree that would take the average person to reach. BRAVO.

    What a great thing to fall back into again: painting. I have learned SO much in this short amount of time that I've had off from work, with until the end of August left for me to learn.

    I have made a great discovery for myself: process vs progress. I hope that my idea is not a "cop out" but I feel I have not made any visible progress this summer as I had hoped for, but I have been counting my PROCESS as being a very important component to my future in my artistic endeavors (poetry and photography). Let's face it, without the process, progress is nil.

    HAVE A SUPER TIME with your paints!

  9. Jeri, your felted animals are the most amazing creatures....each has his own personality which is so very evident in its face! I love them all. I am so eager to read your garden book....so nose to the grindstone!!!! Hope your summer is wonderful....safe travels to all of your festivals.

  10. Dear Jeri, have a grand time at Berea...yes, hope that it's an air-conditioned show! July has really arrived here in New York this week and my .little fan is spinning away keeping the cross ventilation ventilating.

    I am sure that your felted critters are going to be belles of the ball.... Even the gents will have a full dance card.

    And that painting of gardeners and their bounty is amazing. I will supply the butter for that corn!


  11. How nice it must be to have so many different areas to move around in as you do----it keeps things interesting.

    You kitties have turned out beautifully since the basket of heads that you weren't quite satisfied with. Trudy in particular is just adorable.

    I'm looking forward to the gardening book and am glad to hear that you are back working on the illustrations for it.

  12. Your felted animals remind me of Beatrix Potter, I am sure they would be at home at Hill Top.

  13. Jeri, oh goodness the Critters are wonderful. It sure will be hard to say goodbye, as they find new homes. However, my bet is that there will be many happy homes to have the critters. They are so very special.
    Lvu, Deborah Rogers Mercy

  14. Jeri your critters are just amazing and as always I adore your painting. You certainly do paint wonderful veggies as well as the creatures that are holding them. Hope you have a great day. Hugs!

  15. I just got home from another short jaunt to see another one of our children and there in the mail was my Early American Life. Thank you, again. You were so sweet to include a spray of lavender. Lovely, lovely.


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