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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We can fly!

From my vantage point on the porch, I see this  sight every summer...little birds learning to fly. What fun!
Up in that corner of the eaves.... 
is a
What a feat! Every year they add another floor.
 After a few weeks, parents entreat their little fledglings to try those wings out!
Here, I will repeat a post I did 6 years ago... because nothing has changed, as little baby birds become aviators one by one....
 Welcome to flight school.
    " Peter Pan flight school had several graduates this week as all the wee BarnSwallow babes took to the skies!

 One by one, little birdsies held their breath and lept from the comfort and safety of their mud daubed nest and into the blue, blue skies; up, up and away! First there were 5.
 Then there were 3...
and 2...

 and 1.
But this little fellow wouldn't take the "plunge".
"I'm scared!"
Despite the encouragement of nest-mates and parents and aunties and uncles, dear little birdie number 5 remains in the nest.
 "I am ever so lonely. Where, oh where, did everyone go?"

 All of the young, new aviators swoop past  little Mr. Lonelyhearts nest, on the hour, admonishing him to:
"Come along, come along!
 It's GREAT up here, in the vast, clear skies! 
You simply won't believe your eyes!!! 
There are things called trees, and bees..... and clouds and seas!
 Other flying things to EAT, really crunchy, tasty treats! 
 Let's go!!!!!!"
 But little Mr Lonelyhearts just sits on the edge on his nest.

  This patient reporter will keep a vigilant eye and camera at the ready.... if and when birdie number 5 takes flight."
 Well , that was a few years ago, as you can see by the one-story nest. But, as I said, nothing changes; one by one the baby swallows leave the nest and swoop endlessly round and round the house with their newly discovered talent of FLIGHT!
 And, naturally, number five eventually discovers his wings.

 Here they are, stretching those wings and working up the courage to FLY!


  1. Oh Jeri, isn't it fun? I did not know they would build apartment nests. We have barn swallows occasionally, but they actually prefer bridges around her. Hope our summer is going good.

  2. Aw...what a wonderful post, Jeri.

  3. Jeri, we have a "side by side" barn swallow nest above our motion sensor lights in our car park. This year, however, it has been rented out by a pair of house finches (they are slightly red). I never knew that non-swallows would use their nests until this year. I am waiting for the little ones to pop their heads up, calling for their parents. I don't think anything has hatched yet. That four storey nest is pretty amazing! -Jenn

  4. Jeri, when our children were small we would see the swallows and nests down at the dock where we put our boat in the river. They are so sweet as courage comes to leave the nest. I love the Peter Pan Flight school at the Hollow.♥

  5. WHOOOOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I don't know where to begin...First of all, I look to you for aid to understand the nature of nature. Let me ask you this:

    1. Does the same family (children, grandchildren) of the original builder of the nest come to the same nest?
    2. HOW IN THE SAM HILL do they bring in the mud?
    3. I have a blue jay village of seven in my garden! We have never, ever seen them before on our block (we'd seen jays about 10 blocks south of us) but this year, they are in our garden. Most of them are sitting on the arbor over the water fountain. One or two may be sitting right near the water while what appears to be a male, swoops in to feed wide-mouthed females! My question is, is the the mating courtship process? Where will they build their nest? We are having a blast watching them, and WHOAH....watch out Mr. Squirrel! This poor thing just wants to climb the tree but the male SWOOPS down and gives him a swipe across the face!

    We are having such fun Jeri. We also went to a marvelous DAHLIA farm yesterday and petted the horses, enjoyed stone oven pizza, mingled with many guests, took photos of dahlias....nature by nature is rich and priceless. HAVE FUN! I will be back to see what you report!

    1. Anita, I am not sure if it is the same family each year, because the swallows don't mind using someone else's nesting area. A mating ritual would be more like a dance. It sounds to me as if your Bluejays are feeding large babies. Even after wildbirds leave the nest, the parents will continue to feed them. I've watched starlings and robins feed full-grown youngsters sitting in the grass. They may have just learned to fly and the parents still feel responsible at mealtime. Bluejays nest high in the trees.

  6. Its funny to see the nest built just big enough to fit the little birds until they are ready to fly. What if houses were built for us that way. lol
    Great post and video, and a great way to start the week! Thank you

  7. Charming! And that you were able to capture it with your camera is wonderful. I did not have my camera with me when my Westie stood 2 feet from a very young fawn. It wasn't any bigger than he was. I did not dare leave them to go inside for my camera! Gabriel would probably have just "played" with it, but I did not want to discourage its mommy from retrieving it because it smelled like dog or human!

  8. Jeri, I love this post! For weeks now, I have been fascinated by live web cams of peregrine falcon nest boxes in Bath and in Norwich, UK. Only one Norwich chick currently left in the box today. Fingers crossed. xo

  9. Dear Jeri such a sweet post. Loved it all. Thanks for resharing. Hugs

  10. Bonjour,

    C'est tellement adorable que je pourrais rester des heures à contempler un tel spectacle !
    Merci pour toutes ces merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous 🌺

  11. Wow splendid!! That is the most amazing 4 story swallow mansion I have ever seen!! What delight to watch the wonders of bird family rearing!!!
    Such great pictures too!!
    Hope your summer continues to serve joy!! Sending warmth xx oo Linnie Lou

    (We have been traveling and now I am warring with weeds)!! :-)

  12. Well I guess in every family there is at least one late bloomer.

    It looks like there isn't room for another story there in that corner will they put in a little attic and rent it out to a small family? Or maybe start another nest in one of the other corners and establish a family compound with all the cousins, uncles and aunts.

    Someone asked how they get the mud to the nest. I'd like to know as well. It's amazing when you really look at birds' nests to think about how they build such intricate things with just their beaks to work with.

  13. Oh Jeri! Visiting your blog is always a joy-especially in a crazy world. Thank you for your lovely little part of the earth! And especially for sharing it with us! bless you dear...


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