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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Harvesting and using lavender AND Winners of EAL magazine

 The 5 winners in  the drawing for a copy of Early American Life Magazine are:
Penny, Liz, Judi, Cathy, and Vic
Send your address to me, and I'll put your copy in the mail with a sprig of 
email me at: jeri@hopalonggreetings.com

I gathered a little crop of Lavender from the Potager and left 2/3rds of it still standing in the garden.
 Here is a lovely way to use the lavender from your own garden;

 Cover all the buds with your ribbon and then tie at the base.
And here you see the Lavender wands, also called Lavender Bottles;
Popular in Victorian times to scent one's drawers, lingerie and bedding.
The scent should last for years
 If you choose to dry your lavender, just gather a bunch with a band, and hang it 
upside down in a cool, dry place.

 This is my amateur adventure with Lavender:


  1. What, I missed a post about a give away? Oh how I would love to make those wands. Someday when my lavender grows enough.

  2. Thank you, Jeri! For the magazine and for doing the video--which is quite lovely. I'm glad you reminded me about the sand. I'm getting ready to move my lavender which did very well in the bed I put it in 20 years ago and now I know why--I amended our clay soil with sand. What I didn't do, though, is chop it back in the beginning. The plants have sprawled out into the walkway preventing passage along that side of my garden so I'm redoing that whole garden with little boxwoods and smaller plantings. Your lavender wands turned out so beautiful with the ribbons you chose.

  3. Jeri! I won a copy of the magazine? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Today is my birthday, so this just made my day... Thank you, thank you!
    Your lavender video was so enjoyable.. I hope my lavender is as beautiful as yours next year... And what a beautiful way to keep lavender, weaving the ribbon in and out to make a cage... I will have to remember that.
    Bless you dear friend.
    Love ya!

  4. Jeri, some years back I saw something, somewhere, that showed me how to make these traditional charming lavender cages, or boxes or baskets. I was completely intrigued, and now years later, I still don't have a garden growing lavender.

    Hope springs eternal. I also read that somewhere. xo

  5. What a lovely video and your yard and beds are simply gorgeous. Loved hearing the breeze and the birds singing. Quite the little spot of heaven you've created. Blessings!

  6. Oh Jeri, CONGRATS to all the winners, especially to OUR PENNY! YIPEEEEEEE! OK, that lavender wand....YES! What joy that you can grow your own lavender. Here in Minnesota, it just won't grow. We however, can boast PEONY success and hydrangeas! And what a June it was.

    I have a bunch of dried lavender that I've had for years. It sits on my French étagère, and every time I pass it in the butler's pantry, I get a whiff of lavender. What a magical flower, an enchanting perfume.

    Are ya enjoying the summer? I AM!

    Blessings and hugs to you Jeri Landers!

  7. Dear Jeri - first congratulations to all the winners of the magazine. I am sure they are very pleased. Wow your lavender is wonderful. Took note on what you amended your soil with because like you I have had a terrible time getting it to grow. Great too to know that keeping them from blooming the first year is important. Your hard work certainly gained you a super crop. Love your wands too. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs!

  8. I am just getting back from a trip with some girlfriends and yeah I won a copy of the magazine, Early American Life. What a treat for me plus the demonstration on lavender. Thanks for the tips. I have some in pots and now can plant outside. thanks again.

    1. Judi, Congrats! I need your address... jeri@hopalonggreetings.com

    2. I sent you an email early this am. let me know if you don't get it

    3. Sorry Judi, I can't find it anywhere, can you try again?

  9. JERI LANDERS! Thank you for strolling through my peony blog post! Wow, what a year we had in peonies! Now the hydrangeas are stealing the show along with the day lilies! Ah, this has been a marvelous summer vacation for me, and I have all of July and half of August to have fun.

    HUGS to you!

  10. First of all, congratulations on being in EAL and being honored by them! I will get that issue-it's hard to find here for some reason...I LOVE your painting Jeri...
    Your lavender patch is a prize winner too! Can't wait to see your chicken with her vest on!!!

  11. I didn't write you a thank you for picking me as a winner for the magazine. I was on vacation and I think my brain just arrived today. (After being home for three days) Thanks again and can't wait to receive it. I love being home so when I go away it takes me a long time to get my vacation out of my body and into my home down on the farm. I so enjoy your blog.


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