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Monday, December 21, 2015

With all my heart, I do impart, a Happy Christmas Tide!

December Duckling update:
 It looks like I have become Mother Duck. After rescuing the little ducklings from sure "death by freezing rain", I found myself repeating the deed only 3 days later. Gwenda had led her 7 little ducklings out of the mudroom and into a bright sunny day. I kept a close eye during the day and noticed that she was being very negligent regarding the babies, leaving them alone on the creek bank for over 2 hours, with only Fionna Goosefeathers keeping watch. I worried that she may not sit on them during the evening, but saw, to my relief, that by dusk, her ducklings were snuggled neath her warm body. Around 2 in the morning, it began to rain again, and I had restless night thinking about them. At first light, I dashed outside in the rain and there, huddled in a wet muddy puddle were 5 little shivering ducklings. 2 other, life-less ducklings, were lying a few inches away. GWENDA was at least 10ft away sitting by herself!  I scooped up every duckling in my big sweater, ran into the house and pulled a chair as close to the propane stove as I could. I dried each little body with a dry cloth and held them in my lap, warming them with my hands. Eventually, 5 little ducklings came back to life, 2 did not.
 For over an hour, the warmed babies sat in the sweater on the couch.
 I made them a temporary home in a plastic bin.
It looks like I am mama now. Gwenda couldn't care less; I can see her from the window joyously splashing in the creek.... some people are not meant to be parents.
 I see a new book here, in fact, I have been drawing the little dears all day long. And won't they make delightful little woolen characters?!
I don't mind being a Mother Duck, especially wonderful on Christmas.

  My online show is going on till January 1st, so, if you have not taken a stroll, please do. Just link on the white rabbit on the sidebar.
 I wish you a week of Christmas joy!
Here is a wonderful video to start with.


  1. Oh Jeri, what a wonderful Christmas story you have here! Thank goodness you were thinking of those poor little ducklings during the night. A story about this adventure would be wonderful!
    Your tree all decorated with your creatures is just charming and looks lovely by the stairs! Merry Christmas, dear one! ♥

  2. Oh Jeri, so sweet. Precious. The tree is breathtaking and your staircase. I see little chairs. I told you we have the same things. I want all your creations. How perfect to ring the tree. That song is my favorite Christmas song. Have the best Christmas and New Year dear friend. I'll let you know when I receive my creations. I can't wait. Gifts to myself.

  3. Ah Jeri those sweet ducklings are so blessed to have you for their new mom. Your tree is gorgeous and I just loved the video and song. Hope dear friend you have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs!

  4. You are so wonderful, Jeri. I hope their days ahead now are healthy and bright. Love your beautiful tree and your stairs make me miss my stairs from our old house. So fun to decorate at Christmas. I wish you and your family (furry & feathered ones, too) a joyous and peaceful Christmas, Jeri. Hugs, deb

  5. Jeri,
    Could those little ones have found a better Mom? I think not... They are truly blessed to have you... You know, when you first mentioned that you were taking care of them after the sad demise of the two, I thought this may evolve into book. They are as sweet as can be.
    I absolutely love your tree, and looks so wonderful with your creatures all around.
    Thank you for sharing the video. I truly enjoyed.
    Merry Christmas dear friend,
    Love and blessings,
    Penny and Bebe

  6. Lucky little ducks! I loved the heartwarming story about the ducklings. Your tree is gorgeous! Merry Christmas....

  7. I'd been right there with you ... Thanks for being a good mom

  8. You are a wonderful Momma Duck. Bless your heart.

    They are so cute and I can just see them in a book and as little critters created by you.

    Wishing you well with your online sale ~ FlowerLady

  9. Those little babies certainly are lucky ducks! With you as a stand-in Mama they have a good future stretching out in front of them. Will you have to teach them to swim? That could be interesting. Maybe Fiona could take over some of the teaching chores. You will have to have a heart to heart talk with her about the possibility of splitting up the job.

    1. Vic, No one needs to teach ducklings to swim, they take to the water immediately. These babies have a "starter pool", a mud box and lots of greens...all in their large contained bin....which they will outgrow in another week. When they feather out, I will be able to re-introduce them to the great outdoors, and I KNOW that Fionna will take over.

  10. I'm glad you were able to save some of the ducklings. It would have been a total disaster if you'd not been able to and I'm sure you would have felt very badly. I love your tree! It looks perfect with your critters surrounding it. I hope your Christmas is happy and peaceful.

  11. Bless you for saving the ducklings! You are a wonderful mother.
    Your charming tree is beautiful.

  12. Oh Jeri, OUCH......those poor two that did not survive...but YOU WILL IMMORTALIZE THEM! I think your idea of a story is apropos. All life is worthy of a story. My goodness, there are some creatures that just shouldn't be parents, that is for SURE! Your little charges will be so grateful to you, their new MUMMY! HAPPY DAY and happy holidays my dear and extremely talented friend! (Your tree is surrounded by the most gorgeous creations)


  13. This is such a sweet happening-you are so good! I will love hearing about how they grow up.
    Much love to you and the duckies!

  14. Jerri, Thank you for sharing this lovely Christmas post. Unfortunately you are right, there are some who are not cut out for parenthood. The video is one of my favorites! I found it last year and have pulled it up several times this season. Hugs and wishes for a very joyous Christmas.

  15. I am quite certain that your tree is my all time favorite! Just stunning! Five little lucky ducklings... Yes, their story must be told, and who could do it better than the Mistress of the manor at Hopalong Hollow!

  16. MERRY CHRISTMAS Dearest Jeri and James!!!
    Oh how WONDERFUL your tree looks ~so alive~ with the wonderful Hollow Critters!!! And those ducklings just woo and mooshy my heart!!
    Sending LOVE and warm thoughts to you for the Holidays!!!
    Many BLESSINGS and JOY, Linnie and the GarBear :-D

  17. Yes, they will think you're mama. But what a lovely Christmas present! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog very much.

  18. Yes, they will think you're mama. But what a lovely Christmas present! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog very much.

  19. Your tree is beautiful, Jeri! You make everything so warm and charming! Happy New Year!

  20. Merry Christmas Jeri! Oh Gwenda, *shaking head* I'm glad you were able to save the others, sorry about the two. I find it so strange when you see the odd animal rejecting parenthood. It's pretty unusual. I saw it when I had a pet mouse when I was in elementary school, though. Nature is a peculiar thing! Those ducklings look all snuggly and fluffy in your sweater!

  21. What a very beautiful Christmas story ! Poor little ducklings ! Fortunately you were here...They are healthy now and they are warm. I hope you had a great Christmas, I wish you a sweet and wonderful year 2016, full of creation and success.
    Happy New Year Jeri !


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