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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

In the toy shop....I mean Studio

 It was recently requested of me to supply pictures of my Studio for a publication..
So I cleaned it.
 and took a few pictures.
It looks pretty nice here.
 It won't stay tidy  for long however, so I may as well save the pics for posterity.
The above picture was taken  last week.
 and the one below is what the same desk looks like today
Oh well...sigh.
When I'm in the studio, I feel like I am working in a toy shop , and in a way, I am...
 because this is a really fun place to be!

Above the supplies are so many goodies!

Everywhere you look, are the reflections of the past, seen through the objects owned by children a century ago. (The stuffed bunnies and bird were made by me though)

 I have collected antique games, toys and storybooks for over 25 years
I love the simplicity and charm of old toys
You would think that all this stuff would be distracting, and to many people this would amount to a lot of unnecessary clutter, but I am inspired to be surrounded by such utter happiness..

All other  supplies are put out of sight in cupboards and drawers.

Until i need them.

 I was so excited recently, to find this jolly little  Gypsy wagon!
Look at those cute railings and the cunning little door

I can fit a whole lotta Hopalong Hollowfolk into this little vehicle.
It  fits right into the "toy shop" studio, and what a fabulous prop this will make for art shows.

Is it any wonder, with all these delightful items around me that I can't stop creating art in many forms?

i Am sure that you fellow artists, needle-workers and craftsmen surround yourselves with the things you love in your studio space as well. 
Inspiration can be found in many places.
 In my case, I only need to walk into my Studio.
 Even when it is a mess.


  1. What an enchanting room, Jeri. You certainly don't have to be a child to want to spend some time there. I love antique toys, too. I love that your desk today, no matter how busy, holds a calming cup of tea for you. Such a fun post. :) Deb

  2. Oh Jeri, your studio is just wonderful! I do love all the old games and toys that surround you as you create magic. It is an artist's dream to work among all the things that one loves. Oh, your furnishings in this room are just perfectly beautiful. ♥

  3. Good evening dear friend.
    May I come and sit in your studio with you? I am inspired just looking at the photos here.
    Your antique spool cabinet is just beautiful! I think this is my favorite piece.. I love that you have all your creations around you... It is just so inspiring. And your kitty! Amazing, Jeri....
    Looks just like your illustration.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful studio, and all the wonders that you have created and collected over the years.. What a joyful place to create!

  4. Bonjour cher Jeri,

    Un atelier rempli de charme et de romantisme où naissent tant de merveilles !
    Merci de nous montrer ses moindre recoins... Une manière de nous entraîner au pays des rêves.

    Gros bisous ♡

  5. OH JERI LANDERS! It's best when it's a mess, that's my motto! And this is my dream:

    PENNY and ME, we'd visit you for lunch on the porch, tea in your parlor, a tour of the barns and a drawing lesson. Then a tour of all the creatures you have created. I am so glad there are artists in the world. What would we do without the dreams of an artist?


  6. Oh my gosh Jeri! What a wonderful place to create. Everywhere you look there is something to inspire you. Thanks for sharing.

    I love the cat you are creating!!!!


  7. what an enchanting place! i too decorate my personal areas with things i love and i am inspired by them. my potting shed is one of my favorite place but my husband has taken it over recently and that is about to change! he is being booted out of there!

  8. what a wonderful place to work - not surprising such amazing things come out of that room!

  9. Reading your wonderful blog is like being in a vintage toy shop!

  10. Always love looking around the house with you. Laughed when I saw the before and after. If you ever can bring yourself to make Esther, I would love one. I'll never forget her and her story.

  11. Your studio is very cozy....a real nest of creativity! In fact, your studio looks like your paintings. What publication is your studio going to be featured in?

    1. Cathy, I shouldn't say until I know if they're going to publish it for sure. But, it's a really nice magazine....

  12. The toy shop...a place where no one could be less than HAPPY! Wish I could come play!

  13. I love the before and after shot. Entropy obviously reigns here. Actually I would say it is more controlled chaos.

    The little gypsy cart is just adorable.

  14. Jeri, I am a bit tired after a bunch of working days, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed having this lingering glimpse of your studio. It's fabulous...both when cleared for photos, and even better when filled with ongoing creativity.

    It's grand that you've found and are using so many vintage storage fixtures. They really do add to the atmosphere.

    I've got a few days off on the horizon (along with a dentist appointment) but want to return here for another longer look. It will most likely turn me very green...hopefully a delicate shade of spring green.


  15. Every time I pick up a copy of "Where Women Create" I think to myself "When will I see Jeri in here"!! I hope that is where you will be! But any magazine would be more then fortunate to feature you!! :-)
    I love to look at all your surroundings and it is so INSPIRING!!! It makes me want to draw and make something!! (I think that the Old Junk Lady from the movie Labyrinth has visited my studio! Now I want to clean it up...but then I will not find anything)!!!
    I especially liked hovering over your desk, and wonder about those interesting scissors?? Do they hold thread?
    Oh Jeri it was so much fun visiting your WONDERFUL place of creation!! I just LOVE all your Critter-Folks, and seeing the stages as they come to LIFE!!! ((You are AMAZING))!! :-D
    Lot's of Love, Linnie Lou

  16. I love to see other artists studios. They are so much a reflection of the work and personality. Yours is heavenly! I hardly ever show my studio. It is not exactly a place I want to work in but so very grateful to have a large room for the looms. I always have a mess of fabric, fiber and bits and pieces but it is home to my most favorite pie safe stuffed with wool fabric.
    I loved your little wagon!

  17. Linnie, Those little pewter scissors in front? They have an acorn shape in the middle, love those scissors! It's not the mag you mention. I am reluctant to tell the magazine, because so often these things fall through and nothing ever happens. It is often the case, so I take it with a grain of salt.

    1. Well, I am still so excited for when this mag will come out!! (And will still pick up that other one and look for you in there too)!! :-) xxoo

  18. What a joy it was to get to tour your studio! I too collect old toys and whatever whimsical treasure I cannot say no to. Loved everything! Especially the pictures when you were at work (play!). Thank you so much!!

  19. I love your studio! It is not cluttered at all, and the works in progress make it look even more enchanting. Your collections reflect you, and so does your lovely art-in all the forms you make it!

  20. I love your studio, and the new little gypsy wagon is adorable! I have a soft spot for antique and vintage children's toys. I have several little collections in my sewing room and throughout the house. It just makes me happy to be surrounded by things that I love. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh crumbs Jeri, I have always loved seeing pictures of your home and work space, but these are to die for! So many treasures and of course, your own wonderful work, just beautiful.

  22. Thank you for the tour! such a beautiful and inspiring space.

  23. I love everything in your studio!

  24. Dear Jeri,

    What a lovely studio to make a lovely mess in! You are just getting better and better at your animals; Tasha Tudor would be envious of your skills. :)

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your creative space, and good luck with the magazine feature! Let us know when it's a done deal!



  25. What an enchanting workspace! I truly enjoyed the pictures of your studio!

  26. I love your storybook studio. That spool cabinet is wonderful. One day I shall find one for my studio. All the critters peeking about makes me smile big. Hugs!

  27. so lovely to see your work space again, your toy shop.
    loved seeing your palette, that is always fun. Do you have a brand of watercolors you like to use? i love Daniel Smith. But have not tried most of them.

    such a charming space!

  28. Tammie, I use 3 different brands, Sennelier, Windsor Newton, and Schmincke Horadam. I love all of these for the colors and quality. I've never tried Daniel Smith but always open to something new.

    1. Maybe one day pick one or three of your favorite colors of DS and give it a try. They also are wonderful quality.

  29. Oh Jeri seeing your studio was such fun. Every thing just has your lovely personality written on it. Thank you for the wonderful tour. Hope you have a super week.


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