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Thursday, January 1, 2015

dolly chooses her name..as do others

       First I wish to thank you for all the  names you presented to the unnamed dolly, you are such good sports to participate! Talk about feast or famine, dolly went nameless for 30 years and suddenly she has nearly 50 beautiful choices.  Here, I present to you the variety that dolly dear had to choose from; Via email we have: Victoria Rose Hedwig of Landers, Martha Jane, Victoria, Penelope, Miss Tilly, Dolly, Louisa Mae, Little Nell,  Emily Grace, Adelaide or Heidi or Hedda, Hannah Louise, Wilhemina Grace, Lucille. From the comment section are the following names:   Miss Ida Redfern,  Ruby Sapphire,  Arabella Sparrow, Araminta, Winnie, Winifred or Beatrice,  Edith, Zelma Jeanette, Onetta Alberta, Violet May, Isabella or Bella, Phoebe, Jo, Sioban, (Vic, who DO you pronounce it?)  Miss Millicent Ivy,  Felicity, Jessamine Grace, Myrtle Marie,  Victoria (very popular!), Euphanie Trueblood, Sophronia Rose, Emmeline Amelia, Mary, Beatrice, (twice), Victoria (3 times!), Rebecca or Emily, Martha or Pearl and last but not least Lilly Lucille.
      This is a treasure trove of most worthy names, a confused dolly had a very difficult time picking only one. She finally narrowed it down to 5 names but I insisted she could only have ONE.
                                                             Dolly chose:
                              "Arabella Sparrow", Isn't that A SWEET name?
                                                I wish it were MY name.
                                          Thanks to Lori of Notforgotten Farm
         Since there were so many names leftover, 2 more little dolls requested a new moniker. One of the Southern Belles, tired of being, merely, Southern Belle #2, insisted on a first name as well :
Does she not look just like a Miss Millicent Ivy? Thanks to Linnie of "The Butt'ry and Book'ry"
   And this little gal, who's been going by the name of Plain Jane for ever so long, requested something a bit more upper class....
 Thank you  Betsy from Boone, VIA EMAIL.
And, there was one more lady without a name here in the Hollow.  In Spring, when the pea-chicks hatched, I kept one little female, now full grown and divinely lovely....
Her new name has become:
 A noble name for such a fine bird. Thank you  Charlotte from"Chest of Delights"
Winners, Choose your own prize from the following:
 Any signed unframed print on my website; go here to look:
 Any of my signed books from my website here: 
 A hand-cut silhouette under glass with either a sheep, a bird or a Stitching lady. I created these to be used as bookmarks, but most wear them as pendants. They also make very nice floss keeps if you put a Ring on the end. Winners, please email me with your choice of prize and your shipping address. 

    Again, I thank everyone for the great names.

 I wish I could choose them all, but rest assured that no names will go to waste; just wait till spring when l baby ducklings hatch, and new peachicks and  goslings ; I will have a plethora of names to choose from. I see right now, from my window, a fat white duck who looks just like a Miss Ida Redfern, and a Blond hen who passes quite nicely as Wilheminia Grace. So, don't be surprised if one of my critters ends up sporting a name supplied by you.
          And here is wishing you a wonderful new year, may 2015 be a very good one for all.


  1. I love the names your dollies have chosen! Congratulations to all the winners! Happy New Year to you and your family, Jeri! ♥

  2. My youngest granddaughter's name is Arabella... so you know which name I am soft on.
    ...and your bird pendents are adorable!!!xo

  3. Such inventive names! You really must have had a hard time choosing amongst them. And your prizes are wonderful. Arabella looks fabulous in her new hat and dress.

  4. Good names all, I would say. How did the dollies & peacock ever manage to decide? I guess sometimes you" just know".

    Siobhan is pronounced shi-VAWN

    The only reason I know how to pronounce it is because a girl in my son's graduating class had that as a name so all the kids in that group knew how to pronounce it. Must be hard to live with though.

    1. Vic, I sometimes sign a book to someone with a celtic name, and am always amused at the pronunciation.

  5. Very beautiful choice of names ! I like Arabella Sparrow, it's nice.
    I wish you a sweet, healthy and creative New Year 2015, Jeri,with many hapiness.

  6. Oh my stars & garters! I an SO happy that she picked the name Arabella Sparrow!
    ~ it just seemed to suit her so well....how fortunate she is to live in the Hollow with all of the characters there!
    Thanks for the fun Jeri & the Happiest of New Year's to you!

  7. Happy New Year Jeri ~
    your such a doll.
    May 2015 be full of cheer and creativity.
    xox Willow

  8. Oh Weeeeeeeeee!! YAYEEEEEEEE!!! HOW FUN!!!!
    Oh that pretty little girl does look just like a Miss Millicent Ivy!!
    Thank you !! Heee HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    Much warmth Many Blessings and Love, xxx ooo Linnie

  9. Loved all the names and why didn't I know about this contest? Oh well, the best in the new year to you dear Jeri.

  10. I love all your dolly's new names, they are all wonderful! The names fit them all very well. I am hoping you and all of your wonderful critters have a blessed New Year! Lisa

  11. What lovely names for your sweet girls.

    Have a wonderful 2015 dear Jeri ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  12. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Dolly got her name, and THEN SOME! The other gals from the clan are now named, including that fabulous BIRD! Oh Jeri, you are a load of fun! What fabulous names are here....I see my suggestion made the list! teeee

    Your prizes are fabulous. Those silhouettes under glass are OUT OF THIS WORLD fabulous!

    Lucky winners. And thank you as well sweet friend, for coming to comment. Yes,I do believe you have been with me since the beginning! What I love is that though I am a clueless city gal and you are a seasoned country woman, we meet at some point. Love for animals, belief in the unheard but truly articulate animal kingdom, and play are the bonds that keep us in awe. Thank you for all the fun, the inspiration and eye-opening art you give us. BIG HUGS to you and all the critters (and dollys!) Anita

  13. Congratulations to the Winners! Beautiful names.
    Happy New Year!

  14. I love your dolls and the lovely names they chose for themselves. Blessings in the new year to you and yours my friends. Huggs ♡

  15. Dear Jeri,
    First, I love your new header! It is one of your painted paper cuttings, yes?
    I love that name, "Arabella Sparrow! All the dollies received such beautiful names... What fun. I always have such a time thinking of names...
    Congratulations to the lucky winners!!! What amazing works of art... How exciting, and very generous of you...
    Happy New Year Jeri.
    Love and blessings,

    1. Penny, That IS a painted papercutting I did many years ago, but still one of my favorites.

    2. I thought so, I love it!
      And yes, I am feeling much better.. Thank you. You are so right, I need to send Bebe off on Adventures this summer.. I best tell her to pack her bags..

  16. Love them all, especially the Pea Chick's name. ;) Happy New Year Jeri!

  17. ~ Hi Jeri, I just found your beautiful blog. Your artwork is beautiful & blog inspiring. Thank you for sharing your joy & talents. Wishing you a blessed day! ~All My Best, Kimberly

  18. Well how wonderful. Those names just fit the dolls. The girls are looking good. :)


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