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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Music to our ears

      Is there anything more universal than a love of music? I think not. Although our tastes in tunes vary from person to person, there is one thing for certain: music has the power to overwhelm, to excite, to entice, calm and entrance us.
       I have my own little  gathering of musical instruments which I've taught myself to play, but I am no musician. I am simply able to pull together a few tunes on my lap harp, my flute and my psaltery.

This I do in the quiet corner of my bedroom, so as not to disturb anyone. It is simply for my own pleasure... the pleasure of creating music; but as I said, I am no musician. Therefore I have great admiration for those who really are musically inclined. Just as some have artistic talent, or talent for writing, some people have a gift for music, whether singing, composing or playing an instrument, we are so grateful for those with a gift for music.
What brought about these thoughts today? I was packaging some art to take to our show in York,Pa. this coming weekend, with "Pandora, (online music) playing one lovely melody after another, when one of my favorite musical compositions began to play. I had to stop what I was doing, for this hauntingly beautiful opus always stops me in my tracks and leaves me breathless. I will reveal the song below.

Although my musical tastes run the gamut from Celtic to 1940's Big Band and many other styles in between, it seems some of the most incredible music ever made is that created for Movie Soundtracks and so, without further adieu, please listen to some of the most incredible sound tracks ever made.... in my humble opinion.
Please put on your headphones for maximum pleasure and indulge in something uplifting, exciting, slightly sad and exhilarating for your ears!
First is the theme song from
 "ROB ROY",  great movie and an amazing composition, so beautiful.

Next in line is the powerful theme song from "Band of Brothers". Whenever we watch this set of 9 discs, James wants to fast forward  to the movie, but I must  hear this majestic theme song that plays at the beginning of each disc. You may not be interested in  World War II stories, ( I am), but you cannot deny the strength and glory of this music.

Another fantastic movie with incredible soundtrack, "The Last of the Mohicans".  The beauty begins at :39; then, at around  3:30 things get really exciting and it just gets better and better!  Of course, it doesn't hurt if you've actually watched the movie, which I highly recommend. It's incredible to experience music like this with an amazing script and fabulous acting.

Good grief, I'm on a roll! How's about the soundtrack from "Out of Africa".
It takes awhile to set up the scene, but hang in there, the music starts at 2:24 and really  hits you by 3:56, WOW!
Perhaps you find the love story in Titanic a bit corny, but the theme song is anything but.
 I can't deny this makes me tear up. If you really want to be touched by this music watch the second  video beneath it, same music with photos of Titanic passengers

 And, if you are still with me this is the song I mentioned at the beginning. Years ago, I had fallen asleep with the television on late one night only to be awakened by this haunting music from the movie "Sophies Choice" I sat straight up in bed, Oh my gosh, what IS this song??! "Ample Make my Bed", the movie is heart-wrenching, as is the soundtrack.

Cider House Rule

And now, for a lighthearted and happy ending, the theme song from" Nicholas Nickleby".
This one  is delightful, I even recorded it for one of my own videos.

 I could go on and on, " Braveheart", "Cider House Rules", etc. etc,  Music, music music!
Please feel free to add to this list.
 I will be back to posting more frequently after my last show of the year, Thanksgiving weekend. Till then, Fondly from the Hollow, Jeri


  1. Dear, dear Jeri LANDERS! You struck a chord with my heart (like always) but music is the blood that runs through my veins. Like you, I do NOT consider myself a musician, for I never trained for it. My dad was a piano teacher and insisted I take piano with him. I refused. Rather, I danced on the living room floor while he played Chopin, Debussy and Mozart. I fell in love.

    To this day, like you, I play my harp for my own enjoyment. Some things are reserved only for us. And when I composed a blog post, it always comes on the heels of having been moved and lifted by a piece of music.

    Your choices here are STUNNING, and I agree that these are some of the most beautiful soundtracks ever made. There is one especially from the wedding scene in Braveheart that I love and always makes me cry; the oboe in that piece is otherworldly and that is how I like it, thank you very much.

    What an uplifting post for me today, as I enter into the workplace where the only "music" is the sound of the French language being learned by a bunch of pretty great teenagers. MUCH LOVE! Anita

  2. Oh my Gosh!! I was sooo excited to see this post!!
    I sure have missed you Jeri !!!

    LOVE, LOVE love all of your choices !!!
    But I must say Last of the Mohicans is one of my very very favorites!! ( I am playing your selection now!!!
    HubbyBear and I always bring the soundtrack on road trips ;-) And the MOVIE!! Never got tired of it yet!
    Here are a few of my favs
    Jane Austen sound tracks (Pride and Prej)
    Little Women
    Lark Rise to Candleford (because we are watching it again now)
    and Downton Abby (good stuff there)
    Cold Mountain
    Foyels war :-)
    Music is constant companion for me, and I and always so thankful to live in this era just for the electronics to make it possible!!
    Thinking of you warmly Many Blessings, Linnie

  3. I love the soundtrack from Saving Sarah Cain, most especially Prayer Changes Everything......so pretty and peaceful. Your many talents are amazing. I hope to one day learn to play the guitar. Blessings, and have a most blessed Thanksgiving Day

  4. Dear Jeri - I have to say your taste in music is " music to my ears". I thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone of these soundtracks. Makes me want to revisit them again. Especially moved to see the ones lost on the Titanic. Very haunting indeed. Thank you for taking the time to download these and to share. Hope your show goes well next weekend. Have a lovely Thanksgiving as well. Hugs!

  5. Dear Jeri,
    What a fantastic post!
    First, I must say that your beautiful illustrations just make my heart dance! You are such a strong inspiration for me.

    Your choice in music is so close to mine... I have never sat down to listen to Titanic without tears.. I love Home from the Hills and the soundtrack to Band of Brothers, (also the movie) I enjoy World War II stories also...

    I played the flute as a young child... I was not very good, but enjoyed it.. I can't say that my parents enjoyed it. A lot of squealing coming out of my room while learning. Celtic music is one of my favorites...
    Wishing you the very best the show this weekend... Safe travels dear friend... Please know I keep you close in my heart.
    love and blessings,

  6. p.s. The theme song from Nicholas Nickleby" is simply delightful!
    Thank you for taking time to share.

  7. Music has the ability to stir our souls. I absolutely love music. It is quite difficult for me to listen to some selections as I get quite emotional. The theme from Titanic is one of them for sure. It always reminds me of my Mother. I know, it's supposed to be about romantic love, but for me it reminds me that her heart lives on in me! I hope your show goes well and a happy Thanksgiving to you! ♥

  8. Beautiful JERI LANDERS! Good morning to you, you great artist, you. Thank you for hopping on over to my post, to greet me so beautifully. Yes my friend, I believe that in the middle of this harsh world, we are given the gift of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE, not only for spiritual reasons, but most of all, for LIVING LIFE NOW. Without that imagination, how in the world can we even take the next step to growth? And my student is a high school student....probably the age explains a lot as to why it's harder to get the imagination started, but do you know that NOW, as this class is working on a project to present a report on an interesting person of their choice, that he is coming alive with laughter and joy and writing his ideas down? I tell ya, the teacher has to have just as much or even more imagination in her than she requires of her students. That is for sure.

    PEACE! Anita

    1. Anita, this is terrific news about the young man! My heart feels blessed to hear about it.

  9. Great post, Jeri! I'm eager to check out all the other suggestions people are making. I believe we all have a "theme" song for our lives, if we'd just take the time to listen it for it.

  10. Hi Jeri,
    How sweet of you to wander over and say hello to Oliver... Thank you my dear friend for your encouraging words.
    Love and blessings,

  11. Nothing better than music to lift our spirits and take us away on a magical adventure. I love all of these. Hope you are having a wonderful autumn my friend. I think of you all the time. :)

  12. Thinking of you Jeri,
    Hoping that you and James have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
    Blessings,Love and warmth, Linnie

  13. Dear Jeri, we love nothing better than driving our Nevada highways with John Barry's soundtracks providing the uplifting background! Great selection of favorites you've given us--now it's on to Christmas with a month-long celebration of carols while we cook, shop, smile and laugh our way from day to day.

    At our house we play piano, guitar, trombone, violin and ukelele--not well, but with enjoyment!


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