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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Garden joy! And.... a garden renovation video

A few years ago I needed to write a bit of garden verse for the center of an art piece I was working on..  But  the verse just went on and on and on and I could only fit a few lines into the art work. 
 So; in honor of this years gardens and gardeners and the month of August, I present the verse in it's entirety. All photos are from my gardens this year.

With loving hands a garden is made;
 diligent labor with sickle and spade.

From rich black earth, their comes rebirth;
 as Spring doth come to call.
 Jonquil and Violet sweeten the air; 
the copse and grove no longer bare,

 but covered in greens beyond compare...
and throngs of Daffodil. 

 Then march the Buttercups over the hill
Roses and Lavender, Thyme and Dill
 "Alas, the Earth will not be still!" the little robins sing.

And in the sultry summer's heat
 The happy daisy faces greet
us...... with a smile
a symphony of bloom.
  Bees do hum, cicadas strum,
the tune of the woodpecker beats like a drum. And Queen Anne's face
 all dressed in lace,
bids everyone to come!

Come to the garden, come one come all!
Morning glory meandering over the wall,
 Until in lushness it doth fall
 in heaps upon the ground.


On a Periwinkle carpet our feet do tread
 Old Joe Pye towering over our head,
Above and beneath us,
wondrously spread,
 The impeccable joy of the garden!
Jeri Landers

  I hope you've had a glorious gardening season, it seems sad we are nearing the end of it in many parts of North America, too soon. But for those of you in other  locales who have just begun to dig in the soil, Cheers!

  Here is the Garden Renovation  video I made while re-creating the poor garden destroyed by the fallen Walnut Tree.


  1. Dear Jeri,
    It is so hard to believe how quick this season has passed! Oh I so enjoyed the verse and images of your garden as it unfolded through the season! What joy to be in among the natural pallet of your world!
    Looking forward to the video :-D
    Many Blessings, Linnie

  2. Jeri, that is as lovely as your garden. Truely lovely. Thank you so much for sharing the Hollow,
    Looking forward to the video,
    Deborah R Mercy

  3. That is so beautiful, Jeri.

  4. You make it look so natural and easy, but gardeners know how truly hard it is. One must be an optimist to put so much trust in mother nature and her gardens. I swear I don't know how you do it all.

  5. OMG, that was beautiful! It would take me 1000 years to come up with a verse like that.

    The beginning of your verse reminds me of the motto of my hometown "art is the handmade of human good" isn't that beautiful? I've always love it!

  6. Poetry is even sweeter when recited ALOUD. I read this aloud and Jeri, I feel like dressing up like one of Jane Austin's characters and reciting your poem while I romp in my garden! I DO! Oh the love of words, the feeling of sibilants and consonants rolling in my mouth....I have a love jones for words that have a rhythm! Absolutely lovely my dear and talented friend.

    I am thrilled because my moon flower vine FINALLY showed me some HUGE blooms last night! We were outside last evening for our National Night Out block party, and at dusk, we walked back into our backyard, passing the birdhouse (where our wren, FLO had her chicks) and lo and behold, there were at least SIX open blooms, facing the dark sky, shining like the moon.

    Thank you for this fabulous tour of the work of your hands. Anita

  7. What a lovely poem and wonderful photos from your gardens. Thoroughly enjoyed by this one who lives in tropical s.e. FL. I sat here with a big smile on my face, and my heart inspired to work more in my gardens, especially when cooler weather comes.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  8. lovely verse and wonderful photos, thanks for sharing both with us this morning. Oma Linda

  9. Such a lovely garden-I love all the structures you have. I know this is off the topic, but Fionna in her hat always makes me smile!

  10. Hi Jeri,
    I love your poem and beautiful photos of the garden... You have really accomplished so much this summer... Your garden is a feast for the eyes..
    I can't get over the beauty in the Hollow..
    I think this particular art piece is one of my favorites of yours..
    Be back soon to see if the video is here,.
    love and blessings my dear friend..

  11. I loved the poem and seeing your garden along with it. It is all going much to fast Jeri. I am looking forward to the Country Fair again this year but I wish it would all slow down a bit. Seems like it has only begun.

  12. Wow, Jeri, how absolutely amazing!

    Love the verse and your garden photos. Is the little runaway still at the home place?

    What a treat. I, too, will look for your video. Like you, I can hardly believe summer is drawing to a close.

  13. Your gardens really are quite lovely!

  14. JERI LANDERS, hey babe, how ya doin'........


    Thank you so much for coming on the dance floor with ME at the American Swedish Institute! Oh Jeri, you would enjoy this place and the other fantastic places of interest here in Minneapolis. My next stop is the Oliver Kelly Farm where they do reinactments and have farm animals and hay rides and......oh the fun.

    You asked how I do it (stay in relatively top form)? KEEP MOVING! Thank you kindly dear friend...at 56, my mind is still 25 but the hips are starting to ache. Hmmmm....I think it's in my lower back, then radiating down my hip to my thigh. But lots of dance in my life and a love to leap keeps me going!

    You are just precious. OH! You should see my moon flower vine at night - striking! Then my morning glories in the morning...sky blue. LOVE!

  15. Wonderful garden et wonderful work.
    Thank you for share it here.
    Nice summer Jeri !

  16. Jeri, I would have commented earlier, but your video inspired me so much I had to rush out into my garden just to be in it and got sidetracked picking weeds and deadheading until it grew too dark. Lovely post! Thank you.

  17. Hi Jeri,
    This is what I was waiting for, your video... Oh Jeri, you have done such a beautiful job with the garden.. So much work in the pathways alone, not to mention planting.. I just love lemon balm and cone flowers.. Lavender, I love it, but cannot get it to grow here.
    You are so right, next year it will all be lush as can be.
    Thank you Jeri, for putting this beautiful video together for all to enjoy.. I know I did!

  18. Back this morning to join you in the garden

    1. hey Penny! So glad to see you in the garden.

  19. Oooo now this video left me with the most gratified peaceful feeling!! And a BIG HUGE !!
    I believe this movie (and the others) will come in handy during the winter when there isn't enough sun, a perfect remedy for the no sun winter blues! ( ooo how dear to see a Great Pyr walking near you, how I do miss my dearest Charmin who is in heaven now)... I hope neither of those big boys will take to out side the gates from now on!!
    A lot of diligent work and love has gone in to your remake, and it looks wonderful!
    Many Blessings and Love, Linnie

  20. opps that was supposed to say big huge SMILE :-D

  21. Wow....your gardening style is just amazing! Kindly, Tammy ~ Scattered Seed Samplers

  22. Thank you Jeri, your beautiful post has really brightened my day!!

  23. Jeri,
    You know, your beautiful photos would make such lovely paintings... May I give it a try one day?

  24. Jeri, I've been away and just now visited your lovely garden. Thank you for the video and your calming explanations of the process. I can't wait to get back into my own garden and play. ♥

  25. You know your thoughts are always appreciated... Thank you so much Jeri, I am so happy you find the roses pleasing to the eye.

  26. Hi Jeri!

    My life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks and you have just transported me to your peaceful Hopalong Hollow and all is well with the universe!! Your poetry and your garden remodel has been so wonderful on this blessed Sunday morn. Thank you!

    You have created such a perfect dreamlike haven Jeri. I love every bit of it. I had a lovely garden at our family home and I know how much work it is to create and maintain. you've done a marvelous job!!

    Blessings & hugs, Edie Marie

  27. You new garden so lovely. Thanks for sharing the video!


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