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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Before and after Garden beds and the winner of the Bird print...

Garden vignettes in May

 Isn't it amazing the difference a month can make in your garden?!

Below is the little garden bed as it looked when I filmed it 3 weeks ago..

And here we see how it has grown in a few weeks.
 I told you it would fill in with lush growth, and it did.

 Here is a before shot of a bed I worked on in early April.

 It is bursting at the seams and the yellow primrose hasn't even bloomed yet, nor the bee balm,or foxglove.

 When your growth is this thick, you needn't worry about mulching. The plants will take care of sneaky weeds AND help to keep in moisture .
Here it is a week later...

 This wild rose bush below was just a little 10 inch squirt when I "liberated" it from the woods last year. It has fragrant white flowers, behind it is a climbing rose.
This is what it means to make your native plants work for you.

Now that rambling wild rose is traveling up and over the cedar arbor with joyous exuberance. 

Wild and Crazy is my garden style.
Why do I have wire everywhere? Well, you know that I have gardening chickens, right? I remove the wire protectors after the gardens fill in and the  black soil can no longer tempt chicken folk to cultivate with their claws.
And  after, this bed has filled in so much, that the peahen nesting behind the Bee Box is scarcely visible. Of course, none of these plants have reached their proper height as yet. The VERONICA in the center will get about 3 ft tall.

Can you see Hettie? She is sitting on 4 eggs.
I am in love with my gardens, truly I am. Don't you love yours too?
 Do you talk to yourself in the garden? I do, all the time... I may be a bit bats, because I talk to the plants too. Yesterday, I pet a bee!
He loves the Penstemon as much as I do.
I've been filming many short videos with my humble garden tips for beginners, but I honestly do not know if anyone is interested in this. Let me know. If you are I will continue the Hopalong Hollowscaping series.
 Martha Ellen! Martha, email me with your address here:


  1. Good evening Jeri,
    Congratulations to Martha! What a lucky lady she is to win your beautiful bird print.. Would it be rude to say I wish it was me? teee

    Oh my, your garden is just beautiful! What a difference a month made... The wild rose is just beautiful.. And I love the birds sitting on top of the wooden gate. Did you make these from tin? They are really lovely.

    I myself, would love to see your garden tip videos! I always enjoy any video you share.. So yes, please do..
    Enjoy your garden, it is just lovely!

    1. Hi Penny, those are the little metal birds I bought at the garden show, there are actually 5 of them sitting on that gate, but the rose bush is hiding them.

  2. Jeri I loved the video and hope to see more. It's been a cold wet spring here in Manitoba . My garden looks barren and dismal, so yours is a beautiful reminder of what lies beneath the earth. Patience is required of all gardeners, and the rewards are bountiful. Your post today is a real treat.

    1. And when things begin to pop, they never stop!

  3. Bonjour,

    Une jardin qui fleure bon le bonheur... Bientôt vous aurez de nouveaux paons ! Mes félicitations.
    Gros bisous ♡

  4. J'espère qu'ils sont tous les filles !

  5. I've almost forgotten what dirt looks like now that everything is green! Winter certainly makes me appreciate the other three seasons.

  6. Please continue with your garden videos. I so enjoy and learn from them

  7. Congrats to Martha.

    What fun to see your gardens as they were a month ago and as they are now. I love my gardens too and I talk to myself, the critters, the plants, to God and sometimes my dear husband too.

    I need to check out your videos as I enjoyed the last walk around your lovely place that I took. Thank you for taking the time in making them.


  8. JERI LANDERS! YIPPPPEEEE for the winner! She will surely enjoy one of your pieces in her home. AND my garden is finally waking up after the most horrible winter ever. I had such a magical Saturday last week just cleaning up the dead leaves, and the the following day, a good rain came and now my phlox are beginning to bloom.

    Your gardens are lush and fantastic my friend. Enjoy the fairy magic by night, the awakening of the little critters by early morning. Much love! Anita

  9. the very best time of day to pet our bumbler-bees are when it's still early morning and they are very sleepy ~ I love how they raise their little arms up like a small child when we tickle their fuzzy backs!
    beautiful post my friend ~ and beautiful gardens as well ~
    Blessed be,

  10. Yes, please--more garden videos! I'm so glad Martha Ellen won! She entered my give-away, but didn't win, so I'm so very glad she won yours. Now I just have to see that all my other "contestants" who went away empty-handed win something from someone else's blog.

    I agree with you about loving one's garden. Seeing them go from bare to lush is one of the most exciting things in life I believe. Just wonderful!

  11. Congratulations to Martha. Oh please, please continue with the garden videos. I so enjoy them.

    Diane in North Carolina

  12. Just gorgeous Jeri! I say yes to more videos too! Have a magical day in the garden

  13. You beds, Jeri. You do need to let others know that filled out like that keeps weeds at bay and you're little willow fence is the cutest ever. Mine never look like that. Do you have lots of trees and leaves? Please let us know if you compost and keep sharing garden information.

  14. Donna, You are right, the weeds are kept at bay with a lush planting. We do have many old trees on the property, walnut, maple, mulberry,willow, locust and more! I am not too good at composting, with the exception of the barn muck-out. Most kitchen refuse gets eaten by the sheep, goats and donkeys

  15. Oh Jeri, I can't believe I have won one of your lovely prints! I am so thrilled! I will be emailing you asap.
    I feel the same as you about gardening---it's a miracle that I have the privilege of participating in. Your beds are looking quite lush and mine are also. In fact, I've been removing some of the more invasive plants in our gardens. A garden is a living thing and it's leaping now. I'm looking forward to more of your videos. ♥

  16. How fun to see the garden progress! I love your little wattle fence! What did you use between the little posts?? Does it help deter "destructo chickens" from hopping in and scratching your seedlings out with the flick of toe? Your garden gate is great! ~ and your garden bunnies~ Well, I love it all, i guess that's what I'm saying! :)))

    1. Melody, I used rusty rebar for the posts, which I pound into the ground about 10 inches. It just blends into the fence, but the best thing: it doesn't rot. The horizontal whips can be just about any kind of wood. This one is made from rose whips and wisteria whips. I have another made with locust and willow. My chickens don't cross the barrier....usually.

  17. Jeri,
    I certainly love your wild and crazy garden style.
    The color scheme with the purples and pinks with the greenery in the side garden area , so soft and relaxing.
    That gate in the first shot ~ fabulous.
    I saw that first video , and wow yes it has taken off in it's happy habitat there !

  18. Oh Jeri - please more garden videos...your green thumb is extraordinary! I fill my borders full too so I don't have to mulch much. I just adore your garden bunny...he is beyond cute! Congratulations to Martha...I know she will love your bird print (who would not??). Thanks for sharing and I sure hope to see more. Hugs!

  19. Your gardens are just amazing-even more so with fowls nesting here and there! I love your videos-so yes-continue!

  20. You really do such a lovely job with your gardens! We're having such a strange year here, my lilacs are a month late. I think I lost a lot of plants to the ice storm this winter too. *sigh* We're hoping to move south, and hopefully I'll be able to have a more interesting (and flourishing) garden!

  21. I love, love, love your gardening style. I truly enjoy seeing your pictures as it's like taking a garden tour in a garden that could be a favorite space of mine.

  22. I love, love, love your gardening style. I truly enjoy seeing your pictures as it's like taking a garden tour in a garden that could be a favorite space of mine.

  23. Yes, it’s truly fantastic how fast those floras and faunas could enhance the look of your garden once they started to bloom. Your place makes for an excellent example, seeing how the rich colors of those flowers and greenery have added a substantial beauty to your garden. Cheers!

    Al Perreault @ Green Collar

  24. Your gardening skills is extraordinary! I love how luscious your plants look, and it’s truly amazing what a difference it made when the flowers bloomed later on. Perhaps you could share your readers some tips about how you’re managing and maintaining the life and beauty of your exquisite garden. Have a nice day!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

  25. Your garden is simply great! I really love to read your blog!


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