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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear Dimity Doormouse....

   To those artists, teddy-bear and doll-makers who've ever created a little "being" with your imagination and then your hands, I know you will agree, that these little "people" do take on a life of their own. They become as real to you as your pet goose.....  or your favorite kitty.
     I can easily relate to the  movie, "A Tale of Beatrix Potter", in the scene where Beatrix is talking to Peter Rabbit as he evolves from the tip of her paintbrush. So it was for me when painting my Dimity Doormouse.

    Having a little creation on flat paper is one thing... being able to hold it in your hands is quite another. Therefore, when I decided to expand my Book characters  to soft, little huggable creatures, I needed to find an artist who could create a prototype with as much skill and artistic imagination as possible. I relied on someone who's praises I have sung many times before... our one and only Penny White. Penny had already created a few little charmers for me:  JEMIMA!  FIONNA Goosefeathers, among them. I knew she would do justice to Dimity Doormouse, and alas, so she did!
 From her teeny tiny toenails...

and her sharp, shiny claws, ( capable of holding a needle and thread!),
Penny recreated Dimity. Her profile is just perfect! Just look at those beady little black eyes!

and that long nose with chunky cheeks,

 Her tummy is robust due to all the honey she "borrows" from Mamsey Bear's pantry cupboard.
She's great!!!
She came to me dressed only in her fur.
I asked Penny not to clothe her, as I had all the fabrics for her frock, bustle, mop cap and apron here.
Putting it all together was interesting to say the least, I have never dressed a mouse before;
except on paper.
The sleeves of her little waistcoat actually had to be stitched to the bodice as she wore it.
Twas a tight fit for a stout little mousey.
None of the fabrics exactly matched what I painted in the book, but they were close enough. I made her apron, but actually liked the look of her skirt better without it.

She grasps her needle perfectly!
 All in all, she is most decidedly... DIMITY DOORMOUSE!
Dimity Doormouse does light housekeeping for Lady SilverFox and is also quite a Mistress of the Needle... just like Penny. (For THIS Dimity is needle-felted from soft, silver-gray wool)
 She is quite an excitable little mousey and tends to let her emotions get the better of her:
"Her little voice rose higher and higher... (Mamsey had to bend down closely to hear Miz Doormouse, for although her voice was quite shrill, it was still a very small voice.)"
 You may wonder why she is called DOORMOUSE as opposed to Dormouse (which is the proper spelling). Well that's simple, you see, she has a lot of doors: "She disappeared into a hole in the cupboard wall, which led down to a myriad of twisty tunnels. Heaven only knows where all her tunnels led; some said she could enter any home in the Hollow without ever having to step outside."
THANK YOU PENNY for a really lovely job well done!
Visit Penny here:
  Penny also recreated another character you may know... He will be a surprise until I am able to obtain the perfect pink and blue striped fabric for his waistcoat.  Can you guess??
 The mystery guest is not on the shelf, yet.

If you haven't signed up for the drawing for a free signed first edition book, do it in the 2nd post beneath this one! There is still time drawing in on Dec. 18th.. If you win, you will meet Dimity in the pages.


  1. Dear Jeri,
    Oh my word!
    I knew that when I saw her dressed she would look magnificent, but you have surpassed that. Dear little Dimity looks adorable! I have not idea how you fashion clothing so very tiny... Right down to every little detail, she is even holding a needle and thread. I love her!

    There are really no words to express my appreciation for this honor... THANK YOU Jeri , for entrusting me to recreate your adorable Dimity.
    This is so exciting!
    Bless you dear friend,

    1. Penny, I will refine her outfit a bit more. She needs a bit of lace petticoat showing beneath her skirt and some on her cap. I am going to redo the apron as well. But I made the outfit in about 2 hours!

    2. Jeri, Yes, this was fun posting! Thank you for coming over..
      I simply cannot imagine her little outfit looking more beautiful than it does now... but then there is YOU! I can't wait to see the refinement.. You made this outfit in TWO hours? Somehow this does not surprise me, but I am just in awe...
      This is a dream come true Jeri... Again, my deepest thanks for the honor.. I love the Penny collection photo you added! How very kind of you...

  2. OMG WAIT......this is so exciting that I can't say anything....I will be right back!

  3. Oh how sweet! Such a lovely creation from mind, to paper, watercolored, then lovingly crafted with felt. Penny did a wonderful job. I love your little collection.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. I am so honored to know both of you. This is already a very special holiday just because of your work, your collaboration with Penny and seeing her magical work. Jeri, your work alone is supernatural; the way you put brush to paper is beyond my understanding. Then there's Penny, who can look at a two-dimensional sketch and as if with special powers, she creates the likeness to perfection. BRAVO TO BOTH OF YOU!

  5. I understand the attachment you must have with your creations. I can tell they come as much from your heart as from your imagination. Penny did a fabulous job bringing Dimity off the page. And, of course, you dressed her perfectly. Two wonderfully talented ladies.

  6. Dimity is adorable. I love mousies:)

  7. Bonjour,

    J'aime pousser doucement la porte de votre univers... Je suis à chaque fois émerveillée. Vous m'apportez du rêve, de la poésie tout ce qui fait que notre monde pourrait être si beau si chacun avait votre âme.

    Elle est si charmante cette petite souris ! Moi qui dans la vie est un peu effrayée lorsque j'en aperçois une, celle-ci je crois m'a domptée et je l'adopterais bien... Elle serait je pense heureuse de partager l'univers de ma dollhouse où déjà un certain nombre de poupées et nounours trônent...
    Votre talent est grand et noble.

    Gros bisous à vous.

  8. Congratulations to Penny she is a master needle felter. I think your combined talents have really brought her to life. I am particularly in awe of her claws and paws as I find this the hardest part of any needle felt project.

  9. Magical....that's the word..MAGICAL..

  10. This is soooooo thrilling, and now to see the dear DUTCHESS HERE! We need to have a party. We need to have all the animals from Nowhere and Hopalonghollow to have a big bash.

    Jeri, thank you for visiting my home. AND THOSE GEESE! I WANT THEM! tehhehehe....you know how I feel about those winged creatures! Hugs to you! Anita

  11. D E L I G H T F U L !!!! Penny did a fabulous job bringing your sweet mousie to life. It must be so magical seeing your lovely artwork turn 3D. And her outfit is darling!!!

    ~ Violet

  12. Jeri - Dimity is lovely and you dressed her so well...such tiny stitches you must have used. Can't wait to see what is on your shelf next time. Have a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing Dimity and thank you Penny for making her so sweet as well.

  13. Jeri! You and Penny are one creative team!! She is adorable!!! Just took my breath!
    You must know that Sophia has now discovered Bushky...as she is becoming more and more of a story-lover and patient listener:) Yes, much progress!!
    She holds our little Steiff squirrel, Bushky, and looks back and forth between him and the pages as I read. It is so sweet to see her love your illustrations, so.
    We must have Mamsey come to the cottage:) I will enter in the drawing, but will also purchase one..
    Much love to you and am so thrilled for all coming together perfectly!!

    1. Hello stranger! Good to see you again, I've been terribly negligent about keeping up with everyone lately, sorry about that. Too many shows, too much work and then the dreaded flu!

  14. Oh, Jeri, how adorable. How absolutely completely charming!!! Penny was the perfect choice; she's made your mouse come to life.

    Can you post a link for ordering the book? I need to pay you and get mine. Signed, of course!

    1. Sharyn, click on the Book cover up there on the top right column!

  15. OH! so very charming! Penny did a splendid job of creating your wee friend and character! you did a find job of creating the wardrobe! such a joy to see!

  16. Oh my what an absolutely perfect Doormouse with such a nifty outfit !
    As an only child,growing up in the back woods my imagination was allowed to run wild! All the woodland creatures had names,clothing and well adorned homes. My dolls were told glorious stories and my poor cats dressed in doll clothing.
    I am ever so delighted to see all my childhood memories brought to life. But then I always knew they were real. Hug & xoxoxo

  17. Dear Jeri...this is an extraordinary collaboration, it really is! Makes me giddy with joy! Penny's creations are some of the most magical things I have ever seen...and your art leaves me in awe... (I still have not found all of the teeny blue bunnies!!)...heee....
    I can't wait to order Mamsey! Your collection of Penny's masterpieces is fantastic...lucky you! :)))
    Love and Brava to both of you!!
    - Irina

  18. Jeri it is always such fun here !
    Doesn't Penny to a fantastic job creating , she amazes me.
    You my friend added the perfect finishing touches to pop Miss Dimity Door mouse right into the perfect attire and bring her into her realm of her magical character .
    Well done to both of you creative girls !

  19. I am in love with Dimity! When I was a child I had a little story book that brought a tiny mouse to life, I adored it. The name of the book is long gone from my memory but the visions of a tiny mouse going about life like a human has always stuck in my mind. Penny did an amazing job (if you can actually call it a "job", more like a creation of life) making Mz Dimity transform into the 3 dimensional world. And you teeny tiny seamstress work... incredible! Thanks for the feeling of joy I get from here.

    Please stop by to see what we've been up to and have a cup of tea with us... we'd love to have you visit with us!

    Holiday blessings, Edie marie

  20. Hi Jeri, found my way to your little corner of blogland via Penny's. I couldn't resist following Dimity's trail. Two gifted artists creating magic. Love.

  21. Hi Jeri, Found your wonderful site from Pennys, I love your Passion!!! Your mouse looks just like your beautiful art She is adorable!Sincerely, Jonny

  22. Oh Jerri she is just wonderful. What a beautiful job she did creating her. And now with your dressing her all up she looks like she walked right out of your watercolors. Wishing you and hubby a wonderful Christmas to come.

  23. Hello Jeri,
    I am coming over from Penny's blog. Dimity DoorMouse is adorable. Penny is such a talented artist, and what's more, one of the nicest and most sincere blog friends I know. Your cute little clothes are just right for her - love her little red scarf. You have such a creative blog yourself.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  24. OH...MY...GOSH!!!! I love her!! How darn cute!!!! Penny is such a wonderful artist. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Can't wait for your book!!!

  25. Just so adorable.. absolutely charming.. they make you want to hold and squeeze them. I love everyone of them. sweet little group.


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