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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to the Hollow, Mathilda and Alice!

    It's difficult to give up someone you dearly love when circumstances change and you must say goodbye. Thus it was for Tammy, Mistress of Mathilda and Alice, 2 delightful goose gals. Mistress Tammy was looking for a good home for her girls and immediately thought of the comforts of Hopalong Hollow. We are so glad she did!

 Mathilda is a stunning platinum blonde Emden goose with sky blue eyes and curly feathers, whom I predict will become the Marilyn Monroe of the farmyard. She has a most graceful gait, but looks like a little tugboat whilst swimming in the pond! Her large orange webbytoes paddle this way and that in a most amusing manner. Tammy says she loves people. I am trying to become friends with her, but I mustn't be pushy because she lived with and was loved by Tammy for five years and  she is not used to me. These things take time.

 ALice is a Chinese goose, who resembles  a miniature Fionna... who, by the way, is keeping her distance for now. ( I think she is worried that Hamish Dreamboat will be mesmerized by MATHILDA'S BEAUTY and poor Fionna will be tossed aside like an old feather cap!) I find the delicate, tiny Alice quite endearing, she seems very shy and sweet.

 (No need to worry Fionna, the 3 Bachelors are not quite ready to commit to a female just yet.)

    The welcoming committee was in full force when the gals arrived.. The bachelors made known their territorial rights and the overwhelmed goose gals have been slowly adjusting to life amid our cacophony of birdfolk, for Alice and Mathilda  are accustomed  to being the only birds on a farm. It must seem very odd to be surrounded by so many various beaks and bills that make so many honks, quacks, clucks, cackles and peculiar peacock noises.
 Everyone is always curious when new folk arrive in the Hollow.
 It will take SOME getting used to furry, curious creatures of unknown   species and dubious repute;

 bossy peahens and arrogant peacocks.. silly, boisterous ducks and noisy chickens darting too and fro like feathered dragonflies,
 and last but not least, goosey bachelor boys who aren't quite sure how to behave around real ladies...

                                          except Fionna, of course.

 But we are confident that the girls will find their own niche 
 and become happy members of our farm family, given time. Not to worry Tammy, your gals are doing wonderfully and we love them already! Fionna will too, as soon as she gets used to NOT being the lone goose lady in the Hollow. Perhaps all the girls will be having tea, biscuits and gossip before long.

    Welcome to Hopalong Hollow,
 Mathilda and Alice!


  1. Oh Jeri, it looks so beautiful at your farm. That pic of Esther always gets me. I find the Chinese geese have such cute personalities, while the Emden seem a little more reserved.

  2. Welcome to your two beautiful girls , just lovely they are .
    The last picture definitely had me singing right along !

  3. Matilda and Alice! What beautiful geese you are! I am sure you will both become fast friends with all that live in the Hollow.. I am sorry to hear that Tammy had to say goodbye but I am sure she knows they are in good hands.
    I know if I were a goose, there would be no other place I would want to live.
    Heck, I would like to move in now! Goose or not.

    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  4. HEY PENNY! I love being here right behind my best pal, Penny. JERI DARLIN', you've done it again. You have taken this city woman (me) and have shown me the charm I long for. I get a boot out of how you describe these creatures, and I can actually SEE their personalities are you narrate. I agree; I think those boy geese are not ready to commit. They have this clueless look on their faces!

    Ahhhhh....the sound of geese honking, the vision of these white flotilla skimming across the pond....what bliss. Thank you for making this a gentle world. Anita

  5. My heart is sad for Tammy-it's got to be so hard....but-her geese will be well loved by humankind and furred and feathered ones too. My girls are Chinese geese, and I have made wonderful loving pets of them. My Emden was a one person boy, and had to be given to a neighbor-he attacked my husband! He wanted only me, and was dangerous to other people...My Toulouse geese were the loves of my life though-so sweet and funny and smart. I just love them all!
    Love, Debra

  6. How sweet are you! Thank you for coming over to meet Pumpkin and PI..
    Your thoughtful words have warmed my heart.

    I am beyond inspired upon meeting Matilda and Alice...

  7. Dear Jeri, As you know this decision was a necessary one. I cried my eyes out while driving the gOOse girls over to Hopalong Hollow but once we got there, you and your lovely Hopalong Hollow are as magical and gracious as your illustrations and stories help to heal my aching heart. I cried my eyes out reading your sweet welcoming blog and seeing their pictures with their new friends. I was happy to hear that Mathilda ate out of your hand today. I never thought that I'd fall in love with a goose but she is extra special and Little Alice is a character too. I will look forward to stopping by and bring them all vanilla wafers to enjoy. Thank you. Love, Tammy P.S. "Getting To Know You" - I LOVE it :) feeling VERY blessed that my girls are with you.

  8. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    Your new Goose Ladies are lovely! We like the thought of them having biscuits and
    tea with Fionna! The new Goose Ladies will be very happy at Hopalong Hollow!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the
    Corgyncombe Courant

  9. Two lovely new ladies to act as models for you, Jeri! I don't know if they'll have Fionna's flair, but I'm sure they will bring their own je ne sais quoi to the Hollow!

  10. Bonjour,

    Une très charmante publication... Je n'ai pas d'oie à la maison mais une amie qui en possède une belle tribu ! A chaque fois que je lui rends visite je me réjouis de les observer...

    J'aime comme vous parlez d'elles... merci pour vos belles photos.

    Gros bisous

  11. Message for Dimity Doormouse ...
    Dear Dimity, I would like you to attend my Halloween Ball.. Please tell Matilda and Alice they would be most welcome to come...

  12. AHHH! Tea Rat here; I see that my little sister Bebe has already come with her invitation in hand or paw, rather...and I too come to invite you to come. HAMISH has made his way however, but he wants some of his fluffy white girlfriends to come and join the fun. BUSHKY BUSHYBOTTOM can come with his little milk bottle! All drinks are welcomed. teeheee

  13. http://linktonowhereland.blogspot.com/

    Come to the party in Nowhere... Hope this link works

  14. Dear Jeri - these new gals are lookin pretty sweet...feelin a tad sorry for Fiona but I am sure she will adjust in time. I am sure Tammy is very sad but I know her gals are with someone who will adore them. My those boys of dubious character are growing fast. Love that song - it is a favorite of mine! Thanks for making me smile. Have a great day with all your fine feathered friends.

  15. Sweet little Mathilda and Alice, You will have such a wonderful life with Jeri in Hopalong Hollow! Before you know it you won't be able to imagine life without all your new farm pals and you'll be waddling up to Miss Jeri to be picked up and loved. Just you wait and see!
    Minnie & Henry, the white swans on Golden Pond, send their best wishes for a beautiful life in the Hollow!!

    Your artwork amazes me every time I see it Jeri!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  16. I so enjoyed this post and hope that all is well and the new girls are all settled in.

  17. Hello dear Jeri!! I can only imagine what joy you must have with all of your various furry and feathered blessings!! :)) I can't stop smiling... :)
    The photos are wonderful, and I love seeing your pups play....SO cute!
    - Irina


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