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Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Book Jacket.....

      I'd like to share with you how the cover art came about for  my new book. In an effort to encompass the main themes of this story within the book jacket, I designed the art to show the reader  the following: My 2 main characters, the time of year, and what Mamsey's special talent is. 

I've used Autumnal colors to represent the fall and the coming of winter,

with acorns (still green), rosehips  burnt sienna mushrooms and little squirrels.

 The carved wood is repeatedly used throughout the book, along with birch bark and much rusticity.

On the jacket, I have used "stitched" birch
bark along the spine of the book, as well as the little section used for author text.

  With the use of needle and thread, a basket of twist, a needle in Mamsey's "pocket" and  embroidery throughout, it is easy to see what particular talent Mamsey has, and it is a skill she uses throughout the story,
till the very end. It is, in fact, the very heart of the story... for this is the tale of a mother's love expressed through a million tiny stitches.

I think my needle working friends will adore this story, and relate to it's premise, completely.

You can see the mode of transport on the BACK of the jacket, surrounded by Mamsey Bear's embroidery.

The two main characters are seen here and on the front cover.
The book flap needed only to be painted once, even though it appears on both ends of the jacket as a mirror image. We were able to duplicate it on the computer for the opposite side.
 I'm really glad, it saved me a lot of time and work.
 This is the back of the jacket, unfortunately, a bar code will take up about 3 vertical inches along the left bottom corner and obliterate the image of the needle worked "oak leaf". I really dislike those ugly bar codes.
  When designing a jacket, you must add at least 1 1/2 inch of extra artwork along all the edges. This edge artwork will scarcely be seen but is necessary for folding around the inside "board" of a hardback book. I learned that the hard way when when I designed my first book cover.
 This is a large book at 12x12, so the full jacket is around 13x34 inches.
 Above, you see the entire jacket minus book flap on left side.

 And beneath, my Book Cover.
 I am actually pretty pleased with it. I think it is much better than my previous book covers.

It seems like a long, long time since I first drew this image....
 SO GUESS WHAT??!! I have approximately 4 square inches to paint and my book will be finished. All the artwork has been scanned and copyrighted and I am SO close to sending this on to layout and printing.  I know there are a few people who will be very happy to hear this!
Almost time to celebrate!


  1. Home stretch--congratulations! I can hardly wait for the finished project to be available. I have that cute little grand-daughter, you know!

  2. Oh, so pretty Jeri! You do such pretty work! Hugs, Carol

  3. I am so happy for you and your book nearly completed! It is a gorgeous cover and such a wonderful idea to have it look like stitching! So very charming Jeri!

  4. Beautiful, I love the stitching!!! I can hardly wait to get my copy!

  5. Dear Jeri,
    You should be ever so proud of yourself... This in simply amazing!
    I always say to myself... She could not possibly become anymore detailed, and here we are... Jeri, it looks like real embroidery.
    It won't be long now. Then to celebrate! What a beautiful work of art...
    With great admiration and friendship,

  6. Been thinking about you and what you've been up to. Thought you were doing shows. I love the book jacket, everything about it, and the birch bark is perfect. And, you wrote it too? You are a super hero, I'm certain of it. Congratulations.


    The detail you have on your art is unreal. It evokes the classics of days gone by, and as I look at the borders of carved wood and how YOU capture it with paints, it is beyond me in a wonderful way. I am so happy to have two of your books, to know you, and to revel in the fun and beauty of JERI LANDERS....you are to me what Beatrix Potter or Tasha Tudor were in their times...love of nature, attention to authenticity, sincere appreciation for the natural world.

    THANK YOU JERI LANDERS! The Hollow must be brimming with excitement! Anita

  8. As a needleworker this book does speak to my heart. I look forward to its' being ready to purchase.

    Congrats dear Jeri for a beautiful job.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. I am so excited to see the book jacket. I am excited for you. I am headed out this morning to select the new books for our school library. It is the jacket cover which first attracts me. Congratulations. Bonnie

  10. I can see that this book will be a feast for the eyes and the heart...can't wait!

  11. Oooooh....I'm so excited!! Can hardly wait until the day you tell us that your book is printed and available for me to have my very own copy. I have granddaughters who will love for Nana to read your book to them, but they're going to have to wait until I devour it first!

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  12. if the cover is any indication, I'm truly excited about this new book!

  13. I can hardly wait to order a copy!!! Will you sign them with a special greeting? When are you planning to have them? Self-publishing?

    What a celebration you must throw when you finish those last few inches. So happy along with you! I know what a victory it is to wrap up this big a project. Your art for this cover is as fantastic as the rest of the peeks you've shared. We all can hardly wait.

    Isn't it wonderful to feel yourself doing your best work as an artist? What joy! This is truly a keepsake book.

  14. Sharon, I always sign, draw a little character and write a special message in each book. SelfPublish,absolutely! I expect a release date of Oct/ Nov. I will post more on it next week.

  15. Jeri, love, a sigh of gratitude that No.3 is ready to publish.
    This blog entry just melted my heart and brought tears to my eyes..
    You are a wonder and I honor you for being so true to the integrity of your gifts. Not a brush stroke missed, not a whisper of its spirit lost.....Beatrix and Tasha are shining down upon you
    singing Brava! I am presenting my copy for viewing to our local
    chapter of the Embroiderers Guild, assured that most needlewomen will want a copy for their very own library. So proud of you,
    precious Friend.

  16. Thank you so much Jeri for coming over to meet Tinker.
    You know, I so excited about this book! Such an enormous amount of work.
    I have a place on my book shelf, I can't wait!
    Enjoy your week,

  17. Good morning Jeri DARLIN'! You bet my dear, I love every detail of your work, and celebrate every hour it took for you to get here....we are so excited! And thank you for coming to visit me; it always means so much to have FRIENDS drop by. Give the animals a squeeze for me! How is that little Jemima girl with her pom pom? teeheee

  18. Congratulations on being nearly there. So exciting after so much work. Good for you.

  19. Brilliant! You are nearly finished. It is going to be a wonderful book.

  20. Jeri - I am overwhelmed with all the intricate detail and delicate work. This is sooo beautiful - glad too that is it almost finished for you. What a wonder it is. Thanks for sharing. Love it!!

  21. Jeri, I am so delighted, this cover is a piece of art by itself - can you offer prints for all the needleworkers out here? This is over the top and you know I just love the 2 previous books. I challenge all your admirers to order the other books. These are among my favorite things. I just love the cover.
    patiently waiting,
    Deborah Rogers Mercy

  22. Deborah, Prints are a great idea. We will be able to create 2 separate prints from the cover

  23. That is a lot of work Jeri, but You can tell it's made with a lot of love. I don't have small children around, but when this book comes out. I most certainly will get it. Its going to be a beautiful book with such gorgeous art and story. You are such an all round talent.

    PS: A snake was eating two peacock eggs every few days. We just caught the rat snake yesterday with still to bulges inside him. We did not destroy the snake. We need him to keep the rats in the barn down. We got him in a cage. Till all the peahen finish with their late hatches. Then we will be able to let him go.
    I thought that might interest you.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  24. Jeri,
    So excited you are so close to completing #3. My Grand-daughter is excited too. This will be an ideal Christmas gift for her! (She already has the first 2). I know you will post when it is ready but will you also have them at the Fall Craft Events here in East TN?
    Wishing so many blessing for all the success that you deserve,

  25. Sharon, I will be at the Foothill Guild show in Nov, In Knoxville... I will put my show schedule on the website soon!

  26. Big congrats on finishing the book Jeri.
    I am loving the intricacy and detail of the cover ... marvelous!

  27. DIMITY DOORMOUSE....I just noticed that you came to get on Bebe's little boat to launch off into the wild blue sea of Nowhere! Well come on down when you can to wish the Dutchess a great birthday! HOw are you all on the farm, on this last days of summer fun?

  28. Oh yes! It was so good to see Dimity Doormouse! I knew she would make it.

    Thank you for visiting today Jeri and leaving such a kind comment.
    You have to know what your words mean to me... I am so happy you enjoyed viewing her..

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.
    Looking forward to your next post.

  29. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    What a delightful book cover! We can't wait for "Mamsey Bear and Mopkin" to be published! Your illustrations of the stitchery are marvelous!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  30. Jeri dear, YOU ARE AMAZING and always give me so much inspiration as a take away. Your heart is as lovely as what you create.

    Thank you for being you.



  31. Dear Jeri, you are extraordinary...
    What else can possibly be said? I am just sitting here in pure joy and wonder....
    Brava to you!!!!
    - Irina

  32. It's SO gorgeous! As always, but just wonderful Jeri!!!


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