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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

5 tiny treasures

While watering a window box from a second story room,

I separated the leaves and stems to  give the plant a good soaking...
and what did my wondering eyes behold, neatly hidden
amidst the green,
5 tiny treasures, tucked into a perfectly PERFECT little nest.
Itty Bitty eggs, no bigger than a  thumbnail.
Oh Joy!
 I am not sure who mommy and daddy are, house wrens, do you think? Maybe sparrows?
I can't remember the last time I saw anything this sweet!
 I will have to be extra cautious when tending this window box in the next few weeks.
  I will post pictures when the baby's hatch, I will not disturb the nest, I promise!
Do you recognize these little blue eggs with brown markings?


  1. How serindipity and darling !

  2. Oh nice ! marvellous ! i love. It is a nest of blackbird. I am sure.
    Thank you Jeri for share these photos and this treasure here, with us.
    Nice Sunday !

  3. Oh happy day! Jeri, I have no idea what type of little bird but cannot wait until they hatch... They are so pretty. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  4. Oh Jeri ~ what a delightful, precious gift for you to find. I look forward to hearing what birds these are and to watching the development as these little guys hatch and fledge.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  5. How cute. We have had mockingbird babies in a bush in front of our office 2 years in a row. Could it be the same mommy bird? It was very fun watching how quickly the 3 babies changed everyday. While she trying to get them to fly, she perched outside my office window and called to them all day! God is so wonderful! Have a great weekend!

  6. What a wondrous sight! Thank you for sharing these itty bitty eggs. Will there be a new painting?


  7. They look like sparrow eggs from what I found here:
    http://www.sialis.org/nests.htm and here:

    1. Hi Rachel, I think you are right, I saw the parents today, flitting back and forth from the nest They do look like sparrows.

  8. oh how dear a find. I'll be happy to see the little ones progress. Once again you've been blessed with critter sightings. Oma Linda

  9. Can't wait to see pics of the babies and find out what they are.

  10. oh my goodness such a treasure!
    i am so happy for your find. yes do share more with us.

    i saw two bears today! the photo is not worth sharing, but soon i will share the other bear i saw climb a tree this week and then with binoculars saw she had two cubs up there too! Spring ~ ahhhhh

    1. I thought You would be the only person to spot a bear, considering where you live, but my neighbors witnessed a black bear crossing our road and trotting through Our meadow... I hope not! I have enough trouble with the fox!

  11. hmmmmm......they are not robin's eggs, right? We have so many robins here that build nests at Rabbit Hill, but I these are too small! OH JERI, WHAT A JOY INDEED! Let me tell you my "encounters of an awesome kind" for the week!

    On Friday, Ruben was out in the backyard mowing. He called me to come out and low and behold in the alley, were the trash collectors. OK.......then, he said, "LOOK WHO'S FOLLOWING THEM!" And there was a lone turkey! This bird was following them (according to the iphone camera-sporting and astonished trash collector) for blocks! When they stopped the truck, the bird would stop and watch. When they proceeded, she followed. I wonder if she thought the truck was her mother? teehee

    THEN! Yesterday I looked outside my studio window that faces the large sloped garden of evergreen shrubs. THERE WAS A FEMALE DUCK, surveilling the property. I have a feeling she has her eggs in there! Last year around June, I saw a female duck emerge out of this very garden with her sweet brood following her out! We have a "nursery" here at Rabbit Hill! Bunnies, finches and OWLS own this place; Ruben and I just happen to be living here!

    Oh do keep us updated my friend, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!! Anita

  12. Oh Jeri, I'm just POSITIVE the eggs are those of a cross between the bluebird of HAPPINESS and the bird of PARADISE. LOL!! Because that's what they are already bringing to you...HAPPINESS and PARADISE. Can't wait to see pictures of the little hatchlings!

    A cutie pie house wren wakes me up every morning singing his or her little heart out from a limb of the paw paw tree that grows very close to our upstairs bedroom. I keep hoping there'll be a nest soon.

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

    1. Ah, the utter joy of birdsong of a morning! Are you going to be coming to the Black Mountain show this weekend?

    2. Oooh, just now saw your message. I had forgotten that the show is this coming weekend. Thanks for the reminder!! I'm going to see if Jimmie and I can make it and I'll look you up first thing!

  13. Well spotted! What beautiful tiny eggs...hoping that they will get tender care from parenting birds, and that perhaps you'll even be able to show us some follow up close up photos of hatched babes.

    Best wishes.

  14. What a delight. Thank you for sharing the photos and news. I'll look forward to seeing the unfolding story of eggs hatching and babies fledging. Isn't it wonderful to have discovered these?

  15. Jeri - this is joy - I don't have a clue what bird lays these speckled eggs. I can't wait to find out. Hope you get some wonderful pictures. Have a great Memorial Day. I

  16. What a sweet surprise you found hidden.
    New blog address:http://lonadawn7.blogspot.com/

  17. Oh Jeri! They are so darling.....
    I do hope all will hatch and you will soon be hearing the cute peeps of baby birds!

    Thank you, sweet friend, for stopping by. I did not have time to get to all of the French posts either...and yes...Anita is a treasure!
    Do try that potato salad if you have a chance...the recipe calls for almonds in the dressing, but I only had walnuts...still so yummy. I try to cook with what I have...
    And cilantro...it replaces parsley in almost any recipe for me, I love it so much!
    Wishing you a splendid week!!
    - Irina

  18. Walnut stew and peanut pie you say? Oh I could eat and eat all day!
    Thank you Bushky Bushybottom, for the kind invitation to lunch with you in the tree tops ! I make it a point not to be late.
    Let's eat!
    Jeri, you know I would be proud and most honored to add to your Penny collection, anytime. Thank you for your most kind words.
    Enjoy your day!

  19. JERI LANDERS! Oh how I love to see your sweet comments! Yes, I am taking a poetry writing course this summer and I also hope to be employed full-time again as a French teacher. Writing really is more what I hope to put my time into, but every so often, I get an urge to draw something silly, just for fun. But I WILL BE BACK and I will be checking into my favorite blogs, and especially yours to see what hatches out of these eggs!!! LOVE! Anita


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