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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anatomy of an illustration

Perusing my computer files , I ran across some photos I had taken whilst illustrating "The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom", a few years back. I am so glad I saved these!
The Drucilla P.Possum page...
   These illustrations were done in Watercolor on 140lb cold press Fabriano Watercolor paper. 

Deja Vu... I have met these sneaky little critters before..

 As you can see by her Tartan and Love knot,  Drucilla is a Scottish Possum... hmmm, I wonder, do they even HAVE Possums in Scotland?
  Well, no matter, I like  Scottish folk, and  this book includes an audio CD which I narrated, and I did use a Scottish accent to read her lines.
 Here was the development of the Crow Chums painting.
  The two Crow Chums, Crusty and Icky.... "were lookin' for trouble"
   And they found it.

 This is what happens when you try to steal from the Honeybee Community.

     Just ask the Crow Chums.

   And Sir Percival...

Because I paint right on top of my detailed drawings, I take dozens and dozens of photographs to capture the pencil work forever,  for my own records.
    You may recognize the lovely Trudy Webbytoes?
Or the 3 little Bushkys?

 Seeing these makes me very anxious to get back to work on a book. 
 3 more art shows to go and I am done for several months! HURRAH!!!

  Have a wonderful week!


  1. Loved viewing the metamorphosis.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful critters that you bring to life on paper.



  2. So lovely Jeri. I love those beautiful eyes on your opossums much better than their pink eyes. LOL!

  3. These are so nice. I swear that if I found a genie's magical lamp, one of my wishes would be to be gifted with the talent of drawing and painting. I've always wished I could do that!


  4. How marvelous and how much I wish I could draw just a tad as well as you.

  5. Oh Jeri!
    I am glad you saved the photos also.. I just can't seem to find the words to express myself.. Your books are like no other.. Enjoyed by young and old.. I do not recall seeing such detail in a childrens book... I have such admiration for you.. I was not aware that you had an audio that went with that book.. Well, that does it, I will put that on my wish list..

    I just love that you have put your illustrations as a background.. Everytime I come here it just make me smile!
    Enjoy your evening, and thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. I admire your artworks, your talent is great ! Thank you Jeri for showing it to us so nicely.


  7. J'aime le souci du détail qui prime dans vos oeuvres... Des excellents dessins qui expriment une poésie remplie de tendresse et de délicatesse. Un beau talent que j'admire.

    Gros bisous.

  8. YIPEEEEE! THANK YOU MY DEAR for sharing your process with us! You put me in awe for your artistic prowess AND your energy to go around the country and county for art shows! I am preparing for my first one HERE in town this Saturday!

    Much love Jeri! Anita

  9. THANK YOU JERI! You know, I am not expecting much. What I am excited about is to just BE THERE, honestly. To have my wares seen and to see what is around me. I have had my first success so far, locally, at two shops. One shop ran out of some of my cards and contacted me yesterday asking for more. The other shop has been selling my other objects and I am doing a window display in paper for them in January. I have received some emails from local customers who just wanted to share their enthusiasm so to me, that is some success. YEP, I want to make some money, NO DOUBT! But for now, this is what I am thankful for because selling art certainly has its seasons of plenty and of drought!

    I LOVE THAT PHOTO OF BUSHKY BUSHYBOTTOM AND HIS MILK BOTTLE! Oh dear, that is way too cute. You should see the chubby squirrels in my tree...good gracious; they had plenty of acorns to eat this year!

    LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  10. Dear Jeri - thank you for sharing your process. I am so amazed at your imagination and drawing/painting skills. God has certainly blessed you with a wonderful gift my friend. Your blog lifts me up and makes me smile and brings JOY! Have a blessed day.

  11. You really do use your watercolors to great effect! I love it! I have a question, do you use masking? Or do you prefer to go back with a bit of white sometimes?

    1. Kyra, I use masking once in a blue moon, I just make a mess with it! It is more trouble for me than it's worth. So I go back with white gouache when necessary.

  12. Jeri-- I am in awe. I love all of your wonderful characters. Thank you for sharing. Bonnie

  13. hello Jeri,
    you are so gifted at drawing charming animals and landscapes. I loved seeing your artful images unfolding! thank you for sharing these.

  14. Jeri, sorry about your bad knee and arthritis, I hope your arthritis does not flare up alot... Yes, I'll bet you could do that, on toe with the best of them.

    I am so glad your show is in town this weekend... That makes it a bit easier. Wishing you the very best at the show... Thanks so much for your visit today. Safe travels my friend.

  15. How I LOVE seeing your work-in-progress photographs, Jeri! :)
    Have a great weekend,

  16. In awe of your talent, as always, dear Jeri...
    Hope all is well...
    Many blessings,
    - Irina

  17. The original drawings and the ultimate water color take my breath away....such detail...such imagination....What must one do to further you along on No.3??? Addictions of this calibre should not be neglected...said she, holding her Barnes & Noble card in her hot little fist...How blessed we all are to have you, Jeri ~

    1. Not to worry Mary, I will spend the winter finishing up book 3, I am very close!

  18. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    We enjoy seeing the various steps of your illustrating and seeing all those wonderfully detailed characters from "The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom"!

    Here is a link to the post that you were asking about, where I make pumpkin pie from scratch right from harvesting the pumpkins in our own garden:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all the critters in Hopalong Hollow!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse and all the dolls at the Corgyncombe Courant

  19. Dear Jeri,
    I wanted to stop in and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.
    I will be traveling to my brother's this year to gather with the family.
    I have alot to be thankful for this year and your friendship is one of my blessings.
    I love your music here.

  20. Thank you so much, dear Jeri, for your very kind words regarding my daughter's photography. She blushed when I read your message to her! :) She feels especially encouraged when receiving such positive comments from brilliant artists such as you, Anita, and Penny....thank you thank you!!!
    A beautiful Thanksgiving to you!
    - Irina

  21. Precious Jeri,

    What would I do with this wonderful community of friends and sisters like you, Penny, Violet, Lisa, Irina...and the list goes on and on....I trust your experience and insight. I am very grateful for at least being able to take disappointment and my stubborn spirit to at least WRITE about the struggles! And there will be more to come, I am sure of it. But to have the luxury to discover and experiment is a rare but beautiful thing that I am embracing at this time of my life. THANK YOU for your kind words and I can feel your compassion across the page my dear...give hugs to that GOOSE OF YOURS! teehee...Oh those Canadian geese are taking over the planet out here! They cross the street very slowly, not caring if a car hits them! WOW!

    Have a glorious week. Anita


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