Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inspiration, Ideas, Creativity

       As an artist for most of my life, I've never been at a loss for ideas. They flood my mind and enter my dreams. I have notebooks full of scribbles and sketches and designs for everything from garden structures, storybook characters, rock walls, new studio rooms and book illustrations.
 My life could never be long enough to fulfill all these dreams, all these aspirations. Most creative souls are just like me. Creative people have a knack for turning lemons to lemonade, mud to sculpture and trash to treasure. And they simply MUST do it!
If you follow this blog, I have a feeling you  are an artist , a writer, a needleworker, a gardener, a creator. What inspires you?? If you are like me, you appreciate and observe all the little details around us, the minutia. An idea can be sparked by the slightest of things, like a melody hummed or a fragrance in the breeze, the texture of paper or cloth, or the feel of moss beneath your feet. Suddenly, you are inspired.
Please come into my studio and my garden and see what inspires me. Perhaps they are the same things that feed your imagination and encourage you to create beauty all around you.
Viewed best on YOU Tube, turn on your volume, the music is lovely!
Please feel free to share with other creative souls, just like you. 


  1. Thanks for letting see into your world Jeri! The gardens are so beautiful and you are so very talented! Yes, I feel as if I must be creating all the time. I think there are some people like that. I do stainedglass work, garden, love to cook, sew, make crafts and bunches of other things. I can't ever be without several projects in the works and I really have had to train myself to not get so many started at one time! I think I also look at the worl alittle differently. But I do have lots of fun! I always enjoy your blog! Hugs Carol

  2. Jeri, I loved your film. We're alike in so many ways.

  3. Oh Jeri, what a great post.. I felt like I was walking through the garden with you.. If I had that view daily I would be in heaven. You have so much beauty there to inspire you, and it is reflected in you exquisite artwork.

    I am also inspired by nature. Although my garden is very small.. The heat is so bad here, alot of what I wish to grow will simply will not make it. I do find the birds to be a wonderful source of inspiration and pleasure.. Music is also a source of inspiration, sometimes a tune will inspire me to create a particular subject. My imagination is always running wild, and at times I find myself lost in a place of whimsy known only to me..
    YOU and your beautiful creatures have been a wonderful inspiration, as well as so many other artists.
    You make me want to improve my skills, to push forward.
    I truly enjoyed your video, and will be back to watch it once again. Such a sense of calm and wonder.
    Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven on earth and your amazing talent.

  4. Precious friend,

    I am here right behind my darling blog sister, Penny, whose talents I adore and house in my home. I am also proud to own your books and like you, I am inspired by nature.

    I think it is splendid how each one of us creators sees the world so differently, yet the force with which we create, is the same. A love for beauty, nature, a need to self-express and LIVE.

    Oh how I adore your surroundings. How could you NOT be challenged to imitate, create from such creatures! I was out on my deck this morning, enjoying the shenanigans of the squirrels, birds and bunnies in my garden. We even saw a fox on our morning walk. All this is to bring us closer to our creator who DELIGHTS in what we do, with the skills of our minds and work of our hands.

    I am truly delighted to call you my friend, my mentor and inspiration, Jeri Landers!!! Anita

  5. Jeri, I have no words. The video is inspiring and breathtaking. I loved every moment. Thank you! Bonnie

  6. Oh my I did love the visit,thank you for sharing.
    Your talent is amazing and so inspiring. I am filled with envy and delight every time I stop by.

  7. Hi Jeri,
    Thank you for coming over and leaving such a kind note for me.
    I am so happy you enjoyed Mother Goose.
    Yes, I would be happy and honored to attempt a Fiona one day.
    I sent you an email..
    I see dear Anita has come by.

  8. Hi Jeri,

    Thank you for letting us have a little peek into your wonderful life.
    I loved watching the video and seeing all the beauty all around you.
    Great to see your talent and inspiration.

    Have a happy week

  9. The picture of the ducklings is so cute. My computer is not working that well to fire up you tube, but I will catch it soon.

  10. Jeri love ~ This life could never be
    long enough to contain your creativity, but just wait until you
    see what He has in store for those
    who re-create His creations with love...I have much needlework to
    complete, kindred spirits with whom
    to exchange, and joys undreamed in
    which to bask.... This video is a
    rare jewel and bless you for the
    sharing....I'll take 10' of Bunny
    fencing and one of those waddlers
    in white with golden paddlers. Your
    cloche scapes are exquisite. The
    Hollow is as close to Heaven as one
    could find....We are so fortunate to
    have you and James, dear Friend.
    Our Mary

  11. Hi Jeri,
    I sooo enjoyed watching the movie
    it was quite uplifting and inspirational for sure!!

    I shall come back again tomorrow
    and veiw it again! For I need a lift after loosing my little whipper snapper Ivy the Aussie a couple days ago..not an easy one.

    But it is a bright happy place to visit here !!
    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

  12. so lovely to have such an artful look into your life. Such a sweet and charming film. I love how your world looks. AND your characters, the animals you create in your art, they are each one wonderful!

  13. I loved your video, and frankly I think you have the kind of set-up that we all sort of envision for our studio (bits of magic set in every corner) - I think that's what's missing from my studio. I have white walls (to avoid the color refraction problems), but at the same time I used to collect things that inspired me too. I never lack for ideas, but I think those sorts of things... keep a person company along the way too? You've given me a lot to think about! (And I really, simply just love your work. LOVE it!)

  14. You have captured YOURSELF and your beautiful studio and home. It would be impossible not to be completely captivated and charmed by you and by your art.

    I completely agree with Mary above- it will be such joy to see what He has in store for those of us who re-create the art of His fingers.

    Your video is a rare jewel and so are you.

    Many blessings, dear Jeri. What a beautiful person you are, and how wonderfully you express yourself in so many ways.

  15. Ah Jeri - this is a lovely post - thank you for opening up your home and sharing your lovely gardens, art and pets with me. You made my day beautiful. God Bless!!

  16. Je découvre un joli monde en me promenant dans votre blog... Je m'octroierai une prochaine visite...
    Gros bisous à vous

  17. Jeri, your blog and artwork inspire me. Love the whimsy of little forest and garden animals dressed in aprons and bonnets. I want to make a tiny little mouse with a full skirted dress with an apron and wee bonnet. Just to abide on a table top and look at her. Loved your video. It brings back such wonderful sweet memories of growing up. Our neighbors down the road had a farm. The yard was enclosed by a picket fence. That sweet little gate door would amazingly swing tightly closed by an old bucket filled with rocks. Simple and efficient. Great memories. That peacock sitting on your gate is just a beautiful sight. I do enjoy your videos so much. Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings to you!

  18. Dear Jeri,

    Ah, the inspiration that nature affords! You have captured it so beautifully, and made your home a bower of contentment. We're all excited here to see the sneak peeks of your new book, and the movie was just perfect.



  19. I want to thank all of you lovely people for taking the time to watch the video and for your very KIND remarks. I think all of you are incredible.

  20. What a lovely film you have made Jeri. I enjoyed strolling around your garden and studio and can see how your environment translates into your art.

    Like you I am inspired by nature, by books, art, so many things.

    Thank you for the invitation to step into your world.

  21. Hi Jeri! I love, love your video. And yes, I will share it on my Blog and Facebook page :-). I just saw it today because of your comment on my Blog. I signed up 2 weeks ago or so by e-mail to receive your posts but did not get this one.....it didn't show up in my junk mail either....but I will add you to my Blogs I Follow list and it will notify me. I don't want to miss any of them!

  22. Thank you Jeri for this wonderful vidéo and post ! Like you, I am inspired by Nature and animals. I am in Paradise when I walk in country or city streets bacause I search to see rain drops on trees or grass, (they are like pearls), I listen birds, I speak with animals. Now in autum, all is wonderful...I like the velvet olive green of the moss of forests,, the song of brooks water... The song of rain in a city, I see my trees and flowers in my little garden... I like all the colors of God, like you say on vidéo. All day long, I write, I draw...

    Thank you for all the poetry of your Art and your talents. We would like to dive into your illustrations, as Mary Poppins can do it.
    Thank you Jeri, you are a wonderful person.
    I wish you an excellent day.
    Nathanaëlle x

  23. PS : Your post is now on my facebook !

  24. Good evening Jeri,
    I had to come back and watch your heavenly video again.. It just warms my heart, as you do.
    Enjoy your weekend my friend.
    With love and blessings,

  25. Oh Jeri this was so much fun! Everything around you is so beautiful. You are an inspiration to me. I love all the critters that come to life in your work. As always I leave from my visit with a big giant smile on my face.

  26. I am grateful that you share your world, and incredible talent with us.
    The video is so inspiring, I can only imagine the sights and sounds you enjoy on a daily basis, truly an artist's dream.

  27. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    We loved your video with all the wonderful things that inspire you and the fantastic drawings that are the fruit of your inspiration! We are inspired by so many of the same familar things!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at the Corgyncombe Courant

  28. I would have to say my answer is kids. The super teeny sweet kids to the lil' bratty, smarty pants ones. Kids are my inspiration most of the time. Children push me to my limits with their fascinating ideas and silly but clever thinking.

    Also animals inspire me along with cross stich patterns. I was once an artist for a zoo then along my road in life I ended up working for a private zoo which housed exotics along with the domestic. Now I have three small children which keep me at home most of the time. I do get out and paint a mural or three every now and then. Lately I have adored antique cross stitch samplers along with more recent ones. They are so beautiful. I love the simplicity of the look but appreciate the hard work to make such masterpieces looking so crisp and sharp, not a stray stich in sight. It has inspired me to start painting some of my own "faux" cross stitch samplers. I know it's cheating but painting it is more my style. :)

  29. Dear Jeri, it is always a bit of Nirvana for me when you allow us to peek into your magical world...truly the stuff of dreams!
    (mine at least) :)
    You are an inspiration...you art is brilliant, and I thank you so much for sharing your beauty...
    Blessings and wishes for a happy Sunday!
    - Irina

  30. Oh, I love it!! Very beautiful, Jeri! I feel like I have had a grand tour. I am inspired by the same sorts of things: garden, God's creation, colors of nature, found bits and pieces. In fact, I just broke ground yesterday on a new garden site where I live now. Pictures on Dylan's Dress. And my mom is nursing a little chick whose mother was killed. Pictures of that on A Mother's Journal.


  31. I am commenting yet again, because I've come back to enjoy this post again. I love how you did your video. As I am trying to do one myself, I am oh so impressed with yours! Life itself is so inspiring. I agree with you, EVERYTHING can serve as an inspiration.

  32. Jeri, you always inspire me. I love everything you create and your world of enchanting creatures. Thank you for this wonderful relaxing blog!

    Many warm wishes,


  33. What a stunning video, and how blessed you are to be surrounded by so much beauty and colour!!!... Like so many I suspect, this gave me a serious bout of envy... looked so wonderfully fairylike and you could get lost in every one of those pictures, both real and drawn and painted!!!.. Thank you for sharing, and I shall chase up where I can buy a book of your lovely creatures.. [Boy do you seem to have it cracked!!! ] hugs and good thoughts from across the pond.janzi

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