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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The life of a good dog...

Ezra the Redbone Coonhound came to us over 10 years ago. He showed up one day, cowering in our shed, with a tight chain round his neck, skinny as a rail and nearly hairless from the mange.
 He was filled with a fear of humankind, and we had to tread softly while in his midst, for the least quick movement would send his tail between his legs and his body all a-tremble. A trip to the vet revealed heart-worms and the treatment would be  costly. It was a matter we REALLY had to discuss, whether to  put him down or not? We decided to spend the money and give him a second chance for a decent life. I think he had one. 
We gave him love
 We gave him kindness
 We gave him security
We gave him what everyone needs... a home.
He blossomed with health and found a new friend in Lydia, our other rescued doggy.
 Ezra loved to wander the woods and was a gentle soul who never harmed another creature. He was like no other coon hound alive, for he actually permitted raccoons to eat from his dish and rabbits to chow down in the tulip bed. He shuddered beneath the house during the slightest of rainstorms and was sorely lacking as a "watch dog". Nevertheless, he won our hearts in his insecurity and tenderness.
 However, he never got over his deep seated fears,  and  always kept his distance from most people. Someone wicked in his past had left an indelible mark. a wound from which he never completely recovered. I despise those who mistreat animals, to me, they are the lowest of the low.
This year , according to our calculations, Ezra turned 89 in human years. He lost his sight, his hearing, his balance and his zest.  He was in a lot of pain. We thought about his life with us, and feel that he had a good innings. A long life, with square meals every day, a clean,warm bed, a pat on the head and an atta boy!... a life of running through the woods and meadows under countless summer suns.
Ezra went was put to rest  last week, right here, in the Hollow, where he spent the best of his life.  I had a good cry... I will miss him
 But I am happy that he found some measure of happiness here in the Hollow.
Animals enrich our lives and we can enrich theirs.
Good bye my big ol doggy friend.


  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you. I'm so glad, though, that you were able to show Ezra love and kindness.

  2. Sending you hugs! You should feel good that Ezra found love and peace in the years he spent with you. Hugs! Bonnie

  3. Dear Jeri....with a tear in my eye and a little "catch" in my throat I feel for your loss. Our animal friends give us so much more than we could ever give them in return. I have the softest spot in my heart for rescued animals. Ezra found his guardian angel in you...and lived a most fulfilled life because of it. I am sorry for your loss. One of my favorite poems....starts out....
    "Tis a fearful thing to love that which death can touch!"
    Hugs to you, Jeri,

  4. I'm tearing up as I know what it is like to see the fear in an animal's eyes. I, too, HATE animal abuse more than anything. I'm happy that Ezra found you. I believe that they are guided as they search for kindness and love and he did find that. Thanks Jeri for caring about him. I'm sorry that you hurt now but know that he died feeling loved. Soon the memories of this dear dog will leave a smile on your face. Hugs, Deb

  5. you have a lovely heart, so kind of you to take him into your family. you gave him a wonderful life.

    such a sweet painting to honor him.

    i am sorry for your loss, sending light.

  6. I hear ya...lost two of my beloved buddies a few years ago...one to old age, another to illness. I am now looking for another wee furry to fill that hole in my heart. It took a long time to heal. Susan

  7. Sad, lovely then sad. Losing an animal is such a wrench. I am always glad to hear that a rescued animal had a good life to the end. All of the pets we have had are rescued. Each one found home at the end. The most important thing is that you loved him and gave him back a reason for trust.

  8. Peace dear Ezra. Wishing you well and thanking you for the JOY you gave a very special coon hound.

  9. I knew how this story would end before I even started. I too dread the day we lose our beloved dog. He's the one we've had the longest (7 yrs and counting.) My heart goes out to you today.
    Blessing to you and yours.

  10. Oh Jeri, I'm fighting back the tears as I write. Ezra had the best life possible with your love for him. I've often said that anyone who is cruel to an animal is someone with whom I'd never, ever trust my children. If a person is cruel to an animal, he won't be kind to my human family either.

    Right now my husband and I are nursing our beloved cat, Tarbaby, who came to us ten years ago, pregnant and emaciated; I'm sure she was dropped off by some thoughtless, cruel person. She delivered her two babies here, mothering them so well. We found good homes for them, then spayed her. Now Tarbaby is in the winter of her life, and each day we hold our breaths as she is so fragile.

    A comment by our vet keeps popping into my mind as we care for Tarbaby and as I read your message. He said that it is our responsibility to give our pets the best lives possible and that includes knowing when it it time to give them the most dignified, painless death possible. It's hard to give up a dear part of the family to death, but I think it would be harder still to watch our furry friends suffer when all signs point to it's time for them to end their time with us on earth.

    God bless you for your love of and friendship with Ezra.

    Diane in North Carolina

  11. Bless you for your kindness to a wonderful friend.
    It is so hard to say good-bye,but rest assured Ezra because of your love will rest in peace.
    The very best true and honest friend in life is a pet.
    Hugs ..........

  12. Dearest Jeri,

    You and Ezra were meant for each other. Someone knew where to send such a gentle soul, where he would be loved without question. May some of his spirit go on to bless the lives of your family.

    Love and hugs,


  13. Bless your hearts! That's a hard thing to bear.

    Ezra had a wonderful loving home.

    Love and hugs to you and your DH,


  14. Dear Jeri
    It is with a heavy heart and a tear in my eye that I read of your loss of a most wonderful companion... Ezra was truly blessed to have wandered into the Hollow to find you. He could not have had more love and care than with you.. I know how very hard this is to say goodby..
    You gave him a good life.
    Bless you dear friend,

  15. Sorry to hear about Ezra, that is always the hardest part about giving rescues another chance at life, they always go before we do, and take a bit of our heart and soul with them. May he play in the meadows over the Rainbow Bridge with many, many, many of my rescues that have crossed that bridge too.

  16. Hi Jeri,

    How lovely that Ezra, had your love and kindness, for a good part of her life and I agree anyone who mistreats any animals are despicable.
    It is one of the hardest things saying goodbye to our pets, so I am sending my love to you and may you find comfort at this sad time.


  17. I know that there's a big hole in the Hollow now, Jeri. Ezra found his way to the best home possible and became an integral part of your life. Knowing when to say goodbye is a heart-wrenching decision and the final gift we give.

    The only thing wrong about dogs is that they don't live long enough. Which is why I've learned to treasure every day I have together with my best friend, and I've no doubt that you felt the same about your boy.

    I'll be holding you in my heart while you mourn. ((hugs))

    Dang, why do I always cry when someone else loses their dogs.

  18. Oh my dearest, I am with you in that animals are God's gift to us and we MUST take care of them with the highest regard. It breaks my heart to see an animal suffer, and well, I know how you feel. You gave him a second chance, a warm and FUN home, and the chance to be EZRA. Blessings to you my sweet....Anita

  19. There is no death...there IS that
    Rainbow Bridge...what is left is the tremendous void in our lives
    left by special creatures who
    filled our days with the Heaven-sent message they were meant to
    live out in our presence. Ezra was
    a great messenger/teacher and you,
    dear Jeri, an ideal recipient and
    a keeper of promises. What a sweet example you are to us all...
    Wrapping you in hugs ~

  20. What a lovely dog. I'm very sorry for your loss but it was the best thing to do. We had a dog with a similar story. She was deathly afraid of men wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. Someone was very mean to her when she was a puppy and she never got over it. We had her for 13 years:)

  21. Ezra was such a lucky dog to have you after being mistreated. I hate people who are mean to animals too.
    He had a lot of years with you. It is hard to let go of this four footed children of ours.

  22. Sorry to read this Jeri, and very sad that Ezra didn't manage to totally overcome whatever had happened to him before you had him, though I'm sure he felt happy and secure with you. I'm so glad he found such a wonderful home with you. He has a very sweet and gentle face, and it's sad to think that someone once instilled such fear in him.

  23. How terribly hard it is for those of us with big hearts for God's creatures. I grieve with you, dear friend, and am thankful to know that sweet ol dog had one incredible second go round....to make up for the first.
    I am so anxious to see you, in person. And you know, since I came upon your blog and saw your long flowing locks...I have allowed my own hair to grow. Saturday, Xavier told me I had "princess hair" and I thought i might just melt!
    See you soon:)

  24. What a sweet post, Jeri! I am so happy that Ezra found you!

  25. Goodbye dear faithful Ezra. Everything finds where its meant to be and for a time it stays. I'm sure Ezra will appear in a tiny corner of your work one day to be with us for always. xx

  26. Dear Jeri,
    I am very sad for the death of your little darling Ezra. He knew the love of the human beings thanks to you and was happy. I am mistaken people who do not like animals, the cruelty is despicable of a human being. Sleep in peace Ezra, be a Guardian Angel for Jerri. Thank you Jeri to have saved him. The story of Ezra touched me. I love animals. I understand your tears.
    Nathanaëlle x

  27. I'm sending a big hug, and an understanding heart, we said goodbye to our old friend in February. Like Ezra, it was time to let Ben go. He came to us from a similar background but from the moment he walked into our house he "claimed" his new life! They leave our life but never our heart.

  28. Jeri, I know Ezra had a wonderful life with you. You are a saint giving him such love and care when he had such a rough life before. I too cannot fathom the ways of some cruel people. But Ezra was lucky, he found you and received the great love he so deserved. May the fond memories you hold dear of sweet Ezra help you in this time of sadness.

    Love and warm hugs to you,


  29. what a beautiful story...ya'll gave szra thae best 2nd chance he could ever have, and a true, good dog's life! blessings on you as you miss his presence and know there is a time and season to everything under heaven!
    warm hugs,

  30. Jeri this is such a heart-wrenching story. Ezra was a happy dog to have you in his life. Our pets become such close friends and companions.

    ....I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita, our Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages, & her Giveaway on my site!

    Art by Karena

  31. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Ezra. How wonderful that you gave him a home where he felt loved! Your words about him were very touching. We love your illustration of Ezra with his toys, we see he liked dolls, too. What a dear!

    In answer to your question, we have never had any problems with the corgyn hurting the fowl. We did have problems with neighbors dogs (not corgis) killing some ducks. We think you would just love a corgi, as they are very sweet, comical and smart! With four corgyn in the house I have the added benefit of sweeping up large dust pans full of soft corgi down, which I throw outside and pass on to the birds who use it for lining their nests. It is such a nice thought to have little birdies comforted by soft corgi down.

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah and the Corgyn at the Corgyncombe Courant and Corg'ery

  32. Well done you for giving such a kind and caring home.

    I hope as time goes by your thoughts will be of the life you saved.

  33. Hi Jeri,

    It is with a heavy heart that I update my comment to you from the other day. This morning we had to say goodbye to our dear Tarbaby. I mentioned to you in the message the other day that she was so fragile. Today we had to let her go. I thought I had to tell you because I knew you'd understand the pain, having suffered it so recently. Hope your days are brighter now and I hope the same for me as time passes. Today is just so very sad.

    Love from Diane in North Carolina

  34. Jimmie, I am so happy that Tarbaby had a blessed life with you! I think about my ol doggy each day that I go outside, see his empty doghouse and the gardens he loved to lay in ( and upon) but I am not sad. I am glad he lived a good life, as did your kitty.

  35. You and Ezra were so blessed to have found each other, Jeri.
    I am sorry, this is always so painful..he has such love in his eyes.
    Blessings to you, love , and a big hug.
    - Irina

  36. Jeri, so very sorry, I feel the attachment the same way... they are our good friends and family.

  37. You gave him a great life and that is a special gift. Losing one of our best friends is always tough, real tough. May Peace be Upon Him and Bless you for the life you gave him and the life you shared with him !

  38. Years ago we rescued Katie Dog from a puppy mill. We have had happy times together and she has found love and a long, happy life. We learned last week that Katie is dying of leukemia. I am facing the same decision you have been, having to decide when to take a dear pet in to our kindly vet and say goodbye.

    I am sorry for your loss and know just how you are feeling.

    May you feel comfort.

  39. so sad, but what a fortunate dog to have found you, your choice allowed your love for him to really shine through, not allowing him to suffer and be afraid. I lost my best dog and last dog around this time as well, I miss her sorely today, she was in "perfect" health the vet told me, and two days later I found her having passed ... so sudden so sad...so lonely without her...our fur friends are always so terribly missed..oh would that be true of some humans that walked this earth!

  40. My little Star passed on June 2, this past year, I just had to look it up...she was a red dog as well, lab and chow mix, one of the best dogs I ever had.


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