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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thankyou, lovers of Storybooks

 I have had the privilege  of meeting literally thousands of kind folk who have purchased my books and artwork over the past 5 years.

  During my signings, I have cuddled  new babies, instructed 6 year olds  on how to draw a bunny a squirrel and a mouse, discussed illustration with hopeful future artists, nodded in agreement with librarians about the demise of the Caldecott, found kinship in a shared love for favorite illustrators, listened in rapt interest of someone's treasured trip to HILLTOP Farm, delighted in speaking with gramma's and pa's, aunties, uncles, and sisters from ALL walks of life.

One of my favorite memories is that of a great grand daughter who was on a Birthday outing with her " GRANPAP", it was HIS 90th birthday and she was buying him a gift of his choosing at this particular art show. Guess what he wanted?  A copy of HOPALONG JACK! It was simply delightful, signing a book to an older gentleman who's never lost his sense of humor or love for fantasy.

 This year, Hopalong Jack will go into its 7th printing and Bushky Bushybottom will go into its 4th.
That is reason to celebrate, HURRAH!!!!
I am constantly humbled and amazed at the wonderful feedback we get from some of you. But what I want to say is this:
THANK YOU, grandmothers and grandpas, for keeping alive, the  treasured gift of reading. 

Thank YOU, mothers and fathers of wee tots, for treating your little ones, (of all ages) to the world of imagination and beauty that can only be found in a good book.

Thank you aunts and sisters and "ladies of my age", who still have the "heart of a child" to enjoy the world of make -believe.
Thank YOU, young, hopeful artists, who want to create wonderful book illustration for the next generation to enjoy. Let's keep the ART of the Book alive! 

 Although I have made my living as an artist for over 30 years, my book adventure is fairly new, having published Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies in late 2005. I never intended to create more than one book. But during the 2 years  I spent illustrating "Jack", I wrote 8 more stories to go along with him... and Hopalong Hollow was set in stone......or print.

The second book came along in 2008,
 It was inspired by a little orphaned squirrel I raised....

 And now, I am finishing up book 3.
It isn't easy to be "on the road" 3 to 4 days a week, and it's even more difficult to paint while traveling. I sometimes feel a bit like a wandering Gypsy. If it weren't for my beloved Farm, here in the Hollow, and my blessed rock of a husband, I would simply flutter in the wind.
 So, when my last show is fini this year...(only 4 to go!,), I will be able to stay HOME and spend those next 3 months finishing the painting for all 36 pages of Illustration in "Mamsey Bear and Mopkin."
Ah, home sweet home....
SOON, I will be able to tell those of you who have asked me " Is book 3 finished yet??"  YES!!!
 So, once again,  a heartfelt thank you to those of you who have come to book signings and art shows and  county fairs to get a signed book. It's been a pleasure to meet you! And another  thanks to those whom I have never met, but who have purchased books online, or enjoyed as a gift.

One thing we all have in common is this: The love of a good book.
 "Once upon a time...." 


  1. You are a treasure, Jeri. An absolute treasure. Hugs, Deb

  2. Jeri Dearest,
    I am sooo happy to fall under many of those categories, of Lover of READING and the won't grow up Grandma.. Hee!
    It is such a pleasure to sit with my Grandies with your books and point and discover, and with my grown kids and point and appreciate, and look with my 88yr old Mom and point and ooooo and aaahhh! Hee
    You are a creative DELIGHT!
    Blessings Love and Hoppalong HUGS!! Linnie

  3. Jeri, your artwork is beyond amazing & fabulous.How may I order any of your books signed.

    I'd like to have it for our first great-kid-ling.

    Thank you.
    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  4. Dear Jeri,

    Oh, how I wish I lived close enough to go to a book signing! If we ever pass through Tennessee, we might have to drop by for tea. :)

    Your books and blog are such a treasure and inspiration; thank you for adding so much wonder to my family's lives!



  5. Jeri,

    Do you have on your "Lily" dress in that picture?

    I looked for your new lithograph on your website a few days back and couldn't find it. Is it for sale yet?

    If you ever travel to VA to the Richmond area for a signing, you are welcome to camp out with us.

  6. My Grandkids love your books and I will look forward to more of your works for them!
    Blessings to you and your rock!

  7. Oh Jeri, you just tickle me! Thank you for visiting Aimee and your little poem!!
    I am in heaven here.. You look so lovely in your booth.. It is truly amazing... Just to think how many children, young and old you have touched with your books... Funny you know, I had just re-read Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies this evening. I put it down, wandered over here to the Hollow and there you were! Sitting so pretty at your book signing...
    Bless you and your beautiful imagination and talent..

  8. Sweet lady, I compare your talent to that of Beatrix Potter, your illustrations bring the characters of the 'Hollow' to life and I simply love their whimsical and quirky ways.
    I will forever be in awe of your talent.....
    Here's to a wonderful nesting season, just around the corner.
    Blessings friend,

  9. I echo the sentiments of each of the comments ahead of mine, Jeri! Your light shines brightly across many continents!

  10. Oh this is my world, YES, this is where my mind is!!!!!!!

    JERI, I thought I perused my blog roll last night, but I MISSED THIS!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO POLISHED, SUCCESSFUL and you make my heart sing. You are a poet of art, for you observe the world around you and you take it in....thank you. I AM PROUD to have two of your books and to have you as a friend. Thank you for coming to my gallery; I opened it last Saturday and I have made 10 sales! Talk about being busy...WOW! Teaching, blogging and now this..I have to give myself time to manage all of it, but yes, it is fulfilling but odd that my life has taken this course AGAIN...Oh well, I am having fun, but my first love is writing, and now I have no time for that. I used to think we had some bit of control in our lives to make choices, but now it seems there is another side to the coin; things just happen to make their way around AGAIN in your life and I find myself having to answer the CALL...but in my case, I heard or rather, I listened to the CALL to late!!!! It will take years of dedication on my part to become such an artist as yourself, but again, there must be something people like about my LINES!!

    IN ANY CASE, ART is MY HEART and it certainly is yours, and we are ALL THE BETTER FOR IT DEAREST! And do you know that our squirrels here are BIGGER and more rotund than ever? YIKES! They are scary looking!


  11. Dear, dear Jeri ~ This post brought tears to my eyes as well as a smile to my face and heart. You are such and inspiration in your stories and in your art. Both are beautiful and from your heart.

    Thank you very much ~ FlowerLady

  12. Your books and art are so inspirational. I am not quite 90 yet but I will never get too old to not enjoy your works. It brings out the kids in all of us. LOL! I am delighted to hear that so many children are in love with your books. Reading of good books by children is something that I hope never goes away.I sometimes despair at this electronically growing age where some children do not know what a joy it is just to set and read a good book. I know your books and illustrations and stories will capture many of them so that they will never lose the love of reading.
    It is us who should thank you.

  13. Hi Jeri
    I don't know...I'm speechless here. I can't say enough about the lovely gift you sent me. Thank you so much, I will treasure these, believe me. I know exactly where they will hang as soon as I am finished some painting. You will get a picture of that, for sure. You are a treasure, Jeri. So talented. What a gift. Thank you again. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4 and a few more.

  14. "Here! Here!" I say to your entire post. There's a world of magic in a book only because writers and artists open that door that allows readers to wander through. Thank you, Jeri, for being one of those wonderful people who keeps the magic alive and thriving.

  15. Dear Jeri,

    Congratulations! on your wonderful success with your delightful books.
    It is so neat that people of all ages are able to delve into your magical world and read your gorgeous books.
    You look so beautiful sitting there signing the books.
    Have fun and hope that you are enjoying the week


  16. I am an early childhood teacher and the keeper of our small but every growing children's library. I have to tell you....your illustrations are breathtaking! I am awed! I will be coming back another day to visit when I have more time. Bonnie

  17. Jeri love ~
    I keep having this recurring
    dream....I see myself snug
    in my bed with the dream cloud overhead sprinkled in
    with 3's....got the picture?
    Enjoy our TN Autumn...It
    has been so beautiful this
    year. This is a post to be
    treasured. Bless you.

  18. How wonderful, Jeri! Congratulations - I'm sure it has been a great deal of work, but just think of all the smiles and joy you spread!

  19. Many congratulations, what a wonderful achievement!

    I love that little squirrel, you are Doctor Dolittle and Beatrix Potter rolled into one.

  20. JERI DARLIN'!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my friend, it is darn fun to have this shop now! I worked the assembly line this morning and it is good I had things "in stock!" I am off to the post to deliver. And blow Hamish a kiss from his mum of long ago...Oh, I painted that guy way back in my Boston days...you know, he was a mean goose.....we called him GANDOR! GANDOR the GANDER...sunken in eyes, bad dispositon, what a fellow.


  21. Thanks for your comment on my page..for some reason it didn't allow me to comment back..I'll figure this Blogger thingy out yet! Your art is not only whimsical but detailed and precise..and creative..love it..will have to get some of your books for our step 2 yr. old great grandson! :o)

  22. I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered you and your amazing work.. you are so very talented. Your love of life, living creatures, treasures from the past and all things wonderful shows through and pours out the end of your fingertips.
    You are delightful!!!

  23. Aloha Jeri, I followed you over from Zuzu's blog and I'm so glad I did. You're an amazing artist and writer. I am a lover of storybooks; they just seem so magical and a wonderful place for me to get lost in. A couple of my favorite storybook writers and artists are Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter. You, my dear are right up there with them on my list.
    I'm going back to reading your blog now with some tea and cookies.
    Warm hugs, CreativeGrammie

  24. Dear Jeri
    Yes, a wee mouse of 2".. Just me, my tiny tools and my trusty magnifier.. which at times I could not do without.. My eyes are not as clear as they used to be.. So happy you enjoyed her...
    Have a beautiful week.
    With great admiration.

  25. And THANK YOU, creator of storybooks.

    Loved this.

    Loved the 90 year old choosing YOUR book. Hurrah.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. Congratulations on new printings!

  26. What a wonderful world you love in! I am so glad to meet you :)

  27. I love your talent ! You are a great artist. I love your illustrations, your artwork...
    I can't find your books in France... :(

    Nice Autumn of inspiration...

    Nice sunday



  28. By golly, miss Molly, we shall keep the love of storybooks alive and well, as we each do our part...whether it's planting seeds for stories, writing them, buying them, drawing them... You are a beacon, my dear! Thank you for continuing in a craft that brings such joy to you and others. That's the paycheck, for sure;)
    My little book is complete and is being looked at by an agent...prayers, please...and crossed fingers and toes...will keep you posted.
    Hugs and blessings, sister,

  29. You are SO TALENTED! WOW~ I always love my stops here - sorry I don't comment more often.
    I did want to say thank you for your comment on hubbies costume though!
    Bonne Semaine!
    The Parisienne Farmgirl

  30. JERI LANDERS!!!! My dear, dear Jeri, how wonderful it is to see you my friend! Have you been busy with art shows? When I started my Etsy shop three weeks ago, I was SO BUSY!!!!!!!! It has stopped. COMPLETELY STOPPED. Maybe that is good for a while because I am sicker than a dog at the moment and I wouldn't doubt that it is because I was burning the candle at both ends...God knows we need a rest. SO GOOD TO SEE YOU DEAREST!! Anita

  31. Hi Jeri
    Oh I am so happy moussie made you smile... Thank you for your MOST welcome visit... Oh yes, I want to here a RHYME... please..

    P.S. Message for Dimity Doormouse.
    Catch a ride to Nowhere and climb aboard.. The ship is near... Bebe


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