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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The goat gals pick a winner....

  Well, it's that time again.... Time for a Hopalong Hollow giveaway, a sincere thanks to our dear readers of the Gazette . We must choose a winner of the Art print and we have MANY names to pop into the hat. Now, let me think... let me think, how shall we do it?  Have an egg race? Naw, we did that already.  How's about we let  Fiona Goosefeathers pull a name out of the bonnet? Nope, we did that too.
" I know what we can do! I know what we can do! shouts a little white goat-gal named Opal.
   All the gals turn their heads when they hear the magical word, "COOKIES"

"What about COOKIES?" says I.

The girls begin to salivate...

"We will EAT COOKIES!" baaas a little black sheep named Sophia, excitedly twisting her plump body back and forth.
All the gals begin to drool. 
"What does eating COOKIES have to do with choosing a name as winner of the art print?" I demand to know.
 "You will write names on the COOKIES, and we will eat them!!!!"
( the girls are really getting into the spirit of things)
 " But if you EAT the COOKIES, won't all those names go into your bellies?"says I.
  "We won't eat ALL the COOKIES", mutters Ursula, trying to seem nonchalant, but I can see the little hairs standing straight up on her mane at the mere thought of COOKIES. She snorts and shuffles her feet.
  "What's a COOKIE??" asks little Jemima... as she tugs on mamas teat... "Is it good with MILK???"

  "You are too young to eat COOKIES!", scolds Beatrix... knowing full well that one more mouth in the cookie hat will mean one LESS cookie for her.

  You know gals, I think you might just have something there. I will write all the names on said COOKIE one by one. (The girls are deliriously giddy!)
"Then, you will all stand in a nice line along the fence in an orderly fashion..as I close my eyes and pick a crunchy morsel out of the hat" (The gals can barely contain themselves and begin making odd snorting noises)

"One by one You will be fed a name...THAT name is KAPUT< out of the game> AND if you butt in on someone else's COOKIE, then YOU are< out of the game>  so behave yourselves! The remaining "name" on the last cookie in the hat will be the winner.

  "Since this was my idea, shouldn't I get the first COOKIE?? inquires Opal.
"Technically speaking, these are not cookies... they are animal crackers!"states Margaret.          "WHO CARES!!, Shout  the gals," let's play the game!"
  Let's see, there are  68 names entered, minus 1 winner, equals 67 names, divided by 7 COOKIE monsters, equals 9.57 COOKIES per critter.

"HURRAH!!!!" shout all the gals.
Let the COOKIE games begin!

One by one, critters devour your names....

 Oh my gosh! Where did this camel come from??!!
Oh, it's you, Ursula!

 The pile of COOKIES gets smaller and smaller.
Is your name still here.... or have you been devoured??
I must say, the girls are behaving admirably, considering they are usually such gluttons.

 And now, we are down to the bottom of the barrel, er, hat, with only 3 names left!

"Since it was my idea, shouldn't I get the last 2 cookies?" inquires Opal.
 No, Opal I think we will have 3 winners, we always have 3 winners!

ROXIE of "Meadowsweet Cottage"
LONA of "Hocking Hills Garden"
PATTIE of" Osage Bluff Quilter"
 Thank you readers,for playing our game! Thank you critters,
for eating Cookies!
"What's a COOKIE?"
You'll know soon enough Jemima, you'll know soon enough.

Dear winners, Please e-mail me with your shipping address and you will get a signed 16x20 print of this:
Jeri's email: jeri@hopalonggreetings.com

 "Since It was my idea, can I have all the leftovers?"


  1. I loved this drawing, complete with cute story and wonderful pictures.

    Congratulations to the three winners.


  2. Oooo Tee Hee!!!
    Hellllllp! I'm in the BOTTOM of of a Belly bushky belly... and I caaaaan't get out!! Hee hee!
    Blessings to the winners!

  3. Oh, I am so very sad....my cookie has been eaten! You just have the best way of choosing your winners, Jeri!!! Maybe next time I will be luckier! Great give away.

  4. Ooh dear, it's dark in here, and jiggly and warm !

    Congratulations to the lucky ladies whose cookies were chosen, I'm sure you will treasure your gifts...

  5. THIS IS WHAT I NEED TONIGHT after a stressful day out in the world, or rather, in the classroom. Jeri, you are so creative, I love it all....I am sitting here showing Ruben every cute critter in your care and we are just cooing and laughing and loving it all. I believe I entered this contest so I HAVE BEEN DEVOURED! That little Jemina is MY GIRL! I WANT HER!!!!Oh how I love the equine family of animals. AND goats are a favorite of mine too, with the RECTANGLE PUPILS! EWWWWWW!


  6. What a fun way to choose winners. Your friends are so clever, Jeri. Congratulations to the three lucky winners.

  7. I quess I was eaten by a goat and since I didn't win, what a way to go! Congrats to the three winners.



  8. Thank you, all you awesome four-legged critters, for NOT eating my cookie, LOL!

    I think I owe them a special treat, Jeri, for letting me win this incredibly beautiful piece of Hopalong Hollow. I'm already madly running around the cottage trying to decide where it will look best while yelling, "I won! I won!"

    Keep the faith, everyone, your turn will come too!

  9. Now this is what I call a drawing!
    What a hoot this was Jeri.. I was so looking forward to MAYBE being the picked, or should I say not eaten haaaa, but congratulations to the winners!! I had a great time.. Thank you for all the effort that went into this... GREAT! Little Jemima is growing up.. I better get back to it...

  10. teeeeheee....no wonder I felt a tickle the other day; I was devoured not once, but TWICE! And that little muzzle on Jemima must tickle your lips! Oh she is so darn adorable!


  11. Oh how fun! I loved how the winners were chosen! Congratulations to all of them.
    xx, shell

  12. Yet another WONDERFULLY fun time being present at your 'Choosing The Winners Event!' I absolutely loved participating and my hearty congratulations go to the three very lucky winners who are now the envy of all the losers out here :)

    Well done, Goat Gals! You did a superb job!!!

  13. OMG! I am so glad the girls did not eat me. LOL! I was on pins and needles when those last three cookies were left. I shouted "Do not eat me Girl's, I am too big"! LOL!
    I am so thrilled to be a winner of one of your beautiful pictures. Like Roxie I am looking around finding that special spot to hang it. Thanks Girls! and you too Jeri. LOL!

  14. You are soooo creative, of course we knew that already! I got gobbled up, but want to wish the 3 lucky winners congrats! So nice that the barnyard pulled together on this one!

  15. Congratulations to the winners. You are so lucky to have won this beauty. What a clever way to pick a winner. Balisha

  16. Jeri, you and your cookie-eatin'-girls crack...me...up!!!
    Hasn't this weather been absolutely glorious? Fall is in the air, and our pumpkins, mums, and cornstalks are making our cottage look extra cozy. I love this season:)))
    Happy evening, friend,

  17. Cecily Rose, Opal, Sophia, rosebud, Maragaret, Jemima, Beatrix and Ursula, thank you, thank you, thank you, for not eating my cookie!
    I wanted this print so bad after getting my quilting print a few weeks ago from your wonderful master, Jeri.
    And you're not gonna believe this, but you picked Lona as a winner. That is a name you hardly ever hear, but my little sister is Lona Elizabeth after my grandmother Lona August Cardwell.

    Blessings to you all.

  18. Congratulations to the 3
    winners...and to the losers;
    we were the sweet and
    delicious ones too tempting
    to be resisted...belles of the barnyard...Life does
    have its compensations.
    Great fun, Jeri. Many thanks.

  19. What a wonderful post! All of your creatures are beautiful, but that Jemima tugs at my heartstrings the hardest! I just love her!
    Jeri, your new print is stunning, truely beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful read!!

  20. I'm sorry my name got eaten, but I'm going to order your new lithograph soon. Be sure and check out my blog today!

  21. Hi Jeri,

    What a fun way to pick the winners, love it! I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos.
    Congratulations to the three very lucky winners, they will be thrilled.


  22. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    What a clever way to pick a winner! What fun your critters must have had chowing down all those cookies! We can understand why Jemima would like some cookies with her milk! Alas, maybe someday! Love the photograph of Ursula looking like a camel! What a lovely print to give away! Congratulations to the winners!

    Your Cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant


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