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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trudy Webbytoes artist's tip of the week....

 Allow me to introduce you to Trudy Webbytoes, she taught me everything I know about art
 Trudy, take it away!.
"There are times, when you finish a painting and realize, something is JUST NOT RIGHT.
This painting has more problems than there are minnows in Croaky Toad Creek!
Although my models face is simply lovely....( though not nearly as lovely as the faces on my dear little ducklings ),
And her pose is quite coy,
 The distressed kitty , outside the window just looks WRONG,
the sky is wishy washy greyish blue  (ICK!).. (We ducks prefer the lovely buoyant blues of the water), and the window GLASS has entirely disappeared! In fact, it does not even look like glass atoll.
Desperate measures are called for.... 
First, I shall CUT AWAY the sky,

 The black lettering, which is the crux of the picture, extremely important on this piece, simply must go! 
I must have been having a bad day, when I did this lettering. OFF WITH IT'S HEAD!
  Now, how to remedy?? Hmmmm..  I shall take a quick dip in the creek and think on this a spell...
"Ah, that's better! Nothing refreshes one's mind better than a few crunchy crawdads and the splishy, splashy wetting of ones feathers.
Now lets just waddle on over to the easel  and get back to work.
 On a fresh new sheet of paper, I have painted a new sky using blues of the same shade as pretty kitty's eyes.

The painting is mounted on the new sky.
  Ahhh! Much better.

 "The problem with the kitty outside the window... he is too harsh looking when compared to the softness of the pretty kitty. In fact, there is TOO MUCH DETAIL in his face. He is BEHIND the glass and should be a bit softer, like a duckies down feathers. I am going to carefully lift some paint from his face, using water and  a bit of cattail fluff...  cotton balls 0r sponges can be used, if you have no cattails on hand.

 Now he is softly smudged, that is what I want, AND  he is BEHIND the glass. 
 " I have deepened the shadows around the window frame and "glazed "over the "glass" with a white pastel chalk.

" Now for that pesky lettering.. I think I will just "carve" it into the window frame.
  After all, that is what the beavers would do...

 "A few more shadows beneath pretty kitty. and WALLAH!

 "A little more work on the window frame and glass, and it will be fini. Far from perfect, but much better than before.
"I am not showing you the carved lettering on top, it is a secret for now..wink, wink!
So, to condense all of this into a small oyster shell: Sometimes, one must think outside the box when fixing mistakes, you never know what may work till you try it!"

"Ta Ta, till next time. Now, swish your brushes clean and go take a splash in the nearest pond!"
Thank you so much Trudy Webbytoes!  Valuable advice, as always!

 Trudy is submitting this painting for a magazine cover and prints will soon be available on The Mistress's website.


  1. Dear Trudy,

    I'm impressed how quickly you solved those problems! I always have to meditate on them for quite a while until the perfect fix occurs to me. Thanks for the tips--my favorite was cutting away the sky!


  2. Oh my gosh, Jeri. Trudy's post was adorable and I love the kitty's beautiful eyes.

    By the way, don't forget to send me a pic in your "Lily" dress. Lily gets a change of clothes this weekend.

  3. I get so excited when you post. You are one talented lady. Loved this.

  4. Bravo Trudy! A job well done! Amazing how you could fix the painting. Truly amazing!
    xx, shell

  5. POGONIP and Shell, that painting has been in the drawer for months, I just got around to fixing it!
    Sharon, I will take a photo soon, I just forgot. Lily has such good taste.
    Deb, As a cat lover,you will appreciate the caption on this painting,and I will reveal it soon.

  6. YOU, are a master.

    YOU, are not only an artist, but a story teller, for sure.

    YOU give voice to these animals and I swear they are talking...(ooops...I mean, er...they ARE TALKING!) shhhhhhh

    NOW THIS IS PROBLEM SOLVING PAR EXCELLENCE! I would have crumbled it up if I was unhappy with it and thrown it out ONLY for the lack of VISION and SKILL to do what you did! THAT IS amazing dearest, just fascinating that you were able to to do this. But it is remarkable what good paper and keen tools and resources will do.

    I love the voices of your critters. Oh if I could just visit all of you folks, I would be so enchanted.


  7. JERI DARLIN'! EARLY YOU SAY? You ain't seen nothing yet. Next week I start school again and it's 3:45 am for me again!!!

    HEY! BIG HUGS AND SQUEEZES to you and the feathered crowd, as well as all those DONKEYS, SHEEP AND GOATS!

    THank you dearest for the visit!!! MISSING YOU, Anita

  8. It's amazing how you can make this perfect painting even better! I love knowing how you work your magic and you are the master of leaving us all wanting more! Our Grandson is taking graphic art this last year of high school and he's got a real interest in the class already ;-)

  9. Dear Trudy and Jeri,

    Fortunately we have a "Master Scherenschnitter" residing at the Hollow to add to all of the successes!
    Wonderful lessons on how to save and correct! (never would have thought of any of these ideas)...(and to think of how many paintings I have crumpled needlessly)!!!!
    Hmmm cattail fluff?? Something new to try! ;-D
    The painting is BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see the reveal on the cover!!
    Many many Hugs and BLESSINGS, Linnie

  10. I love slowly walking through your thought processes and techniques.

    This was wonderful!!!

    All joys to you and yours,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  11. It is amazing to see you create these illustrations. For someone like me who has a hard time even coloring between the lines I always think how blessed you are with such a talent. It must help to have a great imagination too Jerri. LOL! I just adore your works of art.

  12. Oh Jeri ~ What a sweet post by Trudy. Your artwork is really amazing. Such detail and wonderful colors.

    Love Trudy and her little ones.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  13. If anyone knows there is a solution to every problem, it is YOU! Because you are so humble, you do not see what the viewer see's.. This I believe is perfection Jeri... I love it.. Looking forward to seeing this on the cover of the Magazine...
    Enjoy your weekend

  14. Your artwork is truly wonderful. I keep your blog on my desktop and follow as life unfolds in the Hollow! Thanks for sharing.....for those of us who don't paint, it is an amazing process to watch!

  15. Dear Jeri
    A few of the comments I left yesterday are flying around blogland.. Yours I believe was one.
    Thank you so much for your kind words about my needle felted bird..
    No, it was not created with Beatrix's wool.. I am saving her wool for very special items...
    Jemima has not been started as yet, I got side tracked with the birds... I do that alot... But yes, I would love to have a few photos when you have time to send.
    Take care, and have a wonderful week ahead.. Wishing you a safe trip home.

  16. Hi Jeri,

    I loved reading the wonderful lesson from Miss Trudy Webbytoes, and how you could correct something, which to me looked perfect already.
    Your work is truly impressive and love the expression on the kitty's faces and the eyes.
    Must be lovely for a kitty to be sitting behind the glass on a warm and sunny day, having a snooze.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend

  17. Hi Jeri !

    I admire all that you create ! You are wonderful. You save your work like a fairy spell ! I love your kitten and Miss Trudy ! Cute cute Cute ! Cute and Beautiful...

    Nice new week !
    Nathanaëlle xxx

  18. Dear Jeri,

    Love to read your posts! What an imagination you have. Trudy is delightful.

    Thank you for stopping by my place. I do sooo..love my fresh eggs and I am getting about 6 to 7 a day and now one of my hens has gone broody. What't a mother to do?

  19. JERI LANDERS....

    It is always so good to see you dear friend! HOW is the art business? I know you have been traveling a lot....and I see the little Jemima is happy and pretty as a princess! I would make her a crown!

    I had read my calender wrong and I thought I was supposed to start school this Wednesday. HALLELUJAH I was wrong; it is next Monday! YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE, so I am drawing some Audrey Hepburns and enjoying my quiet time before work begins again.

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING; I had meant to work on my ducks and geese this summer, but got side tracked with Audrey Hepburn...go figure! Have a lovely evening dearest, Anita

  20. Very brave, the results are lovely but it takes a very steady hand and great courage to follow such advice!

  21. What a clever duck you are, Trudy! Actual rather brave to cut up and tamper with Jeri's painting like that. I though both versions looked wonderful. I hope she was not too upset? Artists can be quite temperamental and sensitive about things like this!

  22. Oops...typo...sorry...meant it to be actually!

  23. TRUDY! JERI! JEMIMA! Happy Sunday all a yous! (New York talk).

    Thank you for coming to visit with me this weekend before I go back to the classroom of 50 children! WITH A BACK SPRAIN! Yep. I threw out my back AGAIN, after a summer of making progress with chiropractor treatments that really worked! But back to square one.

    HUGS TO ALL !!! Anita

  24. My but Trudy is a fine teacher. No WONDER your art is so beautiful and renowned. I am beyond impressed. Makes me want to hop right over and pay a visit in your pond.

  25. "Helllllip! I've falllllllllllin'
    aaand I can't geee-it aaaaap"!!!...(from underneath the boxes)!! Heee.........
    Where is my shoe?... Where are my glasses.......where is Mr Stubbs?

    Hooraaaaay for this SATURDAY!!!
    finally MOVING DAY!!

  26. Hi Jeri
    I hope your weekend was full of joy. I have been working on Jemima, but have set her aside for a bit.. Ran into a few challenges.. I have found that her little legs are the most difficult for me, but am enjoying her creation.. I will keep you posted.
    Thank you again for the photos! They were a great visual aid.
    Take care my friend

  27. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    What wonderful techniques the talented and skilled Trudy showed! The painting looks so realistic! We just love old paned windows! Always a delight to see Trudy and her little Webbytoes ducklings! The Dibble Dabbles send greetings!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  28. Such wonderful little animal friends you have! Beautiful illustrations.


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