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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Make a Papercut Valentine..

        Have you ever cut out a snowflake or a folded paper Valentine, perhaps back in grade school? If so, you have done the art of Scherenschnitte. Hand cut Valentines  were very popular with the  Pennsylvania Dutch during the 1800's and were called Liebesbrief or Love letters . In some cases, the Liebesbrief was sent as a marriage proposal by the shy young man to his intended.
 Whether or not you wish to send a marriage proposal, you may want to try your hand at this art form.

  Collect  a super sharp pair of manicure scissors and make a lovely Valentine for someone special. It is very simple..
 Paper... Any light weight paper will do. even a brown paper bag, but I prefer antique colored parchment.

 Fold  your paper in half.
Draw a design making sure that your lines are connected in a way that will not cause the design to "fall apart" when cut.
 Begin by drawing a heart.... Your center is the folded half of the paper.

This design can be as simple or ornate as you wish.

Begin to carefully cut with a small scissor or sharp art knife.
It may take awhile, but when you open it up... oooh how much fun to see what you have done!

 Now, to really make it lovely, use a water based paint, watercolor is my choice, and paint in any style you wish.

  Write something sweet inside the heart. I made the above piece years ago as a house blessing. It is painted in a folk art style.

 Now if you really want to be adventurous, you can  fold your paper up to 8 times to create a repeated pattern with a snowflake effect.
  Here is a piece which was folded 4 times
 The steps are as follows:
Fold your paper 4 times .
 And draw your design.
  Cut the design using tiny scissors or blades. Open it up!
 Paint with a water based paint. and WALAH!
 The Pennsylavania Dutch would write a little love note or tender thought in each one of those little hearts.  Comments written upon  a late 18th century cut valentine were sometimes quite charming. Such as:
"I have you, if you like it, selected as my beloved"
"In my thoughts I have kissed you often because you are such a pretty girl"
And my favorite:
 "Faith is the duty of lovers, dearest treasure, don't forget it!"

 This has been sitting in my drawer FOREVER! I really should finish painting it. The style is Early American Folk art. 

But this one I actually finished and hangs in our Keeping Room.
  Give your papercut Valentine  to whomever you are smitten with.

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  1. Dear Jeri,

    My goodness, you are inspiring! So manicure scissors are the trick, eh? I'll have to have my girls look at this in the morning and see what fun we can have. :)

    Thank you so much for being who you are, and for sharing your wonderful life with us.



  2. Hi Jeri
    I am familar with the art of Scherenschnitte but have never found the courage to try it.. Yours is truly masterful! I have never seen one as intricate as yours... Just beautiful! Thank you for the lesson.. Do I dare try? I don't know.. But I am enjoying the beauty I see here.
    Wishing you a wonderful week, and thank you so much for visiting Bebe.

  3. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Jerri! Oh, to have even a sprinkling of your talent. You've inspired me to give this technique a try, but as I lack not only the artistic ability to produce anything even close to your delightful pieces, I know I'll be hugely disappointed. I also don't have a clue as to how to go about painting in the folk art technique, let alone any other technique. Sad, that! I think schools should make art compulsory! It wasn't, in 'my day!'

  4. Sincere apologies, Jeri, for having misspelt your name above!

  5. These valentines are so lovely. I cut out lots of hearts and after reading a previous inspiring post by you on the art of scherenschnitte, I've been cutting out a bit more intricate designs, mostly freehand, but nothing that comes close to your masterful pieces. Now, I'm going to try drawing patterns first. Thank you for sharing your art.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. so very very wonderful and amazing..
    I have done all kind of crafts in my life...but this??? oh no never!!!
    I looks really suprime and I love the colors...what a great gift for valentine...
    you're a real artist ;o)

  7. GOOD MORNING SWEET ONE! I thought of you yesterday as I was hauling furniture up and down the basement, painting, vacuuming and lifting and how much I wanted to come back to THANK YOU AGAIN for the magic in a large envelope...you really touched my heart dearest and now this art of YOURS is making me want to have the time to try it. We are almost settled into our new rooms, but oh THE WORK to get moved in! I am running late for work, but had to make sure I came by...love to all of YOU! Anita

  8. Oh my goodness Jeri ~ This looks like fun, all though challenging to say the least. Your Valentines are absolutely beautiful. You are one talented lady.

    Happy Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

  9. Those are just so pretty! Thank you for sharing that idea. You have a very inspiring site here. I always enjoy my visit.
    Tina Kay

  10. oh my my, these are enchantingly beautiful. I love all the details, the artfulness and the paints just bring them to life. Thank you for sharing your charming paper lace with us.

  11. OOOOOOooooo!!
    Wow Jeri what beautiful scherenschnitte!Designing and cutting out such intricate snip cuttings is a talent by it self, but it must take a lot of talent(and courage) to add that gorgeous water color!!
    I have been obsessively "doodle schnitting" since I did the snowflakes with the Grandiedaughties a few months ago. And I am hooked! (you should see the floor sometimes)!
    I think I may try to paint...some day...when I get some courage..hee!
    Thankyou for showing us how you do it!They are so beautiful!
    Lots of warm hugs, Linnie

  12. Fascinating and so clever Jeri, do you ever cut yourself when creating these intricate papercuts? Beautiful work. x

  13. Gorgeous! Down right gorgeous!
    I have collected several books on this, but have only done simple paper cuttings. This piece is truly inspiring as is all your work!
    xx, shell

  14. Jeri, great instructions and beautiful valentines but you make a slight misjudgment. Some of us do not have you outrageously great talent. Incredibly beautiful and intricate work.

  15. Oh, I should have mentioned that you can get patterns for papercuttings online and in some craft stores. SO... there is NO excuse to say you don't have any talent. Leslie, once I cut myself using a craft knife, but it was a freak accident as I stabbed myself in the KNEE!

  16. Oh your papercut is just lovely! I came over from Margueta's blog and so glad I did. I have done a small heart with dove that I gave as a Valentine one year. I must do this again--you have inspired me:-)

  17. Art very delicate, you are so great !
    Happy Valentine Day Jerri !
    Greetings from Nathanaëlle

  18. IVAN ARRIVED! And to my Valentines, I say GOOD EVENING...give those two geese a squeeze, and to you Jeri, a big, fat hug!!!! YOU are the best....Anita

  19. These are so beautiful--I tried my hand at paper cutting about 25 years ago and perhaps I may pick up the scissors again! Of course mine will not hold a candle to yours! They are amazing!!!

  20. When I first moved to Pennsylvania I tried my hand at paper cutting - a much simpler design. That was a lifetime ago. After seeing your super fabulous valentines - I just want to pick up those scissors again!

  21. Hi Jeri.. Thank you so much for wandering over to meet Maurice.. Oh I am sure he would not mind the difference in height, he would love to dance with you!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts.. Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Hello,
    These valentines are so lovely. These are so beautiful....


  23. HI Jeri, these are wonderful.
    I have an entry in a journal from 1830s England which mentions a 13-14 year old girl receiving a token of affection from one who esteems her as a friend. I wonder if this could have been the sort of thing she received? It was a bit early for Hallmark cards, but I think scrap booking and similar crafts may have been popular with young ladies at this time. I know they made cut out silhouette miniature portraits out of paper, of family members.
    Do you think this cut-out craft may have been popular in england at the time as well?



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