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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bugs for Breakfast...

 Bugs for breakfast, slugs for lunch,
Grasshopper pudding with a crunchy, crunch, crunch;
Hectors pantry is stacked quite high,
With six legged delicacies and caterpillar pie.
 Brunch is at noon, please stop by!

 Oh dear! You probably wouldn't like that menu ,would you?
Then how about:
Fresh Pears from our tree, also known as "ugly fruit" at the grocers.
AND the grocers charge twice as much because it is "organic ( a highly overused word these days, I am beginning to loathe it.)
But ours are free, and though ugly, the texture and sweetness is beautiful!
And how about some farm fresh brown and pink eggs, courtesy of "the girls".

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I will even cook them for you, sunnyside up, over easy, or in a cheesy omelet... and I don't even like to cook. But I could learn to love cooking again, on this fantastic stove we just bought off Craigslist, (I love Craigslist!)
  Of course, we will have fresh ground coffee, I can't have my brunch without coffee.
Or, if you prefer, tea will be served. We have Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Red Rose and Earl Grey... your choice.
 If I had a tasty recipe for scones, I would bake you a bunch in my new oven. ( We tasted the most delicious , sweet, cinnamon scones recently. But I cannot find a recipe. If you do, will you send it my way?)
Let's forget about the bugs, we will save those for "the girls".


  1. I'll pass on the bugs, but everything else sounds and looks wonderful. I love your new stove!!! What a jewel!


  2. I think if I came over to visit your little paradise I would not want to leave , such a fairy-tale home you have , take care, Gina

  3. I had to scoot a garden spider out of my window to put the screen back, and then last night afrog was on my screen. So i will pass on your critters. By oh my that stove is to die for!!! I got a cool old country pie safe off there one time.
    Have a great week.

  4. Ooh, I'm in love with your stove ! Does it run on wood, like an old IGA cooker in England ?
    An omelete would be scrumptious, especially cheese and good old free-range eggs.
    What a gorgeous teapot and cups, a lovely cup of Yorkshire Gold, and a warm scone would be perfection on a Sunday afternoon.
    Lets leave the bugs for the girls ;)

  5. Oh Jeri, I am here! Pink eggs? WOW!!! One spinach and mushroom omelette, please! ANd I'll take some Earl Grey or English Breakfast with lots of milk! Did you write that darling bug poem? I have been working all day on an old story I wrote last year in rhyme...and I have been drawing too. Thank you again for your advice you left me the other day. I still need to have a session with you and ask you some questions about resources to search for self-publishing. ENJOY THOSE PEARS!!! I make a good pear/chocolate tarte for the fall! ANd I have to say, your chickens are beautiful...I am hungry now for some baked chicken! Anita

  6. Jo, it is actually electric! I don't think I am enough of an old-fashioned gal to cook with wood.
    Osage, I love PIE Safes!
    Rainy and Gina, thanks for stopping by for brunch, no bugs, I promise!

  7. Anita, my little blond hens do indeed lay pink eggs, isn't that sweet? The buggy rhyme is at the end of one of my books, I always wrap up my stories with a page of rhymes. I will not tell my hens that you mentioned the word BAKED, they would be quite affronted!

  8. Love 'Bugs for Breakfast' Jeri, this illustration really makes me smile. Enjoy your brunch - Earl Grey for me, please! x

  9. Heeee! I did have my chicken after all this evening...Shhhhhhh, I do not want to run into an affronted chicken! :) Oh, you are magical. I told my husband he is going to have to take a tour of your world here...we love animals and he is enchanted by all creatures great, small and those that lay pink eggs! Anita

  10. Jeri, your stove is lovely! It makes your kitchen even more magical. Almost as magical as the way hens turn bugs into pink eggs!

  11. I would love to taste one of your pink eggs Jeri. Oh that stove is wonderful and so fitting for your home - I could not imagine you with a plain ordinary oven - we call those stoves aga's over here.

  12. Ohh dear...I've come too late. Is there still time for one pink egg over easy and a cup of coffee, please. I brought some fresh bugs as a cooks gift I do hope the girls enjoy the Ohio brand.

    I can return to being a girl when I read your blog, Jeri. It's filled with joy and wonder!

  13. Ladies, those pink eggs are so pretty, I hate to break them... but I do, every day. So Theresa, it is never to late for brunch!

  14. Oh Jeri! I see that you came to Nowhere to meet Tea Rat; this silly rat's illustrated image is from my pen,but the sculpture comes from the talented hands of Penny. Do come and become a traveler. My husband is also a contributing writer and is represented by the character of Rattus Scribus! Go back several posts and see what kinds of trouble these two make in Nowhere along with the likes of Miss Moussie (The Dutchess), Bebe (Penny), Gretta (Jackie) and long, long ago, Racoon (Patricia). FUN TO BE HAD! Anita


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