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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Tale of five little duckies

Tell us a story mommy!
 "Once upon a time, there were 5 little duckies.

All day long they giggled and splashed in their little blue pool.
Mother Pittypat instructed her wee ones on proper diving, creative freestyle swimming and appropriate water etiquette.
And when they learned their lessons well (and outgrew their  blue pool), Mother Pittypat led her little ones down to Croaky Toad Creek with the warning,"Beware of the bully boys, they care not for the duckie kind, have no manners atall, and must have everything their own way"
Bully boys on the move...
Mother was right, the creek was wonderful..and it flowed for what seemed like  miles and miles....but wherever the Pittypats ventured, the Bully boys were not far behind.

 If the teenage duckies dipped into the creek...
Bully boys were right behind them,bossing them about!
They couldn't even play in the sprinkler without a bully boy peering over their shoulder.
When the young duckies sneaked into the mistress's froggy pond, (a place they were not allowed),
There was Hamish Bully boy, honking "OUT! out! little hooligans, before I tan your feathers!"

And then one day, HE suddenly appeared.
 HE was not of the fowl persuasion. He was rowdy and loutish. HE made hideous non-stop noises and drooled relentlessly....Surely this stranger was up to no good. The stranger ran cross the lawn heading straight for the Pittypats!
When out of the daffodils stepped all 3 Bully boys, flapping their huge wings and honking to high heaven!
The stranger stopped in his tracks, ceased drooling, turned around and ran off from whence he came....with tail between legs.
Then the Bully boys gathered the little ones and rushed them to the middle of the pond, where they spent the rest of the day.
The mistress put up a very tall fence to protect her little duckie folk, and a short fence to protect her little froggie folk in the froggie pond.
And the young Pittypats never again looked at the Bully boys in quite the same way, even though they are still quite bossy."


  1. What a sweet story. So, I guess there is some use for bully boys after all. Love the photos.

  2. I just found your lovely blog through Blotanical and have fallen in love with the little pittypats :) I'll be back soon to explore some more!

  3. Callie, I'm a duckie and hubby is a bully boy- in a good way!

    Gippslandgardener- More Pittypat stories to come, and a few Webbytoes Tales as well, stay tuned!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Jeri ~ What a sweet story for the day. I was waiting for the Pittypats to fall in love with the BullyBoys and vice versa. I think it might be happening, it's just that none of them really know it yet. Your photography and art work are magical.


  5. Flower lady, I am ever hopeful that one of the bully boys will take a fancy to the ever-so-lovely Fionna Goosefeathers....the one-eyed goose. Happy Valentines Day to one and all!

  6. Great story, very entertaining, cheers Marie

  7. O mY Goodness,Bears and mice..we are kindred Spirits..Greets from Miss Moussie...I LOVe your work!!!!

  8. Marie, Send me some summer!

    Dearest Miss Moussie, our Lil Miz Mouse invites you to tea and biscuits,(and the exchange of good gossip).We are indeed kindreds,I knew it right away!

  9. I would love to have tea...and I am always in for a good gossip..see you soon dearest.


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