Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

    Hello to those of you who still visit here on this lonely little blog. It seems I spend a lot more time making videos on You Tube these days, so I guess that is my own fault. Anyway, for those who don't visit the youtube vids; please take a look at these last 2 entries on planting Antique Flowers from seed.

and most recent:

 I hope you all are using this wonderful time of year to it's best advantage. God Bless you!


  1. Greetings, dear friend
    I truly enjoyed both of your video's here, and just love your little duckling.
    Happy Mother's Day, Jeri. I hope this note finds you healthy and happy.

  2. Hi Jeri,
    Lovely that you plant antique seeds. They are to be treasured.

    1. Tammie! How the heck are you up there in the mountains?

  3. I enjoy both your videos and your blog. Keep doing what you are doing

    1. Thanks Judi, I will! I love making the videos... but still have fond feelings for my blog.

  4. Thank you Jeri,
    Your videos are wonderful with tea anytime.

  5. Jeri, your blog is so lovely and inspirational I can't imagine anyone thinking it is boring. I love your videos, your calming voice, the background of roosters crowing, beautiful flowers blooming; it's always a pleasure to visit.

  6. Hello Lil Red Hen, good to see that you enjoy the videos. I really enjoy creating them, although it's a lot more work than doing a blog post for me.

  7. Jeri, you have the most beautiful place and your videos are enjoyable and very helpful. I need all the gardening help I can get! In my last post I added a link to your blog. I have been reading a lot online about solitary bees and decided to try building a bee house. I scrounged around and found a couple of wooden boxes and have started one. Anyhow, I love your bee house and got most of my ideas from you. Thank you.

    1. Henny, We all need all the gardening help we can get! I hope your bee house is getting a lot of guests, it's so fun to watch them flitting in and out of the "rooms"

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