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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A mini-greenhouse, a folly, a garden ornament? THREE in ONE!

You've seen these before... old windows used to build a greenhouse of any size. It just seems the best use for these panes of glass that can easily be acquired. I've had some old windows for years and we finally put them to use for the final touch on my "project". ( My garden renovation "project" was mentioned in the post below, and it has taken me about 2 weeks to complete. I'll post the video soon, but I want the new planting to fill in a bit, before I film.) So, in the meantime, I will show you the mini greenhouse we built to place at the end of my new garden path.
 I sanded and painted the original white windows using hunters green Rust-o-lian spray paint. I then sanded them again for a vintage look.
        We used 5 windows to make a "saltbox" shape. If you prefer a traditional peaked roof, use 6 panes of glass. Obviously, you will need windows that are of equal size along at least one width or length.
Using nails, screws, or L-brackets  connect the windows into a box shape.
You will need to use hinges on  the window to be used as your door.
 We used antique hinges .
and a very interesting doorknob.
Use support boards on the inside of the box for extra stability. We used old stairway spindles, which provide a lip on which to connect our shelves.
You don't need a floor, I just set this on the stones... great for drainage.
 I had 2 cast iron garden ornaments I put to use as: 1.) a shelf

  and 2.) a ventilation piece in the back of greenhouse.
The center shelf is clear plexiglass, about 1/4 inch thick.
This roof is attached with hinges as well, so that I can open it from the top.  
 For the time being I am putting succulents, such as pots of sedum  and cacti
 and a few lavender babies, inside.
 But I can also start little seedlings in here at any time of the year.
Because I do not need a full size greenhouse, this little mini-greenhouse is just perfect for me and my renovated side garden.
Even if you don't start your plants from scratch, these are charming garden bones, nice follies and attractive storage areas for garden goods and small tools.
You can find old windows on Craig's list, at flea markets and  architectural salvage yards.
This project took James and I about 2 hours from start to finish.
So, what do you think... would you like a tiny greenhouse in your garden wonderland?


  1. I've always wanted to make a big greenhouse using salvage windows. I even collected, for free, 500 used bricks for the floor! But it never happened because I never found affordable windows all the same size. But this looks very doable! Perhaps I'll have my greenhouse in miniature instead.

  2. I LOVE it!!! We had a bunch of old windows, and my hubby was going to do this for me, but we were running out of room to store them . . . so we got rid of them! But I like the mini version! It's beautiful!

  3. Oh MY !! What a GREAT project with the most delightful result!! Truly terrific!!
    The hardware is the bestest touch too!! I JUST LOVE IT!!
    Blessings and warmth, Linnie

  4. I love your mini greenhouse, the color and use of items. Job well done and it looks wonderful in your gardens. It reminds me of the piece I have in my 'potting' area that has become sorely neglected in the past couple of years. I really need to get out there and revamp. Maybe that will be a project, among others, for this fall/winter when the weather is cooler.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your video of this garden area.


  5. JERI!!!!!! Do you know that we've been replacing our old windows every other summer, and we've kept these old windows in our garage with the intention of creating such a great piece as such, but we had a yard sale recently, and those windows were scooped up for a song, but a local artist that will do something quite similar, I'm sure! Your saltbox style is FANTASTIC!!! I know you are having fun in your garden, and so am I. We have a resident nightingale that sings to us every day, and her name is Florence. teeeheeee. I am enjoying this summer so much!

    Dear heart, have fun, and I am looking forward to what you will share for the European destination party. TAKE US SOMEWHERE MAGICAL, as only Jeri Landers can do! Love, Anita

  6. LOVE it! ~ just adorable!! :))))) Makes a girl smile!! Well, everything in your world is smile inducing! :)))))

  7. Hi Jeri! I am so enjoying all of your gardening posts and videos this summer. Your little folly greenhouse turned out beautifully. You will be able to grow herbs in it all winter or start some seeds in early spring. Have you by any chance seen "The Edible Garden" with Alys Fowler? It's a wonderful BBC gardening show. You might enjoy it :)

    1. I meant to add that you can watch full episodes on YouTube if you're interested.

  8. Very cute and I love the old door knob! Hope your day is great!

  9. Love it! And I love your garden too!

  10. I love that tiny greenhouse in your garden. It looks perfect. I made a quite large one next to my garden many years back and it now holds tillers, and other garden tools. Love the tiny one though. It is so ornamental that way.

  11. Oh, hurrah!!! I just received a wonderful gift of old windows!!! Now I know precisely what to do with them. Thank you, friend, for the lovely example to follow. As with everything you do, it almost sings of joy!

  12. Jeri - this is wonderful...yes I would love one of these type of greenhouses...definitely putting this on my list of things to add. I really love the fact that you used antique hardware too - lends itself so well with your setting.

  13. Jeri, I see you are still busy in the garden.... Now this is what I call a perfect greenhouse for the garden. You have done such a beautiful job... Love the antique hardware!
    Wishing you a beautiful week dear friend...

  14. Oh I just love it Jerri. I really love the colors and the doorknob is just the thing. I have been looking for some wooden windows to make a little one also but I think everyone is using them now for so many ideas that they are getting few and far between. Have a lovely week.

  15. Your little greenhouse is just gorgeous Jerri. What awesome re-purposing and I love the last photo with all the bee skeps around it. Looks like you are enjoying all the joy that summertime brings. Have fun. Rae.

  16. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    What a charming miniature greenhouse! The color looks so nice in your lovely garden with the pots in and around! The doorknob looks great, too!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah, and the dolls and Tillie Tinkham the seamstress mouse at Corgyncombe

  17. Jeri, I love the sweet little greenhouse you have made for your garden. The color and size are perfect. I picked up your framed prints this week and hung one on the brick wall of our Fl room and the other resides in a bookcase. They are just beautiful. Thank you so much! I love having your artwork in our home. ♥

  18. I love that idea! Out here, old windows are hard to find because people use them up. :)

  19. Wonderful! Perfect in your garden.

  20. Love it! Would love to see your garden in person..visiting Joppa Mtn. Pottery later today with my daughter. Would you mind if I stop by? Haven't been on Blogger for many mos. Since we fianlly moved into the house just before Christmas last year..would love to see your garden and managerie! I would never stop by unannounced! Sheila Neergaard

  21. You live a wondrous life my dear. You make me happy knowing their are people like you. xo

  22. Oh my! That is the most adorable folly/greenhouse/ornament I've ever seen. Hahaha! It looks so easy to make too. I'm definitely going to scrummage my locale for some windows and to turn them into something just like those! Thank you so much for sharing that lovely inspiration! Happy gardening!

    Terry Holt @ Land Tech

  23. I put a remote temperature sensor in the wheeled greenhouse that I built, and can monitor the temperature from my house. Before any plants were put in this year the door was kept shut and on one sunny cold day it reached 110 F (43 C) inside, so I know that I can't leave the door shut unless absolutely sure that it will be an overcast day. It's better to leave them some ventilation than take a chance on burning the plants up. An automatic temperature activated door opener would be nice, if it worked.


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