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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The old pine table

     We discovered a wonderful pine harvest table, perfect for our 1900's style kitchen. It was 6 ft long with wonderful pits and dents, perfect patina and a drawer in which to tuck napkins and flatware.  Oh, and it had great legs too. But it was pretty pricey. So, we left the antiques shop to mull it over for a few days. For 3 days I went over the pros and cons of that table, measured the kitchen floor and imagined how utterly perfect it would be in our house... with a Yellow ware bowl atop.. a woven table runner, a neat little spice tin, a pitcher full of daisies, and a loaf of freshly baked bread sitting atop the gorgeously golden aged table. 
I was convinced... we must go back and purchase that table.  We drove back to the antiques town and went back inside the shop, where I ran my hand across the smooth surface and tenderly pulled the drawer in and out. I thought of the generations who shared  meals , sitting at this  simple old beauty, how many steaming pots of soup sat upon trivets in the center of this table, and how many loafs of bread were kneaded upon it's smooth pine surface. Yep, this is the table for me!
 But we decided to take one more quick walk through the other antique shops, just to be sure that no one else had a comparable table of lesser price.
  10 shops later and nothing  compares to THE table... so we head back to the shop, walking briskly, I might add. I was ready to reach deep into my pockets the minute I walked through the door. When, what do I see?? SOMEONE is sitting at MY table! SOMEONE is telling her husband what a WONDERFUL table this is and wouldn't it just be PERFECT in OUR dining nook??!  The sales woman is looking quite pleased.  "It isn't as long as we wanted, but just look at this PATINA, honey !" Honey is shaking his head in agreement. I nonchalantly walk as close as possible and pretend to be looking at  a green ware bowl.  "OH Honey, I just LOVE it.!" says she.The sales woman is pulling out her little pointed pencil and pad.
    In my selfish little mind I am thinking," How dare you try to buy MY table!!! no, no no! You don't really want that table... go find a different one.. Honey. tell your wife it is too expensive.. you hate it,, it is the wrong size, it is too beat up, it is...."    "Sure sweetie, if you want it, it's yours", says Honey,
"ARRGGGHHHHH!!!, thinks I.
SOLD! to the lady and Honey.

      I grumbled and growled a bit to my husband James, ( the lord of the manor) but ever the philosopher, he calmed me down. "It was way too expensive, it just wasn't meant to be, we'll find something better, you will see"
 He has a way of making me see how silly I am.. after all, it is just a table. I guess it WASN'T meant to be, as many things aren't. 
   We walked out the back door of the shop and found another table...not as old, not as charming, but.... It was 6 feet long, it had a lovely old finish and RED legs..AND it was 1/3 the price. We bought it. I guess it was meant to be.

It will seat six...
It has nice little aged dings, and  scratches... just what I love.

and it Does look good with an old Yellow ware bowl atop.

It adds  a beautiful mellow golden Autumn warmth to the kitchen.
 And all the colors OUTSIDE that kitchen window reflect that Autumn glow, like Our neighbors 200 year old barn,
And the copper-colored leaves that engulf  our old red pump house, only to flutter into the breeze and disperse.

Rusty red rooster buddies,
 And a brilliantly yellow squash, still on the vine,
the last of the black eyed Susans and the coneflowers,

and the last of the  yellow faced daisies and ornamental gourds with orange and mustard stripes, brought inside to sit upon the table that was meant to be.

 We don't always get exactly what we want, and that is probably a very good thing. 
     Besides, when you experience the stunning month of October, in all its  glory,
                       you HAVE exactly what you NEED.

PS. Don't you just  love October? It's my favorite month of the year.  I want to tell you young gals right now, I turned 58 this month, and you know what? It's not bad at all!


  1. WE had the same thing happen to us in an antique store. It was a club aluminum pan, the hubby came to get me from another part of the store. When we got back to it, someone was picking it up . . .and walked away with it!
    Love you pictures today, as always beautiful photos.

  2. Jeri, your home is gorgeous!!! I love all the glimpses i could see. and aren't you the lucky woman who has a man that makes sense of the things that don't come quickly to you. most likely you do similar or other wonderful things for him. So glad you found a table.

    lovely autumn to you~

  3. Lovely, table and pictures, cheers Marie

  4. Dear Jeri,

    You wear "58" well, I must say! A happy belated birthday to you. October is a true treasure, isn't it? I love your black-eyed Susans and coneflowers; here we're enjoying marigolds, morning glories, and zinnias (but sadly, no squash!).

    I'm so glad you found your table, and I hope that the other family is enjoying their table, too. :)



  5. Oh Jeri, I'm sorry you missed out on the table. I imagine that a lot of folks have had similar experiences; I know I have. I think it's worse when you see the other person buying your treasure rather than to go back to get it and it's already gone. I do like your new table, though! Your pictures are so wonderful. I find myself trying to see the rest of the room in them.

    October is also my favorite month. I'm like a squirrel putting up acorns...I have so much more energy in October.

    Diane in North Carolina

  6. I think the table looks lovely in your kitchen Jeri. It goes well with your other pieces.
    Well Happy Happy Belated Birthday!!

  7. I believe you are right Jeri.. Some things are just meant to be.. This table is lovely! It looks as if it has been there all along.. Oh gosh, how I love your kitchen... I would never come out there.. You would find me at the that beautiful stove baking all day.. Your home reflects all the love that has gone into it. Beautiful photos...
    A happy belated birthday Jeri... Yes, I agree with Marqueta.... You wear it very well!
    Bebe sends her best to Dimity Doormouse...

  8. JERI LANDERS....YOU HAD A BIRTHDAY AND DID NOT TELL US??????? I would have had a birthday cake at least, for you on my blog! AND AS FOR YOUR TABLE.....loving guest, delicious meals, friends, family, CHILDREN FOR SURE who will sit around your table will put even MORE DINGS and beautiful scratches to carve memories into your table. I HAVE ONE in my dining room that I love and only gets better with age. AND I also know the frustration about seeing something, mulling over it then only going back to see it is GONE! But that happened to me two years ago with a beautiful print. We saw it, I fell in love with it. Ruben didn't seem to like it. I gave him many signals and signs and hints but no dice. We went back the following day, at HIS request to see the print (I thought "YES! HE IS GOING TO CONSIDER IT"!) IT WAS GONE. GONE I TELL YOU! This was in July. I sulked. Yes, I cried. Then at Christmas, he comes out with a large package. TEEEHEEEE.....IT WAS THE PRINT! HE WAS THE ONE THAT BOUGHT IT! How he snuck it past me, I don't KNOW!!!!


  9. Jeri, I never would have guessed that you are 58...you look more like you should be in your forties!! You are quite beautiful!

    Have a glorious October day....my favorite day as well!
    Bee Haven Acres

  10. I love your new table, Jeri, especially the red legs. I can't imagine how the other table could have been any prettier.

    Great pictures! Can't believe that you are 58.

  11. I love your new table, Jeri, especially the red legs. I can't imagine how the other table could have been any prettier.

    Great pictures! Can't believe that you are 58.

  12. Aww, so sorry you didn't make the decision fast enough and ended losing the table you coveted, on the other hand the one you did end up buying is just gorgeous !
    It sounds like something that would happen to me ~~~
    Your kitchen made me swoon, the perfect example of a Heritage kitchen.
    Enjoy your new found treasure !

  13. I believe in 'If it's meant to be...'
    Hard to live with sometimes but always works out in the end. I love your red legs...beautiful table!

  14. Hi Jeri,

    Oh dear! sorry you missed out on the table but love the one you got and it looks perfect in your wonderful home.
    Happy belated birthday! and yes, you look like you are in your 40's.
    I loved seeing the view out your window with the darling chickens and the lovely old red barn.

    Hope that you are having a lovely week

  15. What memories this post brought back. I was a young wife in love with an old farmhouse table that I just had to have. Over the years we've added our own dents, scratches, and a smear of orange paint from a kid project. The table I love is now my desk and I love it even more.

    Thank you for sharing the simple, wonderful moments of your life and home.

  16. OH, that man of mine can keep a secret LIKE NO ONE ELSE! And how he got that print past THIS NOSEY NOSE is beyond me!!!!!!



  17. Happy Birthday dear Jeri and you are wise BEYOND your years to realize that the best things sometimes aren't the things that come the easiest. A good long provided a table that fit all your needs! I love the red legs on that table and the patina on the top tells of many meals shared. I like that it seats 6 too, will be perfect for holiday "overflow" or prep work in the kitchen. I'm a wee bit jealous, my kitchen is a small "small kitchen." I long for an old farmhouse, and chickens, and geese, and goats, and mules...sounds like Hopalong Hollow, doesn't it?!! Have a great weekend sweetie...

  18. *meant to say "a good long LOOK provided a table that fits all your needs" ...not enough coffee this morning!

  19. Happy 58th Birthday! You're just short of two years ahead of me. Thanks for getting there before me to reassure me it's quite OK! Another absolutely captivating post. Thank you!

  20. Hi Jeri
    A show... How exciting! Yes, I wish you the best of luck and a PILE of money....
    I hope it went very well for you..
    Need to prepare an egg I guess..
    Actually I should get back to dear little Jemima.
    Blessings my friend,

  21. My dear Jeri,

    Well, you lucked out because your table is PERFECT for you and your lovely kitchen.

    Joys to you,


  22. Oooooooooooooooh! Jeri I lived the story with you!! Oooooooo!
    The table you brought home is wonderful! And, and, all the images are beautiful too!!!(along with LOVELY YOU and your Dearest Dear HEART)!!
    Oh YES oh YES October is a GLORIOUS time of year!!!!

    (it is good to know that 58 will be easy cause I am right behind ya!At 57 following you in MARCH)!
    (Baby Boomers RULE) Heeeee!!!

    Many Hugs, Linnie

  23. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your table is PERFECT because it is yours. I recently turned 65 and retired about a month later - so enjoy your 58th year, enjoy your table and enjoy our life - God smiles down on those who enjoy what they have, not what they want...

  24. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Your table is PERFECT because it is yours. I recently turned 65 and retired about a month later - so enjoy your 58th year, enjoy your table and enjoy our life - God smiles down on those who enjoy what they have, not what they want...

  25. Jeri dear ~ just imagine a
    number of years hence when
    your "perfect" table will be
    honed by surrounding love,
    laughter, shared meals, and
    the stuff of daily living...
    The realization will hit you
    that the good Lord knew what
    He was doing when you serendipitously "found" it
    in that back room and made it your own... memory-making is like that.We share
    October birthdays, and yes,
    slow aging beauty, as well.

    Blessings, dear Friend.

    No 3 - No 3 - No 3 on with

  26. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    Your old table looks great in your kitchen and lovely with the daisies and yellowware bowl! Enjoyed the pictures of your gardens, geese, and chickens, and the pasture with the beautiful autumnal hills beyond!

    I had a similar experience happen to me recently with an old quilt top. I unfolded it, looked it over, saw that it was all handsewn and the colours were exquisite. It was unusual, like none other I had seen. I was distracted by something else, laid the quilt top down and decided to think about it, when this other woman came in, grabbed the quilt top and said how delightfully unique it was and discussed price with the shop owner. At this point, I'm saying to myself oh, alas, I should have hung onto that quilt top, all the time displaying an interest in some antique nightgowns nearby the quilt, whilst listening to the conversation about how great a quilt top this was! The lady said she would think about it and might be back. She left and I went over and picked up the quilt top, nodded to the shop owner and said same price as you told the other lady? She nodded yes and I exclaimed sold! After I had returned to my vehicle with the quilt top, I saw the other lady return to the shop... yes for the quilt top!

    We hope you had a wonderful October birthday!

    Your cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant


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