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Monday, October 17, 2011

Come to the Faire

If you are in the area of Atlanta,GA. this October, treat yourself to the Country Living Fair!
  I exhibited here last year and it was difficult
 to stay in my booth, because it was so fantastic. 
 Wonderful food, decorating ideas and cooking personalities  from  Country Living Magazine. Plus wonderful booths full of antiques, folk art, REALLY good traditional art, authors and Illustrators ( including me), and a stunning atmosphere in the wonderful Stone Mountain Park.
  I know I sound like an advertisement but  I  have a particular fondness for Country Living Magazine. I still have my old copies dating back from 1981. There was nothing else to compare at the time. ( except for Early American Life Magazine, also great) I was a young mother at the time, longing to live in one of those old houses that were a regular feature of the magazine. I learned how to can pears and peaches, collect the best antiques, do a tiny quilting stitch, wrap a turkey in puff pastry ( I still cook my Thanksgiving Turkey that way), plant bulbs and stencil a wall. Just a few of the tips I learned from a magazine that I all but wore to shreds by the end of the month.We did not have BLOGS back in those days. Magazines were it!
So, you can see why I must do participate in this fair, it's NOSTALGIC for me!
  But it is also worth the effort, if YOU can attend.   The dates are OCT. 21-23rd at Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta,Georgia. Check out the website: 
                                                 http://www.countryliving fair2011

See you at the fair!


  1. Ooh I wished I lived closeby, I would love to visit the Country Living faire.
    Like you, I used to ogle over the magazines, and even decorated my home from it's pictures.
    I never could bring myself to discarding those beautiful magazines and still to this day have all the old copies.
    I wish you a wonderful time as you display your paintings, get lots of pictures !

  2. I kept all my old issues of that magazine... until I moved and gave them up. I loved the old magazine, but not as happy with it now. I used to love the columnist..Jo Northrup's "Simple Country Pleasures."I would love to visit the Country Living faire.

  3. Jo, You would love it... it is only about a 3 hour drive for you,I think?
    Balisha, I know what you mean about the current issues... too many ads and not enough substance, it used to be much better in the old days. I loved Northrups column too, it was the best!

  4. If I were not a few thousand miles away...I'd be there! We have a UK version of Country Living and I have two six foot piles of all my old copies dating back to about 1996 (and other lifestyle magazines) - I buy very few now, as you say, we have blogs and Pinterest now for inspiration and eye candy, but it's still nice to leaf through a real magazine sometimes. What a wonderful pile of squash!

  5. I wish it were possible for me to pop along, too...the distances are just a little too great, however ;) I hope this year's fair exceeds ALL the others in terms of enjoyment and expectation!

  6. Oh, I would just love to attend that Fair if it was not so far. Sounds like something my daughter and I love attending. Have a wonderful time. If you have a booth set up I hope you sell bunches.

  7. Wish I could come!! Those pumpkins and gourds are beautiful. Country Living has always been a favorite magazine, I used to save their great decorating ideas. Have fun and take lots of pictures for us!

  8. What a wonderful event! I was all about Country Living and kept my Early American Life and Country Living mags until a huge renovation project. Perhaps next year I'll make it to the Country Living Fair that's closer to nw Ohio.

    I hope the weekend is lovely for you, Jeri!

  9. Ohhhh what fun!
    Well 3 magazines that I have all my original copies are Country Living, EAL (from the 70s up) and MothErthNws(70s too) but as we know OLDER is BETTER ;-D!!!
    ....hmmmm does that date me??? Oh well "Peace"!! Hee
    Sounds like a great time, whish I lived close enough to go, perhaps some day!
    Blessings Hugs and Love, Linnie

  10. One of my favorite Magazines and if I was closer I would love to be there for the Faire. I can hardly wait to see the photos I hope you will be taking!
    Have a wonderful time Jeri and a safe trip!
    Tina xo

  11. I love Autumn and these Cucurbitaceae are wonderful!
    A real dream of fairy tale !

    Nice Autum Jeri !

  12. Jeri
    Now that's a pumpkin patch! Oh I wish I could travel the distance. I love country faire's. This is one of my favorite magazines.. I also have a few old copies...
    Wishing you the best at the faire Jeri.

  13. WAIT...it is Wednesday already, and how did I miss this?????????? I am swamped with school but I do try to keep up with all my dear, dear friends, like YOU! I WANT TO GO TO THE FAIR WITH YOU MY DEAR!!!!! Oh, I missed our county fair in St. Paul, and that is one GREAT FAIR. I am having a hankering to see the animals. School is a bit wild this year and there are moments when I just have to stop and think of things that make me happy and do you know that HORSES come to mind? But donkys, geese, ducks and sheep will do me just fine as well! JERI DEAREST, THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME and yes, I will be opening my shop in theh next week or so. Thanks to blogger friends, I am doing this...I would have NEVER thought of trying to sell my art otherwise, so we shall see. Heck, this might IMPROVE my art, giving me a reason to draw more!!!! Maybe I will be saying goodbye to those simple lines one day.....

    BIG HUGS TO ALL and have a lovely weekend coming! Anita

  14. Oh, Jeri...I might have to write Grammy's Adventures at Publishing houses in the City!! Lol!! Keep us in your prayers...this will surely be quite an adventure. I'm expecting tweaks and improvements will be required once I find out what is suggested by an agent, editor, or both so my goal is to get it completed in good form..anticipating that perfecting it will come at that time.
    Your post here...I told husband last night how I wish we could take a trip there this weekend, but a big family fall party is this Saturday along with an overnight visit by #1 grandson;))
    My sweetest memory of this classic magazine was being a young mother, sick with a head cold, and my dearest friend bringing me a market basket filled with homemade chicken noodle soup, an African violet, a pretty dishtowel, and one of her beloved old copies of Country Living. It had a lingering scent of cedar and mothballs, for she saved every copy in her cedar-lined-mothball-filled closet. I have always loved the smell of mothballs...I know...crazy..right? But I knew she must love me an awful lot to share that treasure! We lived in Florida then, and I too, dreamed of an old white farmhouse in Tennessee, one day. Well, sister...here we are, aren't we....dreams do come true, and thankfully, it's now, since we're of an age to appreciate it;)
    Happy belated birthday, dear heart!
    Hugs and blessings,
    P.s. Bob wore snakeskin cowboy boots and boasted a belt buckle whose circumference was greater than his little waist. So, I'll leave you with that picture in your mind...just so you get the full affect of my days with him in my classroom;)

  15. I would have loved to attend this! It looks amazing. Hope you had a great time!~


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