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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Potting shed is transformed into Kizzy's Mercantile..

There are times when I haven't  clue as to what to post about.  So, how's about I just trek around the grounds and ramble  a bit.
Poor, dear "wanna be mamas"; we've had them all spring and summer. They sit and sit to no avail. These 3 hens refuse to give up and THESE are their second nests of the season.

 Trudy had 6 eggs, one by one they disappeared. It is a mystery, as she is well hidden. She is down to one egg, so there is still  hope.
 MIA sits below with 5 eggs in her nest.

It is in front of this EX-Potting shed that Mia sits on her eggs, near the RED door.

and knock on the door.

I love this red door, it came from England which makes me love it even more.
The paint is chipping off..but I like it that way. 
This is my EX Potting shed because I don't really need a potting shed.  I do all my soil mixing and potting chores on a covered porch AND store all my garden supplies in a porch closet.

  However, I DO need a place for guests to view my work when they come to our garden tours.  SO I have taken the potting shed and transformed it into "Kizzy's Mercantile", a little shop.

  Kizzy is the cat in a  book I am currently working on, you may recognize her as Peddler Kitty.
I chronicled the painting of KIZZY a while back.
Since Kizzy is a Peddler, I think she needs a shop, don't you?
 This tiny shop is only 12 x 12,  about the size of a small booth at a show. It was built from  rough cut wood left over from a previous building project, many years back. It is very rustic with a red tin roof,
 a nice cobblestone floor and 3 windows that let in a lot of light.
 It is a tight fit, but I can get everything I need in this space.
My Books, Greeting cards and prints all fit in one section. 

And, as you can see, I am NOT a woodcarver by any stretch.
  This marvelous old Soda Fountain cabinet from the early 1900's, holds all manner of supplies inside.

 and has a spacious area atop for product.

 The Virginia Creeper has "Creeped" beneath the roof and is meandering around the shop, I love that.

A few more Eggs that I confiscated from the ducks and geese

There is plenty of wall space to hang stuff.

 This 3 tiered display table was purchased from an upscale Dept store, "Going out of Business" sale.

 It holds various Goodes such as my cups...

 and my "linens"...so called.
Hopalong Hollowfolk

Paper gardens are dispersed throughout.

Beyond this window, is a lovely secluded area, I am planning a secret garden for next year in that area.
You just step outside the door and into the
 small courtyard.

walk to the left, open a rustic cedar garden gate
 and walk down a few stone steps...a perfect spot for a little garden.

 I can't wait!


  1. You have a door from England! I love it! You said you didn't have anything to share---What? I love Kitty's Mercantile--you creative gal. Hope all the mamas in Hopalong Hollow have babies to take care of soon. Oh and the Secret Garden sounds wonderful. ♥

  2. Oh goodness! What a joyful perfect place you have devised for your magical creations!! I really really enjoyed the tour and I saw some new fun things to covet!!
    I loved to see your door from England!!! And I am looking forward to the new story book that you are working on :-)
    Many Blessings and joy joy summer joy!! Linnie Lou

    PS Charmin my sweet Pyr was an egg snatcher ~goose and duck eggs~ caught her red handed (or snouted) Hope your big boys are behaving!

    1. Linnie, There is a pretty good chance that my BOYS are NOT behaving...they love eggs, STINKERS!

  3. I love it! A secret garden with a shop filled with magical wonders. So much fun to see!

  4. GOOD MORNING JERI LANDERS, SUPER WOMAN! How you keep up a farm, animals and great artwork in a beautifully arranged space is beyond ME! I so enjoy seeing your farm and where you create this magic. And the Hopalong Hollow folk you have created....one day, I TELL YA, ONE DAY I will have one!

    Summer has been a treat. Slow days, literally watching the sun move from one spot on the hardwood floor of my "studio" to the next, I can almost hear my heart beating.....time clicking away, but it's beautiful.

    Now for these egg-sitters! Persistent is she, mother nature, to want to give birth to another generation. May your lovely feathered gals at least hatch ONE EGG A PIECE! What sweetness one finds at Hopalong Hollow....

  5. It was pure pleasure this morning to take a walk around your little shop, see the gardens and the ducks, and look at all your lovely wares. Thank you for such a lovely time!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, what a delight this little shop is. Everything you do is a delight, and the little courtyard is already on its' way to being wonderful as well.

    Thank you for being the inspiration that you are.


  7. Does your wonderful little shop need a clerk? tee hee :)))

  8. Prayers to the ladies eggs will hatch
    Your beautiful shop feels like a living children's story.
    (typing disappeard a second ago, and had to start over>)

  9. Love this little ship and would love to poke around in it. Love the courtyard too. Very sweet and cute place. Thanks for sharing! Hugs

  10. Jeri, what a wonderful place is your Ex Potting Shed! Every texture and reclaimed fixture and color adds to the lovely atmosphere. The light is just fine...and of course, your beautiful creations look perfectly at home in this setting. I'm sure that visitors to this tiny gem all wish to take a bit of it home with them. I would.

    Continued best wishes to your determined egg sitters. xo

  11. Jeri, it all looks so perfect. What a cute little shop you've created. Do you think, perhaps, that a snake may have eaten those eggs. I caught a copperhead in the act of stealing one from a nest in my garden. He looked up at me and gently laid the egg back down, then slithered away. The duck wasn't on her eggs at the time.

    1. Donna, I would not be surprised if it were a black snake stealing the eggs. We have lots of those. But, it may be a sneaky Great Pyrennes or two.

  12. I don't comment very often but I do so love your little shop - maybe it's because, like your door, I'm from England, and have a ginger cat called Kizzy! She's getting on a little now, but I'm sure she'd make herself right at home there!

    1. And I would welcome your little Kizzy with an open lap!

  13. such a wonderful shop
    overflowing with all your amazing creations!
    love your woodcarving, impressive for not being a woodcarver
    i love your pink door, i look forward to finding a different door for my shed one day.....
    thank you for sharing

  14. What a beautiful little shop you have created. Does everything that you create look so perfectly right? How often do you have these garden tours? I bet you have a backlist of people and groups waiting eagerly to come for a look-see. If I lived closer I would be there each and every time since things at your house are always changing.

    I can't wait to see how the little secret garden turns out.

    1. Hi VIc! I have garden tours by request. Usually it is a garden club or a ladies group that doesn't mind the rusticity of chickens running a-muck, wild and crazy cottage gardens and peacocks that screech so loudly it makes your head explode! But it's all in good fun, and most have an eventful visit...especially if they are city-folk. I often have folks who just want to come by and purchase books or art, so the little shop is mostly for them.

  15. I'd like to add my WOW to everyone else's. I must be fun to have a permanent shop for all your creations. Do you have a sign out on the road for people to just stop and shop if you're available?

    1. No Sign, Cathy. I am only open by appointment. Our dogs would never let strangers onto the property unannounced!

  16. Oh my, what a trek this was...love, love the shop and ALL! I surely am pulling for the "wanna be Mamas!"

  17. MISS JERI! Howdy, ma'am! teeeeheee

    It sure was lovely to see your comment this morning! I hope you are enjoying life in the slower lane, as I am! What a treat it is to literally watch the movement of the sun's light tick tock across the floor....to enjoy literally moment by moment. The gardens are so lush because we've had so much rain!

    Enjoy a wonderful Sunday! Anita

  18. Dear Jeri - I just love it when you share your charming spaces. This little shop of yours holds such wonderful treasures and a testimony to your artistic gifts. I am sad for your sweet fowls. Maybe some of that sitting will come to fruition. Lets hope. In the meantime thank you for sharing your potting shed. Have a great week. Hugs!

  19. Hello dear friend,
    Oh how I love your shop! You have created a perfect place for visitors to view your art.. And such a peaceful secluded garden area.. Wish I could sit there with you and welcome the visitors. Kizzy's Mercantile.. Perfect name for your shop, and I love your door from England, Jeri..
    Thank you so much for sharing! So sorry it took me so long to get here... Have had no service for a few days...
    blessings my friend,

  20. Jeri! This is soooo so perfect! I love your cozy shop filled to the brim with all the Hopalong goodness! And those display cases and seed boxes just make my heart flutter!
    I can't wait to see what you do with your secret garden. I feel the same way about the area behind my little studio. I want an English Cottage Garden…and little brick paths..and an arbor… So many dreams. In all the busy-ness of our lives, these days, I have missed you…and I have missed your hollow. I pop over every now and then, just to peek…and I LOVE your sweet little characters-come-to-life ! They are absolutely darling! You have no idea how much inspiration I draw from hearing your process. Thank you for teaching and sharing and creating such beauty.
    Much love and hugs to you and James.

    1. I really could use more square footage, I have so much more STUFF to put in here. I am talking James into building an addition. So glad that I can be an inspiration.....


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