Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Introducing Dimity Doormouse

    Dimity Doormouse was reluctant about appearing in public.... after all, she was slightly embarrassed about being seen in  gray and white".  "Oh dear! Whatever will my pen pals think of me.... bland as a churchmouse without a lick  of color on my poor little mousy body!!" But we at the Gazette managed to snap a few candid photos of Dimity when she wasn't looking....
Here she is, stuck to the honey pot...

 And here she is licking clean her little pink tail ..... I mean grey and white tail.

and graciously accepting a thimble full of tea
 "Oh Mistress dear, won't you pleeeese, give me a bit of color today? " I am having an important visitor from the west country... I simply CANNOT be seen like this! The Mistress has pity on poor little Dimity , she obliges, and collects her paints. "Would you prefer to be a little gray mouse or a little brown mouse?" " Oh most assuredly a gray mouse, just like my great grandmother Diadame Doormouse.
She was a divine shade of pewter!"

 "Do you mean THIS shade of grey?"
  "OH yes! This shade of grey is quite becoming.
"And tell me, little mouse, what color shall we paint your lovely little frock?"

 "Well, I am rather partial to blues and greens and strawberries and pinks and sunflower and rose... If that wouldn't be too much trouble"

"Not a bit of it, Dimity"
" How is this??"
  Oh my! I am indeed a lovely little mouse after all....not a bit drab!  Now I shan't be atoll ashamed to show my face to my dear penfriend, Bebe.  Did I mention that she is quite a worldly mouse, most sophisticated?! Do you think Mistress, as long as you have your paints out.... you could possibly paint my cousins Diedra and Demelza? They would be simply mortified to meet Bebe in this condition!"

   And the other members of our sewing circle????

  "Well, states the Mistress, "I will have to get the turtle OFF the page first..."


  Here we go...

 " A bit of Blue, a little burnt sienna and...

there is one of your feathered friends, in full color."

"Oh, I do like  Demelzas rosy pink apron...perhaps you could add a bit more rosy pink to my ears?"
"Gertie is a rather plain shrew, she LOOKS BEST in brown....after all, she IS a spinster."

  "And Leona Chippy is one of our finest needlemonks,
Could you give her a stripey red and white apron, pleese?"

"We always let Diedre measure the twist, as she is quite frugal. My, have you noticed the price of twist these days?? Shameful!"
"Miss Miliken is quite cheerful, perhaps she could be sunny shade of yellow?"

"Oh Mistress! We are ever so grateful for the colors and in return we would be delighted to finish sewing the sampler for you!"

  "However, we will leave a few stitches  for Bebe, as she is a needlemouse extraordinaire, and has promised to show us her secrets for perfectly tiny  embroidery stitches...

 That is, after we teach her to lasso a goat,

shear a sheep

and ride a chicken...
after all, this IS Hopalong Hollow! 

 Please visit "Angelsdoor" and meet BEBE, an indomitable little " mouse in a million" as she travels far and wide on her adventures.  This week, she is going to learn about chicken herding in the Hollow.
 BEBE is the creation of the talented artist Penny White.

Tell me, have you ever tried painting as a little bird places her little  head in your  hand???

It AIN"T easy.
 Yes, It seems Esther is becoming quite a willing studio assistant. She is always advising me on how NOT to paint feathers.
The above piece of art, which you are seeing in bits and pieces , is the TITLE page of my newest book,(in the works). After Dimity, Bebe and the sewing circle finish the stitching, I will show you the page in full.


  1. I loved seeing your art work come to life! Dimity and her friends look sweet as can be. I've never had a bird help do anything around here. Last time a Crow came to visit, it tried to fly off with my daughter's lunch :)

  2. oh my such an incredible story, full of details and fun. How amazing to see a bird in your hand! You seem to live a charmed life. So sweet and playful.

  3. Jeri I am speachless! Dimity is simply adorable... I should have packed a pretty dress for Bebe's visit.. but I am sure her denim's will come in handy.
    You artwork touches my heart.
    Oh that little bird.. Well, I believe she has really bonded to you.. Oh what to do...
    With great admiration

  4. Hi Jeri,

    Have just come across via Penny.
    What a beautiful place you have here and loved seeing your gorgeous artwork.
    I loved seeing the bird helping you work.

    Happy week

  5. Wonderful artwork and drawing! I love seeing them from the beginning, being worked up - colours are simply lovely too.

  6. JERI DEAREST...I am finally here; I had a busy Sunday and now I am here to share in the fun for BEBE is my IDOL! (Tea Rat speaking here....). OH Jeri, your world is so enchanting and ESTER IS WITH YOU! SHE LOOKS FABULOUS and you must just adore her being in your studio! Now Bebe has A LOT TO LEARN! But she is quite the able mouse, and if she can travel to Paris, rock climb, deal with Tea Rat and Rattus and all the others in Nowhere and still be on the go, well then, I just think she will succeed at goat wrangling! Chicken herding, I don't know...but if it is anything like trying to keep fourth graders in a straight line, or rather HERDING CATS...then Bebe may run into challenges, but she will most definitely be up to the challenge!!! OH YOU TWO, you are so fun! I LOVE YOUR NEW DRAWINGS MY DEAR and I think when this week of seminars are over, I am going to have to pull out your books and take them into the garden for another fun read. My bunnies from under the boxwood hedges will enjoy the read-aloud!


  7. Jeri, The cover is going to be wonderful,I can hardly wait. As for your assistant, she can't fly off, shes not invested in the Hollow family of furry and feathered friends..... love it, love it and cant seem to get enough, love ya, Deborah

  8. How I admire all your work dear Jeri. It's so lovely and moving to see the little story in your head becoming real and sweet through the delicate art and the talent of your hand!!!
    Un chaleureux bonjour de France
    à vous et à tous les petits animaux qui vous entourent.
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  9. Dimity and her friends are cute as a button and the details that you put into your work are amazing! The characters come alive, the real world that is Hopalong Hollow is just as enchanting! Loved my visit as always...

  10. What a magical adventure this was indeed. Hello dear Dimity and friends! I am Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland my childhood home (a very true story!) and a good friend of Penny and Bebe! I am also known as Pippit Priceless and Gretta from Gothere on the blog Nowhere where I co-write with all my Nowhere friends.
    I will return, with pure joy in my heart. Awesome adventure, fabulous fun and watching all the creatures come to life was a happy adventure indeed!

  11. Dear Miss Dimity!
    Finally I can see why the Mousiekin Family had over stayed their visit at the Hollow!! Tee Hee Hee!!
    Now at last I can put a face with all the joyful stories that the Mousiekins and their Cousin, Auntie Mouse, have been chattering about since their return!!

    All of the illustrations are as sweet and LOVELY as can be!
    Blessings and Hugs Linnie

  12. Jeri your work always puts a smile on my face and lifts my heart! Just wonderful! Oh and I love the photos of you furry and feathered friends as well!
    Tina xo

  13. Look forward to seeing the page when completed Jeri, it's been fascinating to watch your artwork - and characters - unfold. x

  14. You are such an amazing story teller, Jeri and you live in a world of make believe become reality! You truly possess a most beautiful soul.

  15. Jeri this is so fun! Esther is just too precious! Smiles and smiles. :)
    xx, shell

  16. I have come to runaway from all the noise and complexity of things to see and feel the breeze of sweetness here. Thank you Jeri, for coming to visit me and encourage me. I really need some time for reflection, reading and writing this summer and I hope I am not consumed by work. I found out yesterday that I will be helping to translate some of our new science curriculum into French and I am not happy about my summer plans being pushed aside AGAIN because of demands...oh dear....I need to just take in one day at a time! HAPPY DAYS TO YOU DEAR ARTIST AND WRITER! Anita

  17. Hi Jeri,
    What a previledge to see your work come to life. I love your illustrations and the frock in which you dress your darling animals. Both your birds are wonderful. the only in the picture looks like it can *fly* right out of ist page and the one in your hand , makes me happy to see that is doing well.

    Thank you for taking your time and leaving me a comment . I do appreciate!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  18. What a fascinating conversation you are having with Dimity! I love it. Can't wait to meet Bebe. And Esther looks wonderful. How very fun everything must be.... I'm wondering about herding chickens.

    Have a great week.

  19. Happy to meet you charming Dimitri ! Jeri, your artwork is wonderful, your talent is great. A kisse to lovely Esther !

  20. I just popped over from Bebe's place and found your exquisite, delightful blog and art and writing and talent... Well, that just barely covers it!

    Wonderful work!

  21. Hi Jeri
    So I am sitting over here working on Bebe's Itinerary and she is over here having all the fun. After sheering that sheep and trying to lasso the goat, I am sure she will enjoy a ride on the chicken. Did she manage to help with the embroidery stitches? Give my best to dear little Dimity Doormouse and tell her thank you so much for welcoming Bebe to Hopalong Hollow.

  22. Geri!
    Thanks so much for sharing your artwork with us... especially in "step by step" fashion! You are such an inspiration! Congratulations on being in Early Amican Life's Directory... it was exciting to see your scherenschnitte in there!

    Kim :-)

  23. And I spelled your name wrong. :-P I know someone here that spells Jeri with. "G"! Sorry about that!

    Kim :-D

  24. Dear Jeri,

    "A bird in hand is worth two in the bush"~ Does this apply to illustrating, perhaps? :)

    We're so excited to see the book in progress, and I'm sure that Bebe will have a wonderful visit.



  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Jeri
    Thank you for letting me know how Bebe is doing.. Sounds like she is having the time of her life here.. I hope she will want to come home.. She sounds quite comfortable here in the Hollow.. No, I did not know about her gambling.. I must watch where I send her on adventures.. I think she needs to stay out of Monte Carlo!

  27. Jeri,
    As we did not have cable yet, we searched to find our stash of DVDs and husband suggested Miss Potter... Much to my delight! And I thought of you...and seeing this post makes me feel so privileged to watch you create such incredible work...and then to pull us in with your tales and your humor!! I was not fortunate enough to witness Beatrix 's creative years, so I am thankful to be allowed entrance into the process of this new, enchanting, highly anticipated storybook.
    What a treasure you are!
    Blessings on this stormy day in Franklin,

  28. The storms in Brentwood
    surrounded us, so I closed
    off the world and ventured
    into the Hollow for solace.
    Bless you for your generosity of spirit in opening your enchanting world to us; simply mesmerizing. But, oh Jeri,
    that you peopled your page
    with embroideresses thrills
    me so. Don't forget to add a Rococco stitch up in the
    corner; always impressive.
    I'll be there soon with my
    needled linen in hoop to add a few stitches. Cannot
    wait to see and add the finished book to our library. The Children all
    thank you for the gift of

  29. Beautiful story and beautiful artwork. Your illustrations are incredible.


  30. Gorgeous art, Jeri, and I love how you shared the steps and story as you created little Dimity! She is absolutely charming! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  31. Knock, Knock.. Mum here.. Would you please find Bebe and let her know she needs to come home now.. I know she will put up a fuss...as I am sure she is having the time of her life. Tell her all good things must come to an end.
    Thank you Jeri and Dimity Doormouse for giving Bebe such a wonderful visit.

  32. Oh no! Was that you? I did not know who the other bidder was.. NUTS! I'm sorry you did not win, but yes, she is going to a good home and will be loved. Well, maybe she will just need to make one more trip to the Hollow before summers end..
    Thank you so much Jeri.... and to you sweet Dimity Doormouse!

  33. Aaaah so enchanting..I LOVE your work..just love it..

  34. Oh, my goodness, you are outdoing yourself! What an amazing book this will be. I send you happy wishes from afar, and hope your paints continue to flow smooth and easy, the animals spring to life and your imagination blooms like a fertile garden. You are truly an inspiration. Blessings, Jeri. I admire you!

  35. absolute magic! I found your blog through a link on FB and am totally enchanted


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