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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fionna Goosefeathers II reports,,,

Tis I, Fionna Goosefeathers II,
 standing in today for the intrepid gossip columnist,Mavis Mudd . Mavis is indisposed and has taken a leave of absence in order to raise her 2 new baby chickpeas.

Of course, what Mavis does not know, is that those 2 chickpea eggs were slyly slipped into her nest by the Mistress of the Manor, whilst her ACTUAL eggs were snatched and turned into french toast batter! The Mistress confided in me that she didn't need any more little "mutt" chicks running about the place. So she sneakily replaced the mutt eggs with  big pink Buff eggs and  big brown Rhode Island Red eggs and Mavis took the bait! The odd thing is not so much that only 2 eggs hatched out of 20, but that Mavis Mudd did not even notice the "slight of hand"....(and she thinks she is sooo smart!)
  (Oh my, I am really beginning to get the hang of this gossip writing!)
Maybe we should call her Mavis MUTT!!! Ha, ha... I think I do have a real knack for this.

Well , at least Mavis has had a chance to raise yet ANOTHER family. While I, alas, seem destined to remain a spinster... and I am almost 1 year old!

My dreamboat Hamish has been stringing me along with all his talk of running away together to "live happily ever after" in the cattails.

The fact is. he is a wanderer,

and would much rather hang with his buddies, swill a few jugs of aged creekwater and gamble on crawdad races. And when he does accompany me on a swim  UP  and DOWN Wee Minnow Brook, his buddies insist on coming along!
How can a poor little goose girl have romance when her dearly beloved is one of the 3 Musketeers?
Not only that, I don't like the way they all ogle those Canadian Geese Ladies as they fly overhead....it is simply indecent!  
  Oh why, oh why, do I love him so??!!
 It must be that magnificent profile.....

It is a good thing I have these teen aged orphaned ducks to look after...

they really need a stern hand....er.. foot. They are such little hooligans, it is all I can do to keep them from running a muck... the Mistress calls them the "wattle and a quack, quack gang".

 It seems that love is in the air, the bluebirds have been checking out all the available real estate for nest building...

 There are plenty of houses available
.And plenty of bird folk flying high above to fill those houses...

I wonder what it is like to fly, My wings will only take me 2 feet off the ground and cover a distance of 6 feet.  It is like hopscotch in the air... Oh, I do wish I could fly.

 The Mistress potting shed has turned into a nursery for sitting hens.... she is quite perturbed, I can tell you.
"There are 4 nesting boxes up in that big beautiful barn and  you girls choose to sit in my pine needle mulch!"

"That's right, cackled Plain Jane Black, beneath her breath," We know a cozy spot when we see it."
Say, didn't Jane just raise 4 youngsters less than 3 months back.... what gives??
And now for the sad news,
Poor little Jangles has lost his sweetheart MIA
They were mates for two years and one night she mysteriously disappeared.. Just like Winston did one week earlier! Oh dear... it makes me worry that someday I may just disappear.... in the dead of night.... and never be heard of again.... and then, AND THEN, what will become of the "wattle and a quack, quack gang"??!! It sends shivers up and down my back feathers.

  Jangles is so terribly distraught WITH HIS LOSS, that the Mistress is purchasing for him 3 new wives!!!
But they will never take the place of our dear MIA. 

While the Peabody boys have just realized that they have no one to woo.. but chicken ladies...

 Hans has a better plan.
He is sending away for a mail order bride via the Sears and Robuck catalog,. Not exactly where I would shop for a mate... but what do  I know,  I am just a little spinster goose in love with a cad. 
 Well, that just about covers the important gossip this week. This is Fionna Goosefeathers II, keeping my ears and eyes open till we meet again.


  1. Well Fiona, KUDOS to you dear one, you made it. YOU DID IT! You are one awesome, articulate and well-informed GOOSE!You have slung the mud so elegantly and have covered just about what is necessary! And just a bit of advice on your romance with HAMISH...yes, he is a quite the SMOOTH OPERATOR...he goes for HUMANS! He had a mad crush on a particular WOMAN...A CITY WOMAN from Minneapolis! PUT THAT in your book! YEP. Hot, sizzling dirt to turn into mud! So keep strutting dearest; you just may find a quiet and faithful gander to sweep you 20 feet off the ground and put a lift in your feathers!!!! SIGNING OFF NOW.....Tea Rat from Nowhere...

    teeeheee! Anita

  2. Dear Fiona ~ What a great bit of news this morning. I do hope some handsome, loving guy will fall in love with you and never leave your side. You are doing quite well there on the farm, taking care of the gang and telling your delightful tales.

    Enjoy your sweet life ~ FlowerLady

  3. Fiona, you have done a marvellous job of spreading all the juicy gossip. Please don't let poor Mavis Mudd ever get to hear what happened to her biological eggs! I'm sure it would depress her most dreadfully!

    Don't be so hard on yourself. At only a year old, you're hardly a spinister! I'm sure your prince is out there looking for you! Meantime, you're kept very busy on the farm and now that you've taken up blogging, who knows...you might find there's no time to go courting!

  4. Dear Fiona,

    I have so enjoyed your writing and I think that you have done Mavis proud - her little babies are too gorgeous and she certainly looks as though she has her feathers full taking care of them.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Desiree - your blogging skills are definitely going to open new doors and you might even meet a strapping young gander from another country! Don't lose hope, you're far too pretty and intelligent!

  5. Fiona darling, you are fretting too much! Love will happen when you least expect it, concentrate on your career, being a nanny is a very important job. You can look up too dear, and take a gander at the boys as they fly by. It just might make Mr. Right wake up and smell the coffee...

  6. Good Evening Jeri !

    My dear Fiona, you are my favorite and lovely gossip girl !
    Nice bird's houses in your garden.
    Have a nice Springtime and Easter week.
    Greetings, Amitiés,

  7. Jeri,
    What a lovely blog. Love all of your illustrations and all of your other photos.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I am a new follower from Wisconsin. My blog is a mix of flowers, recipes and crafts. Stop by sometime.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  8. Poor Peabody does need a mate. Fiona need to break that trio up and take one of those fellows by the beak. Mavis will probably have her feather full taking care of just the two. That is why she is not complaining about the slight of hand from the Mistress of the Manor. Love your bunnies on the gate Jerri.

  9. Well if Hamish don't beat all; he knows EXACTLY what he is doing...keeping that past hush-hush. You keep him guessing Fiona dear!! Hey, I bet YOU and the gang would love those clear blue waters!

    Oh Jeri, you are a riot. And yes, those Greek beaches do it to me every time. I simply cannot believe how GORGEOUS that blue is. It always means so much to me when I see you visit me. Thanks so much and do you believe we are going to have SNOW TONIGHT????? THIS IS MINNESOTA!!!

    Big hugs to all, Anita

  10. Dear Fiona,

    What can I say? Your reporting is just ducky, er, goosey! Keep up the good work (although I was sad to hear that you lost a couple of members of the flock) and keep your beautiful neck held high. Prince Charming is out there somewhere, dear one!



  11. My dear Jeri,
    You certainly have your hands full!!
    Your posts are always entertaining and delightful. Makes me long for some feathered babies!

    Happy hugs,

  12. Hi Jeri
    You sure can tell that spring is in the air.. Everyone seems to be in the garden. OH MY GOSH! You planted 28 rose bushes? Ok, my back hurts. I take my hat off to you.. What an accomplishment.. Oh I am sure your roses will be beautiful! The rose on my blog is a David Austin rose. One of the reasons I picked this one was because I thought it looked like a peony also.. and the SCENT.. of raspberry and almond. ahhhhhhhhhh.. Well, I would say after all that planting you need a rest..
    Dear Fiona, I would say you report news, rather than gossip yes? Not to worry, there is a love waiting out there, just have to find him.. Jeri, you really hit my funny bone. I love your writing!

  13. I'm addicted to the goose report. Fionna, you are a natural born talent. Please keep us up to date on all the romances and scandals.

    Don't give up yet, you may still bag your cad er, gander.


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