Hopalong Hollow....

Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for April Showers...

April Showers
May come your way

They bring the flowers

that bloom in

So if it's raining,

Have no regrets

isn't raining 
you know



And when you see clouds


There soon will be crowds

 Of daffodils.

So keep on looking for a bluebird,

 and listening for his song,

  Whenever April showers...

Come along.

 And after the showers, you will find us in the garden.


  1. Oh Jeri!
    The images in this post are so PRETTY and colorful! It makes me look sooo forward to Spring weather here! (still waking to frost...and ...waiting for the rest of the SNOW to melt)!!! Hee Hee
    Blessings and Hugs ,Linnie

  2. Charming ! Lovely !
    Nice springtime for you Jeri !

  3. Dear Jeri,

    Hooray for April showers! Even though it's still March! :) I'm so happy I live where daffodils bloom in April, and where Magnolias grow (they don't in Idaho), and to see yours, too!

    We've been having LOTS of fun looking for blue bunnies in Hopalong Jack, since Frankie's birthday two days ago. Many thanks for such a treasure of a book!



  4. Beautiful! Your gardens and birds are so lovely, as well as your other animals!

  5. Hello Jeri;
    Your Garden is Beautiful! You have been Working Hard!
    Happy Wednesday!

  6. This was so beautiful, Jeri! We are having our first rain of the summer season today...not much...but every drop is helpful as our dams have fallen to their lowest levels in 4 years! We, of course, live in a winter rainfall area...so our rainy season is only just starting.

    I'll be living vicariously through you, enjoying your spring/summer garden while we're sitting in front of a fire sipping red wine :)

  7. A post of optimism and humour, full of colour and lovely artwork and appealing characters. I know that you'll make the most of spring, Jeri. x

  8. OH JERI!!! I saw your new post title come up this morning, EARLY, on my blog list. But when I came here, it was not up yet. But here I am, umbrella and all, waiting for spring and for blue birds to call; for Tea Rat and Rattus have got a new friend, just come on to Nowhere, up along the bend. But don't be surprised if you hear a new voice, for in the tree tops is a new.....hmmmm, can't rhyme that one!!!! GOOD TOO SEE THE GANG!!!! BIG HUGS, Anita

  9. Hi Jeri
    Oh I see my dear friend above me...
    You HAVE been busy outside.. The garden is just beautiful! I think there is nothing as sweet as the scent of a true violet.. Yours are just beautiful... All your flower and bulbs are standing to proudly...
    Thank you for coming over to visit.
    She has some hair, yes.. Thank's to my dear mother, mine was not as wild... haa
    Enjoy your evening..

  10. You live an enchanted life!!! Beautiful flora, fauna and art:)

  11. I posted in the wrong date..this is
    where I intended to be...
    You make April in our corner of the
    world so enchanting, which is what
    it is if you look through God-glazed eyes. You make us see the
    visions you see and create for us the reflections of what we already see but cannot express as well as you, dear Jeri.

  12. JERI!!! YOU CAME TO VISIT!! AND..you saw Polyglot.....Polyglottus is his full name! teeeeheee...I invented that silly bird YEARS ago when Ruben was attending Boston University and Harvard. He was working so hard and I was bored with my job as a receptionist in a hospital that in between phone calls that needed to answer, I would staple together little pieces of note paper and make him books. I would give them to him every evening when I would pick him up at the train station...Polyglot made his appearance back then with simple lines and he stays the same today. He is Tea Rat's new pet, but he ONLY talks to Tea Rat and reasons with him only. It's going to kind of be one of the MR. ED type of things....(remember that old show with the talking horse?)

    Oh the things I do to entertain my mind!!!! THANK YOU FOR HUMORING ME! You are so kind. Hugs to the geese folk and that darling donkey with the lips!!!


  13. Dear Jeri,
    Anita and I love your drawings/paintings and your stories. You have obviously worked hard to get a wonderful combination of realism and what I can only call the "cute factor" in your animal stories. Well done. I would love to talk with you about your process by which you came to where you are and how you self publish. (Anita can give you my email.) Thank you for visiting Witsend and meeting our multilingual parrot Polyglot.
    All the best,

  14. Hi Jeri,
    so pleased that you visited my blog, Normandy Life, recently because it has given me the chance to discover your holler!
    What a delightful post this has been, beautiful flowers, animals and the Diva of all Diva's, Miz Garland, crooning in the background.
    Love it!
    Bon weekend, Maggie.

  15. Needed this especially on this day. My iris-colored wellies are waiting by the door...so patiently...ready for gardening and pretty irises and hydrangeas...thank you for the Ray of hope for sun-shiney, flower-filled days!
    Christie @ christiegrammyshouse.blogspot.com

  16. Oh Jeri, all those bulbs are blooming with wonder. Lovely, Mother Nature's way of saying Thank you for planning for spring, it's the reward for the snowy cold winter.... Love, love, love book 3, wow, can't wait to see the paingings, take care, Deborah

  17. Dear Cousin Jeri,

    Your flowers and the rolling greening hills are absolutely beautiful! The ducks and geese amongst the flowers are so wonderfully Beatrix like! A refreshing rain and rainbow bringing colour to your gardens and land are so pretty! We enjoy checking in from time to time on your progress of your new book web page! How we love your drawing of Fionna "walking through a woodland of Blue Lobelia"! We look forward to your new book coming out!

    Your Cousins,
    Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

  18. JERI!!!! I will put your name in the soup pot for that bird wand! And your husband has a birthday this month!!!! TEEEEEHHEEEEE...hmmmm, he wouldn't take to wearing a tutu on the beach would he? Wearing high heeled shoes on the board walk would he? I THINK NOT! But many happy wishes to him for a GREAT CELEBRATION!!!! Love, Anita

  19. HEY JERI! I just saw your comment on Witsend and Ruben is going to contact you later today; we are going to step out to go HUNTING for a table! But we will be back to Rabbit Hill later, and he will contact you. You are such a charm...how is Hamish? Anita

  20. I love this song by Judy, and the way you put it to pictures was very enjoyable.
    Glad you encluded a few critters in with the flowers. Lovely post as always.
    Spring is so much fun.

  21. I like a lot this garden really so "naturally"!

  22. Oh how the April showers have come pouring down but result, spring flowers, is so worth the soggy mud. Wonderful illustrations and photos, I feel like I just took a spring walk.

  23. It's approaching stalking now, I am mesmerized by all the beauty in your pictures! I am clicking on them to see exactly what you are planting...I must have snapdragons now and foxglove and astilbe. Making a list and tomorrow off I go to copy your piece of Heaven!


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