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Hopalong Hollow, where the Blueberries grow sweet, and the moss feels soft beneath your feet.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea!

Being the tea lovers that we are, here in Hopalong Hollow, how could I resist an invitation to attend Mr. Toast's Christmas Tea, visit "Hot Toast and Jam" at::  http://goodteatoo.blogspot.com/
Christmas Tea is being hosted in this most magnificent location.
 A REAL castle in the most beloved of places,,, Scotland!  Torosay Castle is at the Queens country estate of Balmoral on the  Isle of Mull.Oh dear, being the country gal that I am, I hope I won't feel out of place. The Lord of the Manor is staying at home, SOMEONE has to feed the chickens!

For such an auspicious occasion, one must choose ones attire  carefully..from the inside out...

Trudy Webbytoes has consented to allow me to borrow her favorite outfit, as long as I promise not to spill any red wine, tea or crumpets on it.

As for perfume, I am choosing my favorite scent, "Catnip Rhapsody"

 and I am painting my nails with much care..
"Raspberry Red"
Of course, I must have a special bonnet, but I can't decide between this one...

or this one...
What do you think??
My hair, oh dear, whatever shall I do about that??!!

Do you think this style looks too dated?

 Now, for transportation, I am hitching a ride to the river with this band of Merrymakers.They are certainly putting me in the Christmas spirit what with their renditions of "Wassail, Wassail, All Over the Hollow" and "Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle in a hurry! Oh what fun it is to ride in a rooster driven surrey!"
From there I plan to catch the ferry.

The cost is quite reasonable,
only 2 crickets and one worm.

Of course, the ferry will only take me so far... and so I have arranged for a first class flight aboard the "Woodpeckers in the Wind Express"

 It is a good thing I am traveling light..
The flowers are for the host, I hope he isn't allergic.

When at last I arrive at the foot of the castle, this dear fellow has agreed to take me the rest of the way, he says he has plenty of time since he won't be busy till December 24th, hmmm, this gives me an idea..
 " Will you be so kind as to accompany me kind sir, as I am without a date??  That is exactly what I will ask him! I'm sure his conversation will be most convivial and hearty! And then, I won't have to talk too much.... after all, what does a simple country woman such as I have to converse about, other than chickens and how to properly mix up a big batch of biscuits!

 Well, I must Dash! I haven't much time to get there, Tea starts sharp at Two  on December 5th and I've a long journey ahead...I do hope I won't be late... I don't want to miss out on the scones! ( Frankly, I'm quite tired of biscuits)


  1. I think you would look sweet and adorable...and you have lots of interesting stories to tell...so have a wonderful time!!!

  2. don't forget your warm clothes, it is freezing over here!

    Love the sleigh.

  3. Well, it certainly looks like you are traveling in style! How very fun! I'm not sure how you will be able to choose from all of those bonnets..they are all so cute! Hope to see you there!

  4. Ooh, Jeri I'm so glad you'll be attending, we'll have such a grand time.
    I'm not much help with the bonnets, I would bring them all :)
    See you soon .....

  5. such a fun and creative post.
    I have just found you and just learned about this tea party. Wishing you a lovely journey.

    Your art is all charm and gorgeous too.

  6. You will look absolutely charming! And you will fit in perfectly in quaint,stylish Torosay castle. I can't wait to meet you : )

  7. Jeri what a talented and creative post, this reads like a storybook. Nice to meet you, see you at the tea!

  8. Having read your creative build up I simply cannot wait to meet you.

  9. I may be the only one noticing you are going to be wearing black fishnet stockings...envious ! Are you really going or is this a ruse ? Gina

  10. Decisions, decisions.... I think you should take them all and forget traveling light.

    You will be the envy of the entire Tea Party with Mr. S. as your date!!!! Have you been naughty or nice....tell the truth.

    See you at the Castle.

  11. Hurry, hurry, Jerri! Well, if you are late, never mind, you will have been accompanied by the most delightful of darling creatures. What a journey indeed. i absolutely love it and can;t wait to hear more upon your arrival. I 'll keep plenty of seed out and other such fancies for your two legged freinds. :)

  12. What a lovely array of photos!
    I look forward to meeting you at the tea!

  13. Reading this post has provided a pleasant start of the day Jeri and your illustrations are lovely, particularly the first, which shows the subject of the story putting on her stockings! Lesley x

  14. OH DEAR! I AM LATE....DO YOU THINK I CAN STILL CATCH THAT FERRY? I have several worms in my pocket, will they take that fare? Oh Jeri, I am so late...but I am smiling from ear to ear as I scroll down to read your witty story and see these silly creatures all donned in bonnets and POOFY COIFFES!!! You have a magical world that just makes me so happy and YOU WILL BE A FINE LADY AT THE TEA and slather a scone for me with lots of DEVONSHIRE AND CLOTTED CREAM!!! WOOOO! This was such a joy, Anita

  15. I love tea, and I missed it. I do have some wonderful tea dressed and darling little white gloves. Perhaps next time. Gnomes do not get out much you know.

  16. Oh I wish I could have traveled with you to the tea party. We are here and I am so enjoying checking out all who are here. You are right at home. You can tell us all stories and draw things for us to take home as a souvenir. Looking forward to meeting you.

  17. Wonderful, loin the illustration!Do join our Family Christmas Tea with Mr Toast too!, here http://lenorita-lenoramoore.blogspot.com/

  18. Whew!I finally arrived at the Ilse in the wee hours of the morn after an exhilarating Journey. My ride across the ferry was uneventful, and traveling the road with the Merrymakers was jolly as they entertained me with Christmas Ditty's, ribald tales and ghost stories from ancient castles. My flight across the Atlantic was quite harrowing. Although my ticket was first class, that is not saying much when traveling on the "Woodpeckers in the Wind" express flight. What with the hailstorms, snow and rain and lightning, I feared we had taken a wrong turn at the Bermuda Triangle when at last, through the fog, I spied the turrets of the Castle!
    My escort was awaiting in his sleigh, with a warm quilt and thermos of cider and off we flew over the snow!

  19. When we reached our destination however, my escort, ( Father Christmas) was whisked away to a fat, stuffed chair by the fireside in the huge Kitchen and plied with hot toddies and warm cinnamon buns! I was mistaken for a parlor maid and handed an apron and cap.I do wish I had brought along my friend, DRUCILLA P POSSUM, as she is of Scottish descent and could have cleared things up immediately. All I could make out was something about " foolish foreign maids" or something like that. My escort was of no help, as he had downed 3 toddies by then. I dutifully donned my apron. However, all has worked out for the best, as I have been freely exploring the castle undetected, as I carry around my little coal bucket, stoking fires in rooms I normally would not have access to. ( Including the Queens Boudoir) I am quite sure I met a ghost on the winding steps of the turret! I think I will keep up the pretense a while longer. If you should see a maid in fishnet stockings, just nod and wink, it's me.

  20. I love that you did manage to pop in and out every now and then and thank you for that lovely comment you left there and here and all your creative input getting her to the tea and such.

    BTe, you are so brave to take flight with those woodpeckers! I do hope Father Christmas has something good in store for you, come xmas day. :)

    Thanks again. Looing forward to seeing your festive Christmas illustrations you no doubt will dispaly soon enough. :)

    BTw, you looked quite the lovely part in that outfit! LOL.


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