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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The little green cupboard

We found a little gem up in Ohio this weekend... GREEN! My favorite color in the world!
Wonderfully aged green paint covers the surface of this child-sized kitchen cupboard. It  only stands about 4 foot tall.
We brought it up the stairs ,

And set it on the landing... a pretty small space measuring about 8 ft. x12 ft. Hmmm, methinks... what shall I do with this little piece of history in this very little space?

I could fill it with antique dolls, tea sets  or old teddy bears,

but since this area is filled with...
 and  spinning wheels and yarn winders and a loom.
 I have another idea.

In keeping with the theme of this tiny  "room", I am shuffling through tangles of embroidery threads, and yarns and old sewing implements,

with a little help from my friends...
 I am sure we can pull all this together.
  My gosh, I have had these old sampler kits for nearly 20 years!
 They would be so beautiful in antique frames hanging on a wall.. at least that was the original plan. Gee,  I wonder if they will ever be sewn.
   I will put that on my to do list.
I got close to completing this one... I will leave it out as a reminder to "finish what you start" !!!!!

 How relaxing it is,sifting through all these long forgotten items. Old buttons, rag-balls, darners ( do people darn socks anymore?) , silken ribbons and gossamer threads, are now all tidied up,
and placed neatly in baskets and boxes,drawers,

and   sitting in the little green cupboard.
Beneath the sheepy folk,

It  really is amazing what one can do with an afternoon and a  very compact space. 

  I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving, eat well, enjoy your loved ones and  let's take joy and be thankful for all the little things we have.


  1. that is so so so beautiful .......... you did a great job filling it
    you have wonderful old unique things
    I love it !
    Happy Thanksgiving Day to you !

  2. what a find! I've really enjoyed this glimpse into your fruitful afternoon Jeri. Have a lovely day, Lesley. x

  3. wauw how amazing! so much stuff! and you packed all of it in this beautiful cupboard?
    it's a pitty though...the cupboard would fit easely in my house and the color is just right for me too ;o)
    I love your sheep collection!

  4. Good morning precious dreamer! Oh Jeri, this is a masterpiece of a post and a find...I love the idea of GREEN...it is my all-time favorite next to aqua and turquoise and the idea of using a small space to place this small item...it creates a magical and child-like respite for all who are weary in your home and who visit, and to go find a place to just BE. You chose the best place and articles to fill it. I wish you a comforting and quiet Thanksgiving my dear, dear friend. May the BAAAAAS and the NEIGHS of your animals sing sweet songs of glory to your ears!

    MILLE BISES, Anita

  5. Oh dear Jeri ~ What a delightful post about a sweet little space, turned into a real treasure spot. How fun it must have been to go through all your goodies and organize them. I love that cabinet and the sheep collection is wonderful!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Oh Jeri, you and I both; I wake up early with ideas in my head, swimming....but I apply them to my classroom since I am a full-time teacher. I so wish I could do that in my art "studio"!!!

    Teeeheee, isn't Ruben a hoot and 3/4? DO ANOTHER ONE....GIVE US ANOTHER SNAPPY OF ONE OF THE CREATURES ON THE FARM....oh please, we love this so! Two teachers who LONG TO PLAY!! Anita

  7. What a cute find. Of course you have it decorated so sweetly too. I have a small dish cabinet my Dad made me the Christmas I was 5. He made it out of old wooden fruit boxes. My grandkids play on it all the time.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  8. I LOVE IT..and what caught my eye...THE DANGEROUS ALPHABET...are they visiting you..we all here were thinking..where did those guys go..;)))

  9. What a darling little cupboard! And I must say I am extremely jealous of your sheep collection above it (VERY)! Jane x

  10. I love the little green cupboard. I could not help but notice you collect tiny porcelain animals, I do too. And place them tenderly in their own tiny cubbie.

  11. Good Morning Jeri!
    I Love the Cupboard!
    Just Stopped by to wish you a Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family!

  12. My favourite colour too and I adore your little cupboard - and the contents!

  13. Hello , just found your blog,and so glad i have ,we share so many interests loves and passions! I adore your little green cupboard, i want one.. your blog is a delight for the sences, i will be back and back, bestest wishes,Linda

  14. A gem from Ohio? LOL! It is just the thing isn't it? I love how you have arranged it and filled it up. Will it be included in a future story I wonder?
    Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving and I hope all the girls are hiding.


  16. I love this little green cupboard! They have new home!

  17. This little green cupboard transported me back to when I was little and spent time at my grandmothers farm. She had little cupboards full of 'whatever' and I loved spending time looking at all her little treasures. This post has me grinning from ear to ear and as soon as I am finished posting this I am going right back to look at everything again just a little closer. What lucky child will find your cupboard? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  18. HAPPY THANSGIVING JERI! Do keep Mavis Mudd out of harm's way; there might be a poacher around and see her plump thighs and try to have a go at it!!!!


  19. Oh do have a safe trip and enjoy your meal wherever you are Jeri! BIG HUGS, Anita

  20. I hope you had a delicious Thanksgiving. The green cupboard is enchanting and you've found a perfect use for it.

  21. Dear Jeri
    What a wonderful post... I love your treasures.. Finish what you start, it only took me 25 years to get that one right.
    Your samplers are beautiful, I know you will get to it.. I would love to see the finished piece.. Your home is so beautiful and very comforting... I would love to sit on the stairway and view all the beautiful art.. Love the green cupboard.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was full of joy.

  22. Hello Jeri!
    Hope you had a Wonderful Wonderful Thanksgiving! Thank you for stopping by for a Visit!
    Happy Monday!
    PS.. I have a Feeling that "The Little Green Cupboard" will be in one of your Wonderful Illustrations or Perhaps Mentioned in a Book!I can see it as a Home for Many of your Sweet Friends.

  23. Just found you ~ followed a rabbit hole from Anita's blog (Castles, Crowns & Cottages). So glad I did. I hope to return often.

    Blessings from Ohio...Land of the Green Cupboard...Kim<><

  24. JERI!!! HOW WAS YOUR ART FAIR?? ANd do you ever know that I will be a bangin' at your farm door to pay a visit! I wanna meet MAVIS MUDD, Fiona's replacement and those haughty peacocks! And of course, the queen of the castle....THANK YOU FOR COMING AND YES, those glasses from the 70's...what were WE thinking!!!

    BISES, Anita

  25. Your cupboard is magical almost. I love everythign in it.

    And yes, btw, you can eat delicacies to your heart's content adn not gain a pound, come the Christmas Tea on DEc. 5th. thank you for dropping by. I do hope you will come along and join in. :)

  26. what a lovely find! the little green cupboard was meant to be in your home! btw i'm a jeremy brett fan too! :)) happy holidays!


  27. Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it..

    Depasquale Companies NJ - Little Green Cares


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